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Pesky Truth is about two things: serious political writings and satirical pieces where I get to poke fun at politicians (like Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Dianne Feinstein, etc.). To visit the “making fun of” section of Pesky Truth, click SATIRE.

Serious Topics

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Can voter fraud cancel your vote? (part 2)  Part 2 has statistics on closeness of elections, number of frauds identified, and hacking a voting machine  [Jan 23, 2014]

Can voter fraud cancel your vote? (part 1)  This is part 1 of a multi-part series on voter fraud  [Jan 17, 2014]

How the RNC has screwed us all, but Milo spills the beans  More than you ever wanted to know about a 1982 Consent Decree and its ramifications  [Jan 7, 2014]

The Worst Crime in American History  Here we’re presenting another view of Obama’s birth certificate (COLB) from Douglas Vogt, worth looking at. [Jan 1, 2014]

I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Constitution  This is about how Barack Obama ignores the limitations placed on the presidency by the Constitution to gain his Imperial Presidency  [Dec 18, 2013]

Democrats Screwed up the Country Big Time, This Time  This essay is about the IPAB. The 15 member board created by Obamacare (PPACA). It is plain evil.  [Dec 7, 2013]

A Doctor SUMMING UP OBAMACARE IN ONE SENTENCE  Nothing more to say about this one  [Dec 6, 2013].

The Obama Scale  Like the Fujita tornado scale or the Richter earthquake scale, I’m proposing an Obama scale to quantify the severity of a lie. [Dec 1, 2013]

Some Tasty Political Tidbits (Friday, Nov. 22, 2013)  A few miscellaneous political news bits well worth nibbling on.  [Nov. 22, 2013]

There’s a Lot Obama Doesn’t Know  How many times does Obama expect us to swallow the “I didn’t know” excuse?  [Nov 16, 2013]

Republicans About to Walk into a Trap – Again  Rep. Upton’s plan to allow people to keep their old plans may be a trap, and here’s why.  [Nov. 14, 2013]

Why Did Obama Lie?  He had to lie, if the truth had been known, the ACA wouldn’t have passed Congress and he wouldn’t have been reelected.  [Nov. 9, 2013]

Doctors Have Their Own Problems  We’re already short of doctors and the ACA threatens to reduce their numbers even more  [Nov. 6, 2013]

Are We Being Snookered – Again?  More ACORN voter registration on our dime is now included in Obamacare – who knew? [Nov. 1, 2013]

More Hidden Costs of Obamacare  What about the costs associated with the insurance company’s software complying with Obamacare – who will pay for that? [Oct. 31, 2013].

Benghazi – Who Issued the “Stand Down” Order?  Some new information from a knowledgeable source about the Benghazi “Stand Down” order. [Oct. 30, 2013]

John McAfee on  See what security expert John McAfee, the founder of McAfee security software has to say about the new site.  [Oct. 23, 2013]

An Extraconstitutional Coup. This piece examines the use of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and Cloward-Piven’s strategy to assist president Obama in redistributing the wealth of the U.S.  [Oct. 16, 2013]

Our NEW Civil war. This is about the war going on between informed voters and low information voters – and they’re winning.  [Oct. 5, 2013]

Ted Cruz: Intelligent and driven.  Want to know more about the junior Senator from Texas? Many are calling him a rising conservative force in the Senate.   [Sept. 14, 2013]

The following four parts make up an exhaustive study of the effect on our daily lives if (when) an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) strikes the earth – either via a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) or from a high level nuclear explosion – the data are chilling.

Part 1: What is an EMP and why should I worry?

Part 2: How Damaging Could It Be?

Part 3: Nuclear Detonation as a Source of EMP’s

Part 4: Is There Anything We Can Do?

13-month-old Baby shot in Cold Blood  This is the story of a 17-year-old black teen who shot a baby, in a stroller, while his mother watched.

Could Your Own Car Be Used to Kill You?  This is a chilling report on how our own cars can be remotely hacked and made to crash. This is scary!  [July 1, 2013] UPDATED July 26, 2013)

Where Was Obama?  Why won’t the White House disclose the whereabouts of our president during the Banghazi attack? Don’t we have a right to know?  [May 20, 2013]

How Do We Make Sense of Obama’s, Clinton’s and Panetta’s Actions during the Benghazi Attack?  Obama, Hillary, et al, did what was politically expedient in handling Benghazi and now are trying to cover up their botched mismanagement  [May 12, 2013]

“No one is asking you to give up your guns”  No, they’re not ASKING, they’re trying to FORCE us to give up our guns [Apr. 13, 2013]

“I Misspoke” and Other Lies  Now, we have “no fault” lying  [Apr. 8, 2013]

The Book of Progressivism  How the “progressives” determine what they’re FOR and what they’re AGAINST – it’s really very simple  [Apr. 1, 2013]

Guns, Politics, and Poll Dancing  The gun show “loophole” and polls  [Mar. 14, 2013] 

When Seconds Count …  More guns on the street = declining crime  [Feb. 25, 2013] 

Real life “what if” Scenarios:

You hear glass breaking … A family can’t fight back without a gun – what would YOU do?  [Jan. 30, 2013]

If a teacher had been armed … Adam Lanza could have been stopped  [Jan. 6, 2013]

Why carry a handgun?

Reason and Force  Only two ways to convince someone, reason or force  [Feb. 4, 2013]

Sandy Hook, Adam Lanza and Arming Teachers:

Adam Lanza broke the law  (by my count, 38 of them)  [Dec. 29, 2012NOTE: this post was updated with new information on April 7, 2013

Arming teachers: How it could work  This is an idea for arming (trained) teachers and how hardening schools could work to save our kids  [Dec. 28, 2012]

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Mama Hillary Will Be Watching [satire]

It was shortly after Barack Obama was impeached in 2015, that scientists announced the discovery of a new element. They proudly announced that they had named the new element Obamium in honor of their benefactor and philosophical hero, Barack Hussein Obama.

Obamium has some distinctly unusual properties that were introduced into the element by the team of scientists at the Harry Palms Institute using a process known as atomic copulation.

The new element gives off emissions akin to electromagnetic waves, yet each individual speck emits a signature of matter energy in the protons and neutrons that has a unique decay signature. Even the tiniest particle (1/128th gram) is easily identifiable from many thousands of miles away. A spokesman gave an example of how each individual particle could be tracked by a satellite in geostationary orbit high above the earth, over 22,000 miles away.

Woman scientist

Dr. Reba Dirtchee, lead scientist, explained the characteristics of the new element in an easy-to-understand summary so even the ordinary citizen can understand it:

The 173 isotope is normally in sleep mode and is only excited when brought into contact with an asymmetric body bearing compatible nuclei. The coupling between nuclei [namely isotopes of elements 82 (DO) and 91 (IT)] generates significant energy during an episode of hot fusion even though the interaction often ends prematurely. Harry Palms scientists are working to prolong the linear structure of the beam in order to produce a longer lasting interaction (an event lasting more than 22 ms.) which allows for a full release of the 91 (IT) element’s energy, at which point the 173 isotope returns to sleep mode.

For some reason, it’s common practice for the scientists to have a cigarette upon completion of the experiment.

Announcement of the discovery was delayed by the last Executive Order (EO) issued by then-president Obama the First so that other infrastructure could be put in place before the public became fully aware of his plans for the new element.

Some conspiracy theorists maintain that microscopic capsules containing traces of the new element have already been implanted into all newborn children as well as anyone undergoing an invasive medical or dental operation of any kind since mid-2010. They estimate that over 250 million citizens are now individually identifiable by satellites in orbit at roughly 22,000 miles above the earth. They asserted that the NSA was not only listening to and reading their communications; now they were also tracking every citizen’s movement as well.

Unknown to the public, the new NSA tracking activity had been established by a previously covert program that had been hidden (by obscure reference) in a subsection of the ACA (Obamacare) law. The new program was secretly implemented during the last two years of the reign of Obama the First and only announced after James O’keefe exposed it. The administration said that it was simply a method of identification to make signing up for government benefits easier – nothing more, trust me.

Now even the Slumps (occupation = professional welfare recipient) could retire from the imposition that going to a welfare office imposed. Now, they wouldn’t have to lift a finger to be the recipient of free stuff. Obama the First had implemented a painless way to help them achieve the maximum benefit fulfillment as prescribed by the Cloward-Piven strategy while continuing their favorite pastime – laying on their fat asses and sponging off the taxpayers.

Another important benefit of Obamium implants is that it simplified voting. A federal election could be now accomplished and certified in minutes. Secret ballots are no longer necessary. Using the tracking satellites, the administration can simply reach out and ping every citizen to tally up the votes. This also eliminates recounts and court challenges since the vote count (once certified) is now deemed to be legally infallible.

