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Pesky Truth is about two things: serious political writings and satirical pieces where I get to poke fun at politicians (like Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Dianne Feinstein, etc.). To visit the “making fun of” section of Pesky Truth, click SATIRE.

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The following four parts make up an exhaustive study of the effect on our daily lives if (when) an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) strikes the earth – either via a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) or from a high level nuclear explosion – the data are chilling.

Part 1: What is an EMP and why should I worry?

Part 2: How Damaging Could It Be?

Part 3: Nuclear Detonation as a Source of EMP’s

Part 4: Is There Anything We Can Do?

13-month-old Baby shot in Cold Blood  This is the story of a 17-year-old black teen who shot a baby, in a stroller, while his mother watched.

Could Your Own Car Be Used to Kill You?  This is a chilling report on how our own cars can be remotely hacked and made to crash. This is scary!  [July 1, 2013] UPDATED July 26, 2013)

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Where Was Obama?  Why won’t the White House disclose the whereabouts of our president during the Banghazi attack? Don’t we have a right to know?  [May 20, 2013]

How Do We Make Sense of Obama’s, Clinton’s and Panetta’s Actions during the Benghazi Attack?  Obama, Hillary, et al, did what was politically expedient in handling Benghazi and now are trying to cover up their botched mismanagement  [May 12, 2013]

“No one is asking you to give up your guns”  No, they’re not ASKING, they’re trying to FORCE us to give up our guns [Apr. 13, 2013]

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The Book of Progressivism  How the “progressives” determine what they’re FOR and what they’re AGAINST – it’s really very simple  [Apr. 1, 2013]

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Real life “what if” Scenarios:

You hear glass breaking … A family can’t fight back without a gun – what would YOU do?  [Jan. 30, 2013]

If a teacher had been armed … Adam Lanza could have been stopped  [Jan. 6, 2013]

Why carry a handgun?

Reason and Force  Only two ways to convince someone, reason or force  [Feb. 4, 2013]

Sandy Hook, Adam Lanza and Arming Teachers:

Adam Lanza broke the law  (by my count, 38 of them)  [Dec. 29, 2012NOTE: this post was updated with new information on April 7, 2013

Arming teachers: How it could work  This is an idea for arming (trained) teachers and how hardening schools could work to save our kids  [Dec. 28, 2012]

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Valerie Jarrett’s Strategery Will Win the Day [satire]

Obama & Bo

It’s ok Bo, go ahead an pee on the floor, I do it all the time.

The president escaped from Valerie’s confinement and was determined to show that even without her direction, he could rule the country his-own-self.

But he had to hurry. He knew that he only had a few minutes before she and Bo tracked him down and she reattached his GPS ankle bracelet. He’d learned too late that Bo wasn’t really a family pet; he was a Barack-retriever. Barry couldn’t hide anywhere – Bo would find him and Valerie would punish him again. His nipples still hurt from his last escapade.

Luckily he spied one of his advisors, Gus Undheit, in the mall and pulled him aside. He was so proud of having thought up a solution for the ISIS problem and the Southern border all in one fell swoop, he just had to tell someone, Gus would have to do.

Ooh, ooh, Gus I’ve got it.” Barry was almost giddy. He’d had a real bona fide original thought (and those were rare) and he just had to tell someone!

Here’s what we’ll do, we’ll intercept those Guatermelons and Honderasses and Niggeragwas people before they get to the border. We’ll blindfold them and fly them to Saudi Arabia and help them cross the border into Iraq’s Anbar province. We’ll tell them they’re crossing the border into Texas. They’ll never know the difference!

That way they’ll overwhelm ISIS’s benefit and welfare and education systems and cause a taxpayer revolt among the ISISians, and they’ll fold.”

Gus wasn’t impressed. Sir, you don’t understand … er, sorry, I misspoke – I meant that ISIS is not as welcoming as we are, they may even harm the refugees. And since they won’t be here, the new undocumented citizens won’t be able to vote for democrats. Remember, that’s why we invited them in the first place.

But, can’t we just have them fill out absentee ballots first?