Votes for a candidate are automatically assigned by the software based on weighted percentages received by a candidate in the most recent AP/NPR poll and automatically adjusted to correct any voting irregularities.

The 2016 election was the first to utilize the Obamium implants. Even though voters went through the motions and thought that they were voting, it was (like everything else in the Obama administration) for appearances only and had no impact on the results. The new infallible software simply corrected all voting errors and tallied them properly. The results were released after the (sham) polls closed and … surprise, surprise … Hillary won.

And she won by a landslide. She even won the white, evangelical, gun-owning, misogynistic males in rural Texas by 32% – a first for the Progressive Party (formerly the democrat party).

Hillary smooching Huma

Now, finally free of Bill’s shadow, Hillary moved immediately to dissolve their sham marriage. She refused be saddled with Bill as “First Horndog.” So just before president Hillary was inaugurated, she divorced Bill and married her longtime squeeze, Huma Abedin.

Finally, under the reign of Mama Hillary, women would have their revenge. Now those knuckle-dragging Neanderthals who ran things for centuries would finally get their comeuppance. Hillary’s cabinet would consist entirely of women – and with a restraining order keeping the hated Dick Cheney away, it would be a Dick-free zone.

Along with her Vice President, Laura Lynn Hardy, Hillary also named Sue Permann as Secretary of State, Alma Knack as her Secretary of Defense, and Ima Weiner-Holder as her Attorney General.

Just in case the folks in flyover country haven’t heard of Mrs. Weiner-Holder, she recently married wiener-exposer Anthony Weiner (remember him?). When Anthony Weiner lost Huma (his ticket into the Washington social scene); his ego wouldn’t accept just being another ordinary Weiner/wiener flasher, so Anthony decided to marry up and back into the social scene in D.C. so he married former Attorney General Eric Holder’s youngest daughter Ima. In keeping with her feminist upbringing, she took on Weiner-Holder as her married name.

President Clinton’s Press Secretary, Anita Colbeer discounted any truth to the accusation of NSA tracking. In her words, “this is vast right-wing silliness.” “Why would president Clinton II want to know the whereabouts of each and every citizen currently on United States soil? She doesn’t even care where Bill is anymore.” She refused more questions on the subject.

Shortly thereafter, President Hillary issued a statement complaining that the accusations leveled by the vast right wing conspiracy were absolutely untrue. The new program was simply expanding on the vast right wing’s desire for voter ID and raising it to the next level. Now every individual could be instantly identified and appropriate government benevolence delivered – all without any interaction by the recipient.

George Soros 01

As a result of “truly accurate” results, democrats have won every election since the new system has been in place. Perhaps coincidentally, the software tallying the votes was developed by FixDVotes LLC (a division of Sleezy Foreign Guy, Ltd., a George Soros property). The support center is actually located in downtown Teheran. The vote tallying software is said to be every bit as reliable and dependable as the website.

Attorney General Weiner-Holder was forced to defend the administration again the following day when Mama Hillary was attacked by a particularly noxious right-wing entity (“Nox & Friends). The so-called voice of liberty website stated that it has learned that a signal can be sent from one of several geostationary satellites (called “Pavlov’s Pack”) to administer a shock to any individual unfortunate enough to have angered Mama Hillary. Now that practically the entire country had implants, anyone could be zapped at will.

A single, low-level “zap” would be no more painful than a mild shock and could be used to “coax” (train) an individual to perform actions deemed to be “approved” or punish when he or she did something in conflict with the administration’s rules.

Multiple zaps could stun an average sized man and render him immobile. They also revealed that there are plans in place to fire a more prolonged burst at certain “offensive” individuals. A 1 ms. burst would contain enough energy to fry the individual’s innards and thus, render him/her a smoking husk of empty skin.

Attorney General Holder-Weiner has denied those allegations as well as any other nefarious motives in the creation of the Pavlovian therapy program. She maintained that the program was designed to let the NSA help citizens.

Sometimes citizens engaged in activities that were not in the public interest. The Pavlov program allows the NSA, under the direction of the president, to monitor and redirect those activities in a more beneficial direction, to the benefit of the country at large.

Mama Hillary’s detractors suggest that she could now “zap” that pesky Republican just before he pushes granny off the cliff. They could zap Sen. Ted Cruz just as he arrives at the podium and opens his Dr. Seuss book. They could even zap those old geezers as they pushed aside barricades at the World War II memorial. No doubt, the woman who threw a shoe at Mama Hillary would be at the top of the list to be zapped into a puff of smelly smoke.

The Obamium implants had opened up a whole new world for Hillary – a way for her, as the country’s new royalty, to control the dirty, unwashed, undeserving, ignorant masses (and especially those vast right wing conservatives who have been giving her grief for years).

Hillarys shoes“Now I’ve got ‘em where I want ‘em, they’ll rue the day they crossed me,” she cackled as she propped her stylish new Ruby Begonia shoes up on the Resolute Desk.

Was this the end?





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Now it’s Personal

I’ve been writing about the legislative abortion called Obamacare (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or PPACA) ever since it was rammed through Congress by democrats (with NO Republican votes) and signed by the president in March of 2010. Since then, more and more of the inner workings of Obamacare have gradually been exposed, and they’re all ugly.

People have lost insurance plans that they were happy with; others are losing access to doctors who have treated them for years. Contrary to what we were told, in many cases, premiums, co-pays, and deductibles are higher than previous plans (not lower) and not surprisingly, the website was a complete and total failure.

But today it hit home; it was my first personal experience directly related to the new law and it wasn’t a good one.

As you might have surmised, I’ve been against Obamacare since its inception and nothing has happened since that has improved my opinion of that travesty.

But, now it’s personal – my respiratory therapy clinic closed down today. They provided respiratory and physical therapy to old folks with breathing problems. Their therapy services begin as physician-prescribed pulmonary rehabilitation for respiratory diseases like COPD and emphysema. Those rehabilitation programs typically run from 8-12 weeks, with visits 2 or 3 times a week.

The program starts out with simple breathing and physical exercises, gradually increasing the effort required by the patient until a prescribed level of performance is attained. Every single patient to whom I’ve spoken has shown significant improvement in their quality of life and they attribute that improvement to the respiratory therapy.

To many patients of the clinic, meeting 2 or 3 times a week for 8 to 12 weeks also brought another indirect benefit besides the intended medical one; an opportunity for social interaction with others in a similar situation.

It was a lot like gathering around the cracker barrel in the general store not too many years ago – just a bunch of old-timers getting together to gab about aches, pains, grandkids, and politics.

This particular clinic offered another beneficial program. Once a patient’s prescribed treatment was completed, the individual could, for a reasonable monthly membership, continue to use the facilities on their own to continue an exercise regime. This was a popular option and it allowed many people who had completed the physician-prescribed treatment to maintain their health at a higher level.

But then Obamacare intervened.

If case you weren’t aware, Obamacare mandates reduced reimbursements to health care providers. This was done to help pay for the program. As a result, we’re already hearing about physicians and clinics choosing not to participate in the Obamacare marketplace and others dropping out of the Medicare and Medicaid programs as well.

The reason is simple: reimbursements are dropping below what is necessary to cover expenses and provide a reasonable return. Small businesses (or medical practices) must provide a return on investment in order to be viable. Without a reasonable profit, they simply can’t remain in operation.

Obamacare is further thinning the doctor corps. A Physicians Foundation survey of 13,000 doctors found that 60 percent of doctors would retire today if they could, up from 45 percent before the law passed. Clinics are facing a similar quandary.

What will happen when there’s a reduction in the number of health care providers? That’s simple to forecast: treatment will be harder to secure, and as a result, some necessary treatment simply won’t happen. Obamacare has set the stage for a dramatic worsening in the overall health of our citizenry, especially seniors.

The owners of my clinic were being squeezed by those same reductions in Medicare and insurance reimbursements while overhead expenses continued to rise. Finally, there was no other choice. There had already been an attempt to rein in expenses by moving to a smaller facility and reducing staff, but apparently all that did was to delay the inevitable.

Now, as a result, the entire remaining staff of the facility has been added to the ranks of the unemployed and because other rehabilitation facilities are facing the same financial pressures, jobs will be hard to find.

Some patients, still receiving care under a doctor’s prescription, will be forced to find another Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility – and there are no other CORFs in the immediate area. It’ll cost additional time and expense for those patients to continue their prescribed therapy, or perhaps conditions will force them to skip the treatment altogether.

And finally, those old folks (like me) who were on the clinic’s “maintenance” program are out of luck. No other similar facility in the area offers an affordable way for us seniors to maintain our respiratory health, thus we can expect our health to gradually worsen.

Thursday, March 27th was a sad day. It was our last day. These people had become friends, and it’s a sad day to say goodbye to friends. I’ll miss the other old geezers and geezerettes who were on a Tuesday/Thursday schedule. They had become friends and friends aren’t that easy to come by when your social activities are limited.

And I’ll miss the staff. I’ve known them for over a year now and have never seen anything but respectful, professional treatment of us seniors in all respects. They were always pleasant and engaging and their main concern was always for their patients. From the Office Manager to the Therapists, they were all great people, people who you’d be proud to call your friend.

And they were hurt the worst. They will not only lose contact with their patient friends, but they’ve lost a job as well. What happens to them and their families now?

I wonder how many times similar things are happening across the country. Are these the improvements in health care we were promised? I don’t think so. The American public was sold a pack of lies and this is but one result.

Thursday was a sad, sad day.


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Pesky Truth Gazette, Vol. 2, Num. E [satire]

 Pesky Truth Gazette masthead JPG

Vol. 2, Number E

Barack Obama vs. Mitch McConnell:

The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) match of the century

Our lead story: A Beltway caged match between two gnats giants in the world of American politics.

President Obama has been getting more frustrated every time some news outlet portrays him as a wimp. He’s commonly shown riding a girl’s bicycle and wearing granny jeans. That effeminate image is usually paired alongside pictures of a shirtless Vladimir Putin, riding a horse – an altogether more manly figure.

Finally, they crossed Obama’s “red line” (his 43rd one) and he decided that he must act. He was tired of being mocked. So, in an attempt to burnish his image as a tough guy, he challenged the Minority Leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, to a one round MMA-style match.

That would show the world that, like Vladimir, he too was a manly force to be reckoned with. Obama felt confident that he could best the aging, wimpy Minority Leader.

The match would be held at Camp David, in private (just in case he lost). He’d allow one pool reporter (Sal Minella from Pesky Truth) to cover the match.

If Obama won, he’d have stills of the match distributed throughout every media outlet across the globe – just to prove what a he-man he could be. Even though Obama was a long way from being a manly brute, Mitch McConnell (who looks more like the Pillsbury dough boy) is an even less menacing figure.

McConnell in black

Obama could see it now … a triumphant Barack Obama standing over a defeated, flabby, old Republican carcass – what an image! Yes, he can!

What a contrast; a skinny, big-eared, coffee colored metrosexual vs. a flabby, much-too-pale, out-of-shape, old guy.

The Spectacle

The music begins, followed by sparkling fireworks arcing upwards and exploding. All of the glitter and flash of a real championship match is on display. Obama wants to build some excitement among his fans and supporters. He waves to the small gathering of those who are privy to the spectacle that is the political “Match of the Century.”

Now approaching the Octagon, both men are accompanied by their “seconds.” Joe Biden is serving as Obama’s second banana, while Lindsey Graham is bringing up McConnell’s rear.

Obama in cape and underwearThe Referee goes over the rules with McConnell and Graham, they nod their approval; they never fully understand legislation before voting, so why should this be any different?

It should be noted that the rules specifically state that the president can ignore any rule that he disagrees with. It’s called an OREO, (Obama Real-time Executive Order).

Obama removes his rainbow cape and beads with a flourish and invites (even encourages) the Referee to inspect his orifices for contraband.

BONG! – the fight begins.

McConnell and Obama circle slowly around the Octagon, occasionally slapping at each other, no blows landing. Each is intending to feel the other up out before attacking.

In most martial arts and boxing, you’d expect the opponents to throw jabs to get the range and see how the other guy will defend. But these “jabs” are more like slaps. The two are slapping away like pre-teen girls, pawing at each other, neither landing any blows.

McConnell finally stops and advances toward Obama. Obama, surprised by Mitch’s aggression, backs away – just in time! McConnell flips a front kick and just grazes Obama’s chin, sending up a cloud of powder. Who knew Mitch could get his leg that high? No harm done, just a little smudge of Obama’s makeup, but that was close!

Almost immediately, Obama surprises McConnell with a spinning back slap. Wow, he almost rocked McConnell’s head with that “blow.” McConnell responds by going for a takedown and Obama obliges him and goes down with little struggle (going down is natural for Obama).

McConnell mounts him and Obama relaxes (he likes being mounted), so now it’s ground and slap by McConnell. Left slap, right slap, left, right, left, right, rinse, repeat.

Obama’s getting the snot slapped out of him. Oh, the humanity! Oh, the snot!

Obama finally passes McConnell’s guard and struggles up. Once again, they slowly circle one another, each trying to look more menacing than the other. Neither guy is intimidating the other with their fake scowls and toothy snarls. The Easter Bunny looks more menacing than either of them.

Then, quickly making his move, Obama sweeps Mitch’s left leg, but as he falls, Obama catches him and lowers him gently to the mat. Now Obama mounts McConnell and holds his shoulders down. He is preparing to slap, paw and nuzzle McConnell into submission – maybe spoon him a little too.

But before Obama can land that first haymaker, he is thrown off by a vigorous pelvic thrust – disappointing Obama (he was so looking forward to staying mounted for more than a few seconds).

Now on their feet again, Obama is giggling as he grabs again for Mitch’s leg (it’s a good thing that Mitch is wearing a cup since Obama keeps grabbing at his leg, but “accidentally” hitting his junk).

The men back off a bit, each now exhibiting some respect for the other’s vicious slaps. They continue to move around the enclosure occasionally lifting a leg or pawing at the other. The Referee urges the “fighters” to get active.

Obama finally succeeds in a takedown, grabbing both Mitch’s legs and upending him. Mitch goes down (he is equally adept at going down). Obama immediately goes for side control but is stymied when McConnell blows in his ear. “Stop that,” he whines playfully, and releases his position.

While McConnell is struggling to get up, Obama gets behind him and goes for a rear naked choke (he liked anything that included the word “naked”) but his lack of strength became apparent when McConnell began reciting Dr. Suess’ “Green Eggs and Ham” even while Obama choked away with all his might (he almost turned white from exertion).

Finally Obama, completely exhausted from his unsuccessful choke, releases and falls back, spread-eagled on the canvas. Seizing on Obama’s unforced error, Mitch falls on top of Barack and mounts him, but Obama will have none of that – he slides out from under Mitch, sits up and quickly butt-scoots away, leaving McConnell trying to mount thin air.

Mitch’s muscles go into spasm as a result of his aborted mount, and he reflexively begins humping thin air, not unlike a dog without a humpee.

Obama sees his chance and, just as McConnell’s humps are waning in intensity, he executes a modified Superman punch and lands a palm upside McConnell’s lip. McConnell’s head was actually jarred backward slightly by the force of the “mighty” blow. This was one of Obama’s best strikes and the blow scored points for him. Obama was proud of his blows. Many of his friends had felt the effects of his best blows.

Fortunately, McConnell suffered no lasting damage; he just shook it off, grabbed Obama again, and executed a perfect hip toss, throwing him to the mat. Again, Mitch attempts to mount Obama for some more ground and slap. Suddenly, Obama arches his back and bucks Mitch off and tries to stand, but McConnell grabs him around his middle and hip tosses him again.

Down goes Obama again. This time, he lands flat and has the wind (some might call it hot air) knocked out of him.

McConnell jumps on top of him and rolls, wrapping his legs around Obama’s head and one of his arms, while bending his leg upwards in a triangle.

That was simply too much for Obama who was screaming in pain and yelling to the Secret Service to “shoot him, shoot him” while simultaneously slapping the mat, desperately trying to tap out.

In the end, McConnell wins by submission.

The Obamarhoids (his personal security SEIU goons) immediately confiscated all cameras and video equipment, insuring that no visual record would ever show Barack Hussein Obama bested by an old flabby white guy.

In fact, only our intrepid reporter managed to escape Camp David without being caught by the Secret Service or the Obamarhoids. Mr. Minella immediately fled to Hong Kong with his records of the match and filed this report. He is in hiding in an undisclosed location and is seeking asylum in Russia.

Obama’s problem is that he has been known as a pushover ever since he lost an exhibition match in Moscow by submission to little Ludmilla Putin, Vladimir’s 11 year-old daughter.

Hint to Barack: either grow a pair or stick to riding girl’s bikes in the park.

In other Beltway news

Harry Reid caused quite a stir when (in his capacity as umpire) he declared the democrat team the winner over their Republican opponents in the Team Tic Tax Toe game. He ruled that the Republicans didn’t show diversity in their row of “XXX,” and awarded the trophy to the dems who finished with a “properly diversified” OXO.