Before Gus could answer, Barry felt something sniffing around the back of his pants leg and knew that he’d been caught. He turned, expecting to see Bo.

But it wasn’t Bo, it was Valerie and in a flash, he was cuffed again. “Drat.”

Bo was sitting a couple of feet away, watching, dog-smirking at the ineptitude of his so-called “master” and slowly wagging his tail back and forth. “What a dumbass,” he thought.

Barry knew what came next. “Heel” was Valerie’s command and dutifully, both Obama and Bo followed her back to the family quarters, walking on either side as trained dogs do. Bo was fine, but Barry was shivering in his Johnson & Murphy loafers, leaking little drops of urine along the way. He knew he was in trouble.

Michelle was waiting with her paddle at the ready. Barry dropped his presidential trousers and lay across the bed, steeling himself for what he knew was coming next.

WHACK uhhh WHACK uhhh WHACK ohhh WHACK “Ohhh please stop, he sobbed.” Michelle handed the paddle to Valerie, “It’s your turn Val, give him a few more.”Obama’s half-tan bottom was beginning to glow a beet red. WHACK aaiiiyyyeee WHACK “please, no more.” WHACK arrggg WHACK.

The noise from the spirited paddling echoed throughout the President’s Bedroom. Now the whacking and cries gave way to the President of the United States quietly sobbing into a pillow.

Don’t you EVER do that again.” Valerie had made it clear that he could not escape her wrath. Michelle was looking on, smiling; she had a sadistic streak and loved to see Barack humiliated – especially by VJ.

By now, Barry’s butt was glowing – so red it could light a cigarette – God help them if he farted … an incendiary WHOOSH could char and blacken the wallpaper and that might be hard to explain.

Valerie was pleased to see small wisps of steam coming from Barry’s buttocks. “Pull your pants up and come with me,” she commanded. “That’ll learn him,” she thought.


Michelle and Barry sat down at a table in the President’s Private Sitting Room while Valerie locked the doors. She needed super-ultra-double secret conditions for what she was about to reveal.

“I’ve got a new program for you to introduce, it’s brilliant. It’ll benefit every political faction – every one – even Republicans. It’ll appeal to women and men alike and to all races – in short, it’ll appeal to all adult voters and it’s guaranteed to win us a third term.”

She walked to a flip-chart and flipped over the cover page. There was only one word on the page.


The president looked confused, “wha, what the heck is “obamrepair”?

“It’s Obamacare for home appliances,” announced VJ proudly.

Barry was struck dumb (perhaps that should be struck dumbER).

Obviously, he did not comprehend. He was speechless; his face displayed no indication of brain activity. He was now in a blue screen error condition. He was still red on his bottom end, now blue at his top end, damn shame he wasn’t white in the middle – he might have at least looked American.

Michelle understood the concept and clapped her hands gleefully. “What a great idea!”

“Everybody needs appliance care and you can’t just throw the washer or dryer in the back of your Mercedes and take it to your friendly repair clinic, you need house calls. And those are expensive!”

“That’s right Michelle, and poor disadvantaged voters can’t afford it. We’ll have emergency outpatient clinics for toasters and coffee makers and make house calls for washers and dryers.”

“Everyone who doesn’t have coverage will benefit and we’ll even cover senior appliances too. We can cover substance abuse – like when Shaniqua pours a gallon of paint in a washer or when little D’marcus tries dry out his hamster in the dryer.” VJ was encouraged by Michelle’s enthusiastic response, so she went on …

“We’ll set up a new Obamrepair Marketplace website, just like the old one so everyone can quickly and easily sign up and we can offer subsidies to low income families so they can cover their appliances too.”

“We can keep co-pays and deductibles low so a catastrophic dishwasher stoppage won’t break a family. Some out-of-plan repairs, like hairdryers and pasta makers, will be included so they won’t have to be paid out-of-pocket.”

“And hand-me-down appliances can be covered on their parent’s plan until a child reaches the age of 26!”

“And Barack can promise to save a family over $2,500 in the first year and guarantee that they’ll be able to keep their existing stove and oven. Period”

“Barack … Barack … are you listening?”

It was obvious that the lights were on, but no one was home. He obviously needed a reboot. Valerie reached over and slapped the president a few more times … hard. Something inside his head rattled.

Slowly, his eyes rolled, spinning like a slot machine and finally stopped on lemon-lemon. He was slowly coming back.

“I,I,I,I,ME,ME,ME …”Another couple of slaps.

“Present” was all he said.

At last, our fearless “leader” was back, ready to meet any challenge, vanquish any foe, syrup any pancake.

Barack was back. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! The Jabberwocky was back!

And now we, the 317,000,000 citizens of these United States, can once again sleep soundly knowing that our fate is firmly in the grasp of this partier, this golfer, this fund raiser extraordinaire, and that he will stop at nothing to assure our peace and prosperity.

Right. And if you believe that ………

Don’t miss the next exciting chapter when Barry gets together with Bill Clinton to try to figure out what the definition of ISIS is.


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Could Obama pass a Top Secret security clearance?

Top secret and people

With the experience of an obviously unqualified Barack Obama all too fresh in the nation’s memory, just what qualifications should a president have, at a minimum, to sit in the Oval Office?

We all have our own opinions. We believe that certain traits and capabilities should be present, but for this post, I’m going to concentrate on one specific qualification – and that is the ability to be granted a Top Secret security clearance.

I know that this sounds ludicrous, but shouldn’t our president be required to pass a top secret security clearance?

Isn’t it important to be assured that the Commander-in-Chief of our military and the chief executive of our United States has no hidden secrets that could be used to blackmail him or her? And shouldn’t we be certain that our president doesn’t have a history of association with anti-American or subversive factions?

That question has always stuck in my craw since I don’t believe that Barack Obama could have passed an “ordinary” Top Secret security investigation. Don’t believe me? I stumbled onto a government security application form back around 2008 and answered the questions based on what I knew about Barack Obama. He would have failed. Follow along and I’ll prove that statement.

First, what sort of access requires a Top Secret security clearance?

Individuals with a Top Secret clearance have access to information or material that could be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security if it was released without authorization.

Wouldn’t that describe the president’s access?

It follows then that we should REQUIRE that candidates for the presidency pass a background check in order to be considered for participation in a presidential election. The appropriate form to be filled out is the OPM Form 86, Questionnaire for National Security Positions.

While I’d like to show the full form 86 here, it is 121 pages long, so I’ll just select a few questions to make my point.

For anyone who is interested in seeing the full actual form, be aware that it is a LARGE fillable .pdf and (depending on your connection) may take a full minute or more to load. Here’s a link:


Here are your instructions: Read the questions carefully and answer them as Barack Obama would – know full well that there WILL be an exhaustive investigation and every answer will be verified. It would not be wise to lie on the questionnaire. Misrepresentation on the form is a felony and could be punishable by fines and up to 5 years imprisonment.

There are several questions that could be troublesome for Obama. I’m not staking out a position on any of these specific items, I’ll leave it to each individual to determine how Obama’s public information might pass muster or might cause a concern warranting additional investigation.

A seminal question: His place of birth was a questionable issue leading up to the 2008 election, and as such, would have required a satisfactory answer. Remember that Obama released a “Certificate of Live Birth” just before the 2008 election. It was immediately subjected to analysis with some labeling it as a “fake.”

Assuming that the same document would have been provided to an investigating authority, and being aware of the accusations, it could have been subject to in-depth examination before the 2008 election. It also would have been entirely appropriate for the investigating team to demand to view the “original” at the Department of Health archives in Hawaii.

Exactly what they would have found is conjecture based on one’s stance on the Obama “birther” issue.

Section 4: Social Security number. It’s been reported that Obama’s SSN won’t pass the E-Verify system. I know that there has been a lot of talk about how it was registered to someone else and that it doesn’t have the proper number prefix. I’m not addressing those accusations, only the fact that I personally saw what was believed to be his SSN fail the E-Verify program and return a message that it was an invalid SSN.

This is likely a minor item assuming that what was entered wasn’t his real, true number, although if the SSN does turn out to be an invalid number, it would prompt additional investigation.