Hillary Clinton has decided not to seek the presidency in 2016. It’s really sad because, think about it, there goes right down the drain the Clinton dream of a being a two-impeachment family.”

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Obama Admitted His Plan

What Obama said to Senator Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles about how he intended to govern.

The following came to me from my friend, Rock. It’s written by an unnamed individual who volunteers at the Bush Presidential Library and Museum on the campus of SMU University in Dallas. Is it true? I can’t verify it, but I have no reason to disbelieve it either – judge for yourself.


This brief introduction is taken from The Daily Campus, SMU’s newspaper.

Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson sat down together to unravel the nation’s fiscal situation for the Tate Lecture Series on December 3, 2013.

Bowles, a Democrat, formed multiple financial firms before serving as the administrator of The U.S. Small Business Administration, deputy chief of staff, and chief of staff under President Bill Clinton.

Simpson, a lawyer and Republican, served in the Wyoming House of Representatives, in the U.S. Senate, and on the bipartisan Iraq Study Group.

Bowles and Simpson joined together in 2010 to co-chair the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, and they later co-founded the Campaign to Fix the Debt. They headed up the Simpson-Bowles Commission, which drafted a budget plan that was rejected by the Obama administration.

When Bowles met with the president in a private meeting, Obama said he would be “savaged by the left” if he passed it, according to Bowles. The president also said that Republicans would walk away from the budget plan if it had his support, a point that Simpson agreed with.

The country’s economic situation is just as dire today as when the commission was formed. Bowles blames his generation for “this fiscal mess.” “We not only don’t have a long range plan, we don’t have a budget,” Bowles said, calling the country’s “month-to-month budget” as “crazy.”


Following is the story contained in the email as told by the volunteer who talked directly to Alan Simpson.

As you have heard me say before that volunteering at the Bush Center library is a “great gig.”  I could write about my great experiences daily; but today was one of the highlights, so far…

Southern Methodist University has a lecture series called the Tate Lecture Series which has a significant speaker every month from September to May.  Last month was Charles Krauthammer and last night was Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson.  Tickets to those events are like “hens teeth” and they are passed down from father to son or family to family and has a waiting list of 7 years for season tickets for the general public.  One of the benefits of these visits is that these folks normally visit the library (after normal hours) while in town.

Today’s experience was worth a lot. Alan Simpson was the co-author of the Simpson-Bowles Commission appointed by the current president to come up with a plan and path forward to help the nation get back on a sound fiscal footing.  It was to include spending limits and controls that would address existing entitlements, a change in tax codes and the abolishment of selected existing tax breaks for special interest groups. Accordingly, it called for a sound fiscal plan that would get us into reasonable balance in 10 years.

As everyone knows, Alan Simpson (R) (82) is a retired senator from Wyoming and is known for his “frank” opinions and statements and in some ways seen as eccentric in some of his views.  Erskine Bowles (D) (69), who was Chief of Staff in former administrations, is a respected Democrat and was an equal partner in putting this study and report together with supposedly high respect and influence in the Democratic Party.

The intent was for the current President to use their report as a road map to fiscal responsibility.  This report was issued in 2010 and as quickly dismissed by the president as a non-starter prior to the election of 2012 based on its perceived political impact on his re-election.

When I saw Simpson today in the museum, I approached him to welcome him to the museum as a team leader since that is my job for the general public.  Normally, VIPs or “celebs” have Foundation escorts during these visits, but in typical Simpson fashion, he wanted to be just another visitor.

All volunteers wear the same uniform and have a prominent name tag for the public to see.  Little did I know that when I approached him to welcome him, he would receive me as a long lost friend and it was Howard this and Howard that in typical politician fashion.  After two or three minutes of asking about the library (which he loved) and how often we work and what days do we work and other small talk, I asked him for his assessment of our current national fiscal and spending problems and his view on the future efforts needed to turn the nation around.

I spent the next 15 minutes (just the two of us) listening to him expound on his view of our future.  His first answer was that with this president we will never make progress.  He then related a story that when Bowles and Simpson requested time with the president to urge him to seriously consider their report, he was stunned by the response (as was Bowles).

The president told them that he would take no action on any of the Commission’s recommendations and explained his rationale in the following way – prior to his re-election and probably after his re-election he would do nothing.  Simply put it was a pure political decision.  He stated that to accept reductions in the growth of entitlements would alienate his base and he would only look at the tax increase side of the recommendations after the election.  He further added that to accept the recommendations would give the Republicans a victory as seen by the voters and he was not ever going to do that now or ever.  He was adamant that he wanted more spending and more taxes and that he would pursue that course throughout his administration until his last day in office.

Stunned by that answer, Bowles asked him if he would do what’s right for the country and exert some leadership to save the nation’s fiscal future.  Obama’s response was that he would let the next president worry about the spending and debt, but he was going to spend and tax and re-distribute wealth throughout his term.

Both men were furious and after spending 1.5 hours with the president, they left in utter disbelief. Bowles, thinking that he could have some credibility with the Dems in the House and Senate tried to gather some influence with that group and was quickly advised that the Obama agenda would go forward at all costs.

In one desperate attempt to get some traction, Bowles thought that if he went to see the president without Simpson being there, he could have a more meaningful result.  That effort resulted in the same answer as they got the first time and that meeting was closer to the election and was dismissed as untimely and unnecessary by Obama.  The end result is what we are now seeing each and every day. Bowles and Simpson believe that this president is not interested in anything except his political agenda.

About this time Simpson’s wife joined us and we talked for few more minutes as she reminded him that they had a plane to catch and they had to move along.

In summary, I should not have asked my questions given my role of a neutral docent, but as an American I wanted to know his thoughts. I was stunned that he would be that candid with a perfect stranger, but knowing Simpson it has been typical of his behavior over his career.

These are the reasons that volunteering at the Bush Center makes life in America bearable for me at this time.  I thought you might want to see this insight from an experienced Washington insider.  He was candid and as he left he said, “Don’t expect anything good for America until this guy is gone.”

Senator Simpson, you said a mouthful.

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Connect the Dots: The Shadow Party

NOTE: This piece was originally published on Townhall in 2009. I’ve updated it prior to republishing here.

LEGEND: The players are highlighted in bold RED, the funds, organizations, and groups are highlighted in bold BLUE, and the money that changes hands is in bold GREEN.

If you missed the first Connect the Dots segment on George Soros, click HERE to read it.

The Shadow Party

 Soros strings donkeyNo one knows for certain who first coined the term “Shadow Party,” but Business Week Journalist Lorraine Woellert might have been first when she called the Democrat network a “shadow party” in a September 2003 article.

Since then, the term “Shadow Party” has been used to refer to one of the networks of non-profit activist groups organized by George Soros and others to mobilize resources; money, get-out-the-vote drives, campaign advertising, and policy initiatives to advance Democratic Party agendas, elect Democratic candidates, and guide the Democratic Party ever-further towards the left.

In the book, The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party, by David Horowitz and Richard Poe, they question how a small group of Boomer radicals were able to take over the Democratic Party.

Horowitz explained that George Soros, a billionaire, had engineered campaign finance reform, by pouring tens of millions of dollars into the campaign finance reform movement (and getting others to do it too). The Democrats – and George Soros in particular – had been pushing for McCain-Feingold for years touting the idea that it would limit the ability of the political parties to raise money. But surprise! As soon as the campaign finance laws were in place, Soros’ groups took advantage of a loophole for private organizations called 527s*, that could collect money. And they took advantage of that loophole big time.

*A 527 group is a tax-exempt group created primarily to influence the selection, nomination, election, appointment or defeat of candidates to federal, state or local public office.

It is interesting to note that of the top twenty 527 organizations; at least fourteen are left-leaning, accounting for more than $300 million dollars – and they don’t have to publicly report their contributors.

Five unions are in the top twenty (using compulsory member dues) and two of those accounted for $66 million by themselves. And that doesn’t count union-paid campaign staffs that are not counted as contributions.

SEIU protestersOne of the largest union contributors is the SEIU (Service Employees International Union). The membership was once told that every member would devote five working days a year to political action. That means that 2.1 million members times five days = 10.5 million man-days to work on electing Democrats – that is scary.

Soros managed to put together a coalition, which we now call the Shadow Party, which accounted for about $300 million of the Democratic campaign funds. Actually, it was much more than that. He even created a group that orchestrated media ads, so that meant that his groups, since they were in place before the democratic nominee was even chosen, were able to shape the message of the John Kerry campaign and, in effect, control the campaign that way.

The Shadow Party in this sense was conceived and organized principally by Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Harold Ickes. Its efforts were amplified by, and coordinated with, key unions and activist groups.

There was no official birth announcement when the Shadow Party was launched at El Mirador, George Soros’ Southampton estate on Long Island. But it was the most significant development in American politics in decades. At this meeting of political strategists, wealthy donors, left-wing labor leaders and progressive activists, Soros laid out his plan to defeat George Bush in the 2004 presidential election. He personally contributed over $27 million dollars to pro-Democrat 527s during the 2004 election cycle, most of it directed at ousting Bush from office. One of Soros’ cohorts, Chairman Peter Lewis of Progressive Insurance was the second leading donor coughing up $14.1 million, followed by Jane Fonda ($13 million), and Hollywood producer Stephen Bing ($9.8 million). Other major funders of the Shadow Party include the Tides Foundation and the Open Society Institute.”

Soros put it together. He bought together elements of the philanthropy world, the political world, the business world, the union world and the world of radical street politics and created a juggernaut we now call the Shadow Party.

By early 2004, the core of Soros’ Shadow Party was in place. It consisted of seven ostensibly “independent” nonprofit groups, all but one ( were headquartered in Washington, DC. The seven principal groups are highlighted here:

1.   America Coming Together (ACT): A newly formed but previously poorly funded voter-registration group called America Coming Together (ACT) was selected to be a core voter-oriented operation and got over $23 million dollars in pledges from the El Mirador attendees. In 2004, ACT ran what was called “the largest voter-contact program in history,” with more than 1,400 canvassers contacting voters door-to-door and phone. All in a determined effort to push leftist programs and defeat George Bush.

2.   America Votes (AV): This national coalition coordinated the efforts of many get-out-the-vote organizations and their thousands of contributing activists. Soros‘s support for America Votes would continue well past 2004. Indeed he would donate $2.15 million to this coalition in the 2006 election cycle, another $1.25 million in the 2008 cycle and yet another $1.25 million in 2010.

3.   Center for American Progress (CAP): This entity was created to serve as a think tank promoting leftist ideas and policy initiatives. Soros was enthusiastic about the Center’s potential and pledged in July 2003 to donate up to $3 million to help get the project off the ground. From the outset, CAP’s leadership featured a host of former high-ranking officials from the Clinton administration. Hillary Clinton predicted that CAP would provide “some new intellectual capital” with which to “build the 21st-century policies that reflect the Democrat Party’s values.” George Soros and Morton Halperin together selected former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta to serve as president of CAP. Podesta said his goal was to develop CAP as a “think tank on steroids,” featuring “a message-oriented war room” that “will send out a daily briefing to refute the positions and arguments of the right.”

4.   Media Fund (MF): was founded by Harold Ickes in 2003. He’s a democratic lobbyist and strategist who is widely recognized as the chief organizer of the Shadow Party. The Media Fund was the vehicle responsible for conceptualizing, producing, and placing political ads in radio, television, print, and Internet forums. Ickes helped those who were seeking ways to circumvent McCain-Feingold’s soft-money ban by ultimately finding a loophole (527s). They could fund issue-oriented ads, voter-education initiatives, get-out-the-vote campaigns, and other “party-building” activities – i.e., anything that did not explicitly urge people to vote for or against any specific candidate, by name was permissible.

MF took in more than $59.4 million in donations during the 2004 election cycle, much of it from leftwing government labor unions such as the AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) and the SEIU (Service Employees International Union). MF also received many millions of dollars that had first been laundered through Joint Victory Campaign 2004 (JVC), which was heavily funded by George Soros, Stephen Bing, and Peter Lewis. In 2004 alone, JVC, which shared a Washington, DC office with the Media Fund, channeled more than $53 million into the Shadow Party network, $38.4 million to MF and $19.4 million to America Coming Together.

During the 2004 presidential campaign season, MF focused its advertising efforts on the 17 recognized battleground states. According to the Federal Election Commission, MF spent approximately $53,389,856 on 37 television advertisements, 24 radio advertisements, nine newspaper advertisements and 20 mailers that referenced either Bush or Kerry in the context of the 2004 Presidential election.

In 2007, the Federal Election Commission levied a fine of $580,000 against the Media Fund, finding that many of its expenditures had been illegal. Since then, the Media Fund has been mostly inactive.

5. This California-based entity was the only one of the Shadow Party’s core groups that was not a new startup operation. Launched in September 1998, MoveOn was created by Joan Blades and Wes Boyd, the married cofounders of Berkeley Systems. It is a Web-based political network that organizes some 3.2 million online activists around specific issues, raises money for Democratic candidates, generates political ads, and is very effective at recruiting young people to support Democrats. Soros pledged to give MoveOn $5 million.

MoveOn endorsed Democratic candidate Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential race. In a massive effort aimed at pushing Obama to victory, MoveOn dispatched approximately a million volunteers to work on his campaign nationwide — 600,000 in battleground states and 400,000 in non-battleground states. In addition, MoveOn registered more than 500,000 young Obama supporters to vote in battleground states, while adding a million young people to its member rolls during the summer of 2008 and mobilizing them. All told, MoveOn and its members contributed more than $58 million directly to the Obama campaign.

6.   The Thunder Road Group (TRG): is the strategic nerve center of the Shadow Party. It coordinates strategy for America Coming Together (ACT), America Votes, and the Media Fund - the three groups most involved in Shadow Party strategic planning. TRG is a political consultancy that combines the roles of strategic planning, polling, opposition research, covert operations, and public relations. It is through TRG that the Shadow Party formulates its plans and dispatches orders to the network.

The seventh entity was the Joint Victory Campaign 2004, a fundraising operation which was focused on winning the White House in 2004 and to which Soros personally contributed over $12 million dollars. They distributed $19.4 million to America Coming Together and $38.4 million to Media Fund in what turned out to be a futile effort. The group has essentially ceased operations after Bush won the presidency.

According to Ellen Malcolm of America Coming Together, the financial commitment that Soros made to these Shadow Party groups in 2003 “was a signal to potential donors that he had looked at what was going on and that this was pretty exciting, and that he was going to stand behind it, and it was the real deal.” As Byron York observed, “After Soros signed on, contributions started pouring in.ACT and the Media Fund alone took in some $200 million, including $20 million from Soros alone. This amount of money was unprecedented in American politics.

Harold Ickes, who had served as White House deputy chief of staff in the Clinton White House, had a hand in creating every Shadow Party core group except MoveOn. He was also entrusted with the vital task of making these organizations function as a cohesive entity. In 2004, Democratic strategist Harold Wolfson suggested that outside of the official campaign of presidential candidate John Kerry, Ickes “is the most important person in the Democratic Party today.”

In addition to its seven core members, the Shadow Party also came to include at least another 30 well-established leftwing activist groups and labor unions that participated in the America Votes coalition. Among the better-known of these were ACORN; the AFL-CIO; the AFSCME; the American Federation of Teachers; the Association of Trial Lawyers of America; EMILY’s List; the NAACP; NARAL Pro-Choice America; the National Education Association; People for the American Way; Planned Parenthood; the Service Employees International Union; and the Sierra Club.

Recognize those names? I thought you might. It’s a veritable “Who’s Who” of leftist groups. Over time, the Shadow Party grew to more than 65 member organizations – all committed to anti-capitalist, socialistic policies – and all benefitting from a seemingly unending supply of funds from George Soros and his wealthy friends.

The Democracy Alliance

When President Bush won re-election in 2004, Soros was devastated; his massive financial investments and herculean organizing efforts had all gone for naught. Adding insult to injury, the hated Republicans had retained control of both houses of Congress. As Soros contemplated what course of action he ought to pursue next, the answer came to him in the form of Democrat political operative Rob Stein (another Clinton administration retread).

Stein had studied the conservative movement to determine why it seemed to be winning political battles. He concluded that a few influential, wealthy family foundations had spearheaded the creation of a $300 million network of politically influential organizations. He mapped out, in painstaking detail, the conservative movement’s networking strategies and funding sources.

Soros quickly and enthusiastically embraced Stein‘s concept. In April 2005, Soros brought together 70 likeminded, carefully vetted, fellow millionaires and billionaires in Phoenix, Arizona, to discuss Stein’s ideas and expeditiously implement a plan of action.

Most of those in attendance agreed that the conservative movement represented “a fundamental threat to the American way of life.” And, like Soros, a considerable number of them looked favorably on Stein’s analysis and concept. Thus was born the Democracy Alliance (DA), an immensely important newcomer to the Shadow Party.

No grants were pledged at the Democracy Alliance’s gathering in Phoenix, but at an Atlanta meeting three months later, DA partners pledged $39 million, about a third of which came directly from George Soros and Peter Lewis. Alliance member Simon Rosenberg claimed in August 2008 that DA had already “channeled hundreds of millions of dollars into progressive organizations.” The Democracy Alliance is known to consist of at least 100 donor-partners but historically has been secretive regarding their identities.

Since approximately 2006, Democracy Alliance members and staff have been working to establish subchapters of the organization in all 50 states. Their most successful effort to date has been in Colorado, where the initial results were striking: In 2004, Colorado had a Republican governor, two Republican U.S. senators, and five Republican House members (out of seven); by the end of the 2008 elections the state had a Democratic governor, two Democratic U.S. Senators, and five Democratic House members (out of seven). Pretty impressive, huh?

In January 2013, DA allied itself with the newly formed Organizing for Action, whose mission was to advance president Barack Obama‘s legislative agendas.

David Horowitz on George Soros and the Shadow Party

David Horowitz “wrote the book” on the Shadow Party literally, (The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party) and through his research, believes that he knows what makes the man tick.

He had a few choice words to say about Soros: You have to understand who this man is, because he can be portrayed in many ways – philanthropist, capitalist. In fact, he says that the capitalist system has replaced communism as the greatest threat. Second, he says America is the greatest obstacle to world justice and stability. His agenda is what he calls ‘to burst the bubble of American supremacy.’  Soros is technically an American, but he is very hostile towards the United States.”

Horowitz also believes that the Shadow Party is gaining strength. But it’s growing under the radar; not really visible. Very few Americans, and very few Democratic voters, even know the Shadow Party exists. It’s working behind the scenes and its agendas are quite radical in a way that most Americans just can’t grasp.

If the idea that one organization, run by a Soros associate, can put 10.5 million man-days into defeating America, and there are other organizations with the same aims; doesn’t scare one into wondering if America can survive, I don’t know what will.

In the end, Soros has put together a $300 million coalition of forces that is unique in the history of American politics. He has put together a coalition of billionaires, of giant unions, of street radicals, and of seasoned political operatives. It’s a never-before-seen combination in American politics and it is a formidable force.


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Connect the Dots: George Soros

NOTE: This piece was originally published on Townhall in 2009. I’ve updated it prior to republishing here. The color coding of people, groups, and money was present in the original version (the editor at Townhall didn’t provide for anything but basic formatting so I used the colored labels to give the essay a little flair). I’ve retained the original colored format and have applied the same highlighting to newly added information as well.

I also apologize for the length of the essay, but it could be twice as long and still not cover what should be known about George Soros. I have condensed and summarized as much as I could while still attempting to paint a political portrait of Soros for conservative readers.

LEGEND: The players are highlighted in bold RED, the funds, organizations, or groups are highlighted in bold BLUE, and the money that changes hands is in bold GREEN.

George Soros

George Soros + Whistleblower mag

George Soros is one of the most powerful men on earth, and one of the most reliably liberal. A New York hedge fund manager, he has amassed a personal fortune estimated by Forbes (September, 2013) at about $20 billion, placing him as the 30th richest among the world’s billionaires. His management company controls at least another $25 billion in investor assets controlled by his firm, Soros Fund Management. He is an influential, financial powerhouse.

George Soros was born on August 12, 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. His father, Teodoro Schwartz, was an Orthodox Jew who, in 1936, changed the family surname from Schwartz to Soros in order to enable his family to conceal its Jewish identity. In 1947, the family relocated from Hungary to England. Five years later, George graduated from the London School of Economics.

George Soros is the founder of one of the first offshore hedge funds, the Quantum Fund, through which he accumulated vast wealth. Extreme leverage is a Soros character trait. Most readers of the financial pages know about the spectacularly leveraged coup that earned him a billion dollars overnight in a giant gamble in 1992. He bet $10 billion (most of it borrowed money) that by selling enough sterling short he could force the Bank of England to devalue the British pound and make a killing.

He did, they did, and he made a killing. And now he has his sights set on changing the United States into an “open society.”

According to Robert Chandler of Accuracy in Media, George Soros’ notion of an open society was influenced by his former instructor at the London School of Economics, Professor Karl Popper. Popper, an atheist, believed nothing was “self-evident.” According to Chandler, “Soros concluded that the U.S. Declaration of Independence, rather than based on so-called ‘self-evident truths,’ is but a statement of ‘our imperfect understanding’ of the world around us. Hence, America’s founding documents are disposable in what Soros believes is our godless society.”

Chandler also notes that “to create the ‘Age of Open Society,’ Soros’ vision would require terminating U.S. sovereignty, disposing of the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights, or at least modifying them with significant amendments to make them square with open society norms, and reforming the United Nations to facilitate a world socialist governance with the new social-political institutions to enforce its principles, such as the International Criminal Court.

So there you have it. If Mr. Chandler’s assessment is correct, and if George Soros gains control, he will dispose of our Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights (or significantly revise them to reflect his concept of a leftist socialist “open society”), terminate our sovereignty, and cede our governance to a modified United Nations.

And, at this point in time, we have just the pliable puppet in the presidency that will be eager to help him.

The 9/11 Terrorist Attack Changed Things

Twin towers 9-11

Before 9/11/2001, Soros had viewed his financial contributions as a way of incrementally changing health care, criminal sentencing, drug laws, and other social systems he regarded as flawed. The direction in which he wanted to steer the United States was clear in the radical agendas of the groups that he had been funding for nearly a decade through his Open Society Institute.

Those agendas could essentially be distilled down to three overriding themes:

  • diminution of American power
  • subjugation of American sovereignty in favor of a one world government
  • implementation of a socialist redistribution of wealth, both within the U.S. and across national borders.

But after 9/11, Soros decided that the world was endangered by American dominance, and that it was essential to fundamentally change the country more quicklyovernight as it were, rather than over time. And he set about to do just that.

OSI was a signatory to a November 1, 2001 document characterizing the 9/11 attacks as a legal matter to be addressed by criminal-justice procedures rather than military retribution. That determination suggested that the hijackers were motivated chiefly by a desire to point out global injustices perpetrated by the United States. In other words, we brought 9/11 on ourselves. Does that sound familiar?

The Open Society Institute/Foundation

Open Society logoSince 1993, Soros’ foundation’s flagship (and the conduit for distribution of his funds) has been the Open Society Institute (OSI)*, a 501(c)(3)** organization. It has over $452 million worth of assets under management and has dispensed an estimated $10,000,000,000 (billion) dollars to organizations with objectives that are consistent with those of Soros.

An epic understatement: a lot of influence can be bought with $10 billion dollars.

*In 2010, the name was changed to Open Society Foundations (OSF).

** A 501(c)(3) refers to that section of the IRS code that describes a tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

The President of OSI and the Soros Foundation Network up until 2012 was Aryeh Neier, who worked for the American Civil Liberties Union from 1963 to 1978, serving as its Director for the last eight of those years. Then, from 1978 to 1990, he was the Executive Director of Human Rights Watch. Christopher Stone took over in 2012 and is the current President. He was a Harvard Professor and is an international expert on criminal justice reform.

OSI’s Director of U.S. Advocacy is Morton Halperin (President of John Podesta’s Center for American Progress, and a longtime affiliate of the Institute for Policy Studies and the National Lawyers Guild).

According to the Foundation Center, as of December 2012, OSI/OSF had assets of $2.709 billion. OSI/OSF donates scores of millions of dollars annually to various “progressive” leftist organizations, including this partial list of the most recognizable names:

  • America Coming Together
  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • American Constitution Society for Law and Policy
  • American Friends Service Committee
  • Amnesty International
  • Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)
  • Brennan Center for Justice
  • Center for American Progress
  • Drug Policy Alliance
  • Gay Straight Alliance Network
  • Human Rights Watch
  • Independent Media Institute
  • Institute for Policy Studies
  • International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission
  • Million Mom March
  • NARAL Pro-Choice America
  • National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
  • National Lawyers Guild
  • National Organization for Women
  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Legal Defense and Educational Fund
  • Pacifica Foundation
  • People for the American Way
  • Physicians for Human Rights
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Project Syndicate (an international association of newspapers that publish anti-American propaganda)
  • Proteus Fund
  • Rocky Mountain Peace Center
  • Sentencing Project
  • Sundance Institute
  • Tides Center
  • Tides Foundation
  • Urban Institute
  • Violence Policy Center

Also a key funder of the open borders movement, OSI/OSF supports these groups as well:

  • American Immigration Law Foundation
  • Immigrant Legal Resource Center
  • League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)
  • Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund
  • National Immigration Law Center
  • National Immigration Forum
  • National Council of La Raza

 In addition to funding by Soros and his friends, between 1998 and 2003, OSI/OSF received more than $30 million from U.S. government agencies.

On August 16, 2005, OSI/OSF (in collaboration with the Center for American Progress, the AFL-CIO, the Service Employees International Union, AFSCME, and the United Steelworkers Union) launched a new organization called the Progressive Legislative Action Network (PLAN).

Led by Democratic activists David Sirota and Steve Doherty, PLAN’s mission is to seed state legislatures with prewritten “model” legislation reflecting leftist visions of justice.

And in July 2006, there was another attempt to meddle in state operations called the Secretary of State Project (SoSP). It became an addition to Soros’ Shadow Party (more on the Shadow Party in another segment to come later). A Soros-supported “527”* committee was devoted to helping Democrats win Secretary of State elections in crucial swing states, i.e., states where the margin of victory in the previous presidential election had been 120,000 votes or less.

One of the principal duties of the Secretary of State is to serve as the chief election officer – the one who certifies candidates as well as election results in his or her state. The holder of this office can potentially play a key role in determining the winner of a close election.

There is little doubt that Soros, via SoSP, is looking for every advantage when it comes to counting votes in a close election, and it could pay off.

*A 527 is a tax-exempt group created under section 527 of the IRS Code to influence the selection, nomination, election, appointment or defeat of candidates to federal, state or local public office.

George Soros and the United Nations

United Nations

OSI/OSF funded the multi-year United Nations Millennium Development Project - commissioned by the UN Secretary-General in 2002 “to develop a concrete action plan for the world to reverse the grinding poverty, hunger and disease affecting billions of people.”

In 2005, this project culminated in a recommendation for a massive wealth-redistribution, foreign-aid program whose provisions, if adopted, would impose more than $150 billion in annual costs on Americans.

George Soros has also been supportive of the UN’s Agenda 21. The Agenda 21 plan openly targets private property.  For over thirty-five  years the UN has made their stance very clear on the issue of individuals owning land. The UN believes that people are best served if land is used in the interest of society as a whole. Soros is known to be supportive and has given a $2,147,415 grant to one local Agenda 21 project.

And being a strong advocate of gun control, OSI/OSF also funds the Network on Small Arms, which has lobbied the United Nations to pass a measure outlawing private gun ownership and effectively overturning the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment.

When George’s money talks, people (especially politicians) listen.

George Soros and Barack Obama

George Soros + Obama puppet

While George Soros was busy bankrolling his battalion of established activist groups and launching a few new ones, he quite naturally looked toward the upcoming presidential election of 2008 with great anticipation, eagerly awaiting the day when George W. Bush would finally leave office. The question was who would replace him? In recent years, all indications had been that Soros favored Hillary Clinton above other potential Democratic candidates for President. But now there was a new face on the scene a young, charismatic U.S. senator from Illinois named Barack Obama seemed not only to share virtually all of Soros’s values and agendas, but also appeared to be a highly skilled politician who stood a good chance of getting elected to the nation’s highest office.

In December of 2006, Soros, who had previously hosted a fundraiser for Obama during his 2004 Senate campaign, met with Obama in Soros’s New York office. Just a few weeks later on January 16, 2007, Obama announced that he would form a presidential exploratory committee and was contemplating a run for the White House. Within hours, Soros sent the senator a contribution of $2,100, the maximum amount allowable under campaign-finance laws. That first contribution was a drop in the bucket compared to the funds that would flow from Soros to Obama’s interests in later years.

Later that week, the New York Daily News reported that Soros would support Obama rather than Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, though Soros pledged to back the New York senator were she to emerge as the nominee.

But it was clear that Soros considered Obama to be the more electable candidate of the two. Most importantly, Obama’s economic and political prescriptions for America were wholly in sync with those of Soros.

What has been the result of Soros’ meddling? Just a brief glance at Obama’s activities during his presidency will find them to be right in line with Soros’ agenda. So, it’s obvious that he’s bought himself a President. But he’s not finished; he won’t be satisfied until he has bought a country as well.

The Open Society Institute is not the only vehicle by which George Soros works to reshape America’s political landscape. Indeed, Soros was the prime mover in the creation of the so-called “Shadow Democratic Party,” or “Shadow Party,” in 2003. This term refers to a nationwide network of labor unions, non-profit activist groups, and think tanks whose agendas are ideologically to the left, and which are engaged in campaigning for the Democrats. This network’s activities include fundraising, get-out-the-vote drives, political advertising, opposition research, and media manipulation.


Coming Up Next, the Shadow Party

NOTE: A great deal of the information contained in this essay was taken from Discover the There is a treasure trove of information there about leftist individuals, groups, and the source of their funds and I highly recommend that you visit the site and inform yourself further on the forces amassed against us.

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Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s Puppet Master

Who is Valerie Jarrett?

Valerie Bowman Jarrett was born on November 14, 1956 in Shiraz, Iran to African-American parents James E. Bowman and Barbara Taylor Bowman.

Valerie Jarrett puppets 01Her father, a pathologist and geneticist, ran a hospital for children in Shiraz in 1956, as part of a program where American physicians and agricultural experts sought to help communtize developing countries’ health and farming efforts. When she was five, the family moved to London for one year, later moving to Chicago’s Hyde Park in 1963.

Jarrett went to the exclusive University of Chicago Lab School before transferring to her mother’s alma mater, Northfield Mount Hermon (NMH), for the last two years of high school. NMH is a private coed boarding school on 1,565 acres of wooded campus bordering the Connecticut River in Western Massachusetts. Jarrett graduated from NMH in 1974.

Valerie attended Stanford as an undergrad, living at the African American themed Ujamaa House and earning a B.A. in psychology in 1978. She went on to get a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the University of Michigan Law School in 1981.

After graduating from law school, Jarrett hired on as an associate at Ballard, Shepard and Pole Ltd. and spent 1981 through 1984 with the firm.

In 1983 Jarrett married William Robert Jarrett, son of Chicago Sun-Times reporter Vernon Jarrett. Jarrett has one child, a daughter named Laura, who graduated from Harvard Law School in 2010. Valerie and William divorced in 1988.

In 1984, Valerie moved on to Sonnenschein, Carlin, Nath, and Rosenthal, working in the firm’s real-estate branch where she remained for three years. Although she had practiced law for six years at two of the top law firms in Chicago, she wasn’t happy with private practice.

She then went to work for Chicago’s first African-American mayor, Harold Washington. After Washington’s death in 1987, she stayed on under his successor, Richard M. Daley and eventually became his Deputy Chief of Staff.

Ms. Jarrett has held positions as the Chairman of the Chicago Transit Board, and the Commissioner of Planning and Development for the City of Chicago. She also served as a director of corporate and not for profit boards, including Chairman of the Board of the Chicago Stock Exchange, Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, and Chairman of the University of Chicago Medical Center Board of Trustees.

Jarrett’s mother, Barbara Taylor Bowman, founded a school, the Erikson Institute, along with Bill Ayers’ family. The school was funded by Ayers, Obama, and ultimately the 2009 “stimulus” legislation. Besides founding Erikson, Bowman was president of the institute from 1994 to 2001 and served as the school’s professor of child development.

One of the Erikson Institute’s former trustees and members of the executive committee was the late Thomas Ayers, father of Bill Ayers. Bernardine Dohrn, Bill Ayers’ wife, also served on the Erikson board. Obama and Bill Ayers once funded Erikson together. The Erikson Institute was among the first 35 school partnerships awarded funds in December 1995 by the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Ayers was a founder of the Annenberg Challenge; Obama was hired in 1995 as the group’s first chairman. In 2009, Erickson was awarded just shy of $5 million from Obama’s so-called stimulus legislation.

It’s not entirely clear when Barack Obama first met Valerie Jarrett. It’s been reported that Obama and Jarrett met over 20 years ago when she was working in Chicago Mayor Richard Daley’s office and offered Obama’s wife Michelle a job.

Connecting any dots yet?

Frank Marshall Davis

But it’s also possible that they could have been introduced by Valerie’s father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett who, as a communist sympathizer, worked with Frank Marshall Davis, Obama’s mentor. In the late 1940s, Jarrett and Davis worked together on the communist-influenced black-run Chicago Defender newspaper whose founding editor-in-chief was Frank Marshall Davis.

Frank Marshall Davis

At that time, Davis was a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA (member # 47544) and his initial column in the Chicago Defender pledged to advance “fundamental change” in the country. It was in this capacity that Davis worked with Obama’s political ancestors, David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett.

Frank Marshall Davis was also under scrutiny by the FBI. He had a 601-page FBI file, and was placed on the government’s Security Index, which meant that as a loyal Soviet patriot, he would be immediately arrested if war broke out with the USSR. He was also being watched by Congress which issued a report listing him as being involved with a communist front group, the American Peace Mobilization, along with several other subversive organizations.

The same congressional report also cited the involvement of another Chicagoan named Robert Taylor who also served on the board with Davis on another communist front group, the Chicago Civil Liberties Committee. Taylor was Valerie Jarrett’s grandfather.

Those dots are beginning to connect themselves, eh?

Before we get back to Valerie Jarrett, let’s establish a little more about Frank Marshall Davis. He was introduced to Obama when Obama was 9 or 10 by Obama’s grandfather, who was seeking a role model/father figure to mentor his grandson.

Davis and Obama became close and remained so until Obama left Hawaii for Occidental College in 1978 at the age of 18, so Davis had plenty of time to exert his influence over Obama and, exert he did. To the degree that he is mentioned twenty-two (22) times in Obama’s Dreams from My Father. He is a consistent theme, appearing repeatedly and meaningfully in all three parts of the book (although he is referenced only as “Frank,” never by his full name).

He is part of Obama’s life, and by Obama’s own extended recounting, from Hawaii – the site of late evenings together – from adolescence to college to community organizing. “Frank” is one of the few names mentioned by Obama in each mile-marker upon his historic path from Hawaii to Washington.

Davis told Obama that black people “have a reason to hate white people” (Dreams from My Father, p. 91). He also advised the college-bound Obama to “keep your eyes open” and “stay awake” otherwise he would be “trained” against his own interests. (p. 97) Obama explained how he carried out Davis’s advice. “To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.

Interestingly, as Obama got closer to the presidency, he began to distance himself from Frank Marshall Davis. This is most evident in the 2005 audio version of Dreams, narrated by Obama himself, which excludes every single mention of “Frank.”

Poor old Frank went from twenty-two mentions in the original book, and even more via pronouns and other forms of reference, to zero – he just disappeared – he is mentioned no more. Our most transparent president evah, just deletes or hides any information that is “inconvenient” to him, and that includes people. I wonder how Obama would explain that exorcism, if anyone would ask.

Why did Obama cut the ties to the only real authentic black experience he ever had, his close personal relationship with Frank Marshall Davis?

She made him do it

Most likely, Valerie told him to do it. Davis’ communist ties could prove politically “inconvenient” to Obama. The key to understanding Jarrett’s power over the president is that Obama didn’t just envy people with normal parents and loving, successful fathers.  He envied American blacks, especially those who grew up in intact black families, knowing who they were, comfortable in their black skin.

Valerie Jarrett telling Obama

Valerie Jarrett reflects Obama in many ways.  Like himself, Valerie looks more white than black.  Her mother had three white grandparents, and her father was black.  Like Obama, she lived in the Muslim world for part of her childhood, when her father practiced medicine in Iran.  Like Obama, she is a committed leftist.

Valerie married into Chicago’s black elite, the top rung of African-American society.  She went to Stanford, got a law degree from Michigan, and became Mayor Richard Daley’s deputy chief of staff, “the public black face” of his administration.

When Valerie Jarrett hired Michelle to work for Daley and befriended her, the Obamas gained access to the exclusive world of upper-class black Chicago politics.  Valerie knew everyone whom it was important to know in black and Jewish money circles.  She gave Barack entrée and legitimacy.  She financed and promoted his ambitions for national office.

Finally, Barack had found a home in the warm bosom of Valerie Jarrett.

Not that Jarrett’s record in Chicago was anything to be proud of.  Jarrett was known for her corruption and incompetence.  Daley finally had to fire her after a scandal erupted over her role in misuse of public funds in the city’s substandard public housing.  She went on to become CEO of Habitat Executive Services, pulling down $300,000 in salary and $550,000 in deferred compensation.

Habitat managed Grove Parc and another housing complex, both of which were seized by government inspectors for slum conditions.  The scandal didn’t matter to Obama.  The sordid corruption was all part of Jarrett’s Chicago success story – and Obamas.

The liberal media has let Obama off the hook with Tony Rezko. It has done likewise, but more so, with Valerie Jarrett, whose very business dealt precisely with Rezko’s housing developments.

Rezko was not only a personal friend of Obama but also helped raise money for Obama’s political campaigns. Rezko ultimately was arrested for fraud, bribery, and money laundering. In 2007, he was indicted on federal charges of fraud and influence peddling with the administration of disgraced Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. In 2008, Rezko was convicted on 16 of 24 counts of corruption. Today, Rezko is in prison as a convicted felon.

In November 2008, Judicial Watch obtained documents from the Illinois secretary of state linking Jarrett to several housing projects (and thus scandals) operated by Rezko. “Like Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett is a product of the corrupt Chicago political machine,” noted Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton. “And it is no stretch to say that she was a slumlord.”

And a later review found that thousands of apartments across Chicago that had been built with local, state, and federal subsidies – including several hundred in Obama’s former district – deteriorated so completely that they were no longer habitable.

Grove Parc and several other prominent failures were developed and managed by Obama’s close friends and political supporters. Those people profited from the subsidies even as many of Obama’s constituents suffered. Tenants lost their homes; surrounding neighborhoods were blighted.

Edward Klein, former foreign editor of Newsweek and editor of the New York Times Magazine for many years, describes Jarrett as “ground zero in the Obama operation, the first couple’s friend and consigliere.”

Every insider in Chicago told Klein the same thing: Jarrett has no qualifications to be the principal advisor to the president of the United States.  She doesn’t understand how Washington works, how relations with Congress work, how the federal process works.  She doesn’t understand how the economy works, how the military works, how national security works.

But she understands how Obama works.

Jarrett and Obama

Her true job is to make Obama feel proud of himself.  When Obama looks at Jarrett, he sees himself as whole and good and real.  He is no longer the fake black, the fatherless black child flailing around in a white world, tortured by the unfairness of it all.  She fills the emptiness at the core of his identity.  She admires and adores him.

Jarrett told New Yorker editor David Remnick that the president is “just too talented to do what ordinary people do.

Pardon me while I barf.

In the White House pecking order, Jarrett has more clout than the president’s chief of staff.

Valerie Jarrett in meeting

She has an all-access pass to meetingsShe shows up at the National Security Council, at meetings on the economy and budget.  She stays behind to advise Obama on what to think and do. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t help me sleep at night knowing that we have so much incompetency in those meetings.

Valerie Jarrett is the most powerful woman in Washington. God help us.

She has guided the president’s decisions on health care, the budget, the stimulus, the deficit, and foreign affairs. The president turns to Valerie Jarrett for definitive advice on all these issues.  She has given him terrible advice over and over, and still he turns to her.   

Insiders say that only once did Obama go against Valerie’s wishes. She had warned against his going after Osama bin Laden three times and three times he cancelled the mission, afraid of the political harm that would result if the mission failed. She talked Obama out of going after bin Laden in January 2011, again in February, and a third time in March.

In his book The Amateur, Edward Klein reported that Obama finally became more afraid of the political fallout if voters learned that he’d passed up the chance to get bin Laden than of disagreeing with Valerie Jarrett. For once, he finally ignored her and made the right decision.

One could argue that no other person on the planet has done more to help the Obamas get to where they are today. There is little doubt that she’s the power, critical influence and perhaps the actual decision maker in this odyssey of Barack and Michelle during their incompetent, vindictive, nouveau riche celebrity power tour, while the security and leadership of this country has become an irritating side job.

Valerie Jarrett 01Some are of the opinion that Valerie Jarrett actually called off the military on the night of Sept. 11, 2012. She was known to have left Obama in the living quarters and had returned to the White House Situation Room where the attack in Benghazi was being monitored by Dempsey, Panetta and other top-ranking officials.

What she may have said and whether the president sent her is unknown. We do know the president retired for the night, and no rescue mission was launched.

Once before, Jarrett had called off the military for political purposes. She may have done it that night as well – an action that would answer many questions and may be what the White House is really hiding.

How important is she to Obama?

Well, important enough to receive Secret Service protection, which is very unusual for presidential aides. Democratic pollster Pat Caddell said in an interview with Breitbart, “Jarrett seems to have a 24-hour, around-the-clock (security) detail, with five or six agents full time,”

The media has been completely uninterested,” Caddell said. “We don’t provide security for our ambassador in Libya, but she needs a full Secret Service security detail. And nobody thinks there’s anything wrong with this?

Not “nobody” Pat, I think that it’s a travesty that Obama won’t protect our diplomatic mission in a hotbed of anti-American sentiment, but we can assign five or six agents full time, around-the-clock, to guard Valerie Jarrett.

There is something very wrong here … a Jarrett in the woodpile, for sure.


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