Section 10: Dual/Multiple Citizenship and Foreign Passport. If you are (or were) a citizen of the U.S. and another country, provide the name of that other country. A document from an Indonesian school shows him identified as an Indonesian citizen (and his religion as Islam). This one also may just be noise and likely wouldn’t prevent the issuance of a clearance, but could require some investigation in the “other” country.

Section 10.2: Have you EVER been issued a passport by a country other than the U.S.? Enter passport information (country of origin and number). Some have stated that Obama had an Indonesian passport, which may or may not be true; it is unknown what he used for his trip to Pakistan. Just having a passport from another country isn’t, by itself, a problem.

Section 14: Selective Service Record. Have you registered with the SSS? Provide registration number. This is another murky area in Barry’s past. There are conflicting stories about the validity of the draft card that he provided as proof of having registered. Again, if the documentation can be supported, there may not be a problem, if not, more in-depth investigation is called for.

The next question is one where Obama has serious vulnerability.

Section 16: Provide extensive contact information for three people that you know well. How would Frank Marshall Davis (a Communist Party USA member having a 601 page file with the FBI and was under surveillance for over 19 years), Jerimiah Wright (black theology proponent who made statements against the U.S.), and Bill Ayers (Weather Underground member and an admitted bomber) fare when investigated as Obama’s “friends.”

I wonder what the security investigators would think about Obama’s association with those pillars of society.

And be aware that those specified three people aren’t the only ones that they’ll interview; they’re just a starting point. Obama has ties to many folks who will not be viewed as “friendly patriots” by investigators. Those three will lead to others, who will lead to others, etc.

Section 18: Relatives. Obama might have listed his father (a Kenyan), and his seven half-siblings from his Kenyan father’s family. That will take the investigation to Kenya and expose his father’s drinking and multiple wives. The problem with family problems is that it could expose the applicant to extortion and blackmail to keep those family problems quiet. It is yet another vulnerability.

Section 23: Illegal use of drugs and drug activity. Though perhaps not within the seven years specified in the questionnaire, the fact that he admitted to doing marijuana and cocaine while in school might warrant an investigator digging a little deeper.

Here is another where Obama is especially vulnerable.

Section 29: Association Record. 1) New Party – There is documented evidence of Obama’s membership in the Democratic Socialists of America-offshoot New Party. The New Party was also communistic in its operation and Obama worked side-by-side with known communists while a community organizer. 2) ACORN – founded by Wade Rathke, a former member of SDS (Students for a Democratic Society), ACORN was a leftist community organization accused of militant tactics that Obama worked closely with on several projects as well as representing them as their attorney.

There are a whole bevy of other groups who counted Obama as a member or supporter, and would be, as a rule, considered un-American.


Recognizing that I’ve only touched on a few areas that could prove troublesome for Obama, any answer that raises a flag for the vetting team requires more in-depth investigation and there are several (in my opinion) that would prevent a Top Secret clearance from being issued to B. Hussein Obama and thus prevent him from running for president.

While I was in the Air Force, I had a Secret clearance (not a Top Secret) and investigators even interviewed the neighbors in my parent’s neighborhood! I can’t speak for today, but at least back then, they were deadly serious about security clearances.

I maintain that our vetting (or lack thereof) of the president, our CEO, our Commander-in-Chief as it’s currently practiced is total LUNACY.

We go to great lengths to investigate anyone who is going to be privy to the country’s most highly guarded equipment and information, yet we give a free pass to an uninvestigated political operative who is almost assuredly a professional liar (aren’t all politicians?) and wants to be our president.


Supposedly the vetting of a candidate is done by the nominee’s political party and the Secretary of State in each state where the candidate will be on the ballot. It is plain that the presidential nominee satisfies the political party’s desires for a winner over and above anything else and I’d be amazed if little foibles in the nominee’s background wouldn’t be ignored or covered up in favor of a winning political package. I believe that the DNC saw Obama as that “ideal” candidate and would have done anything to cover or hide anything that could have been considered detrimental, like perhaps, where he was born?

Right. Great job guys! You really picked a winner! Just look at how Obama has improved life in these United States!

I’d love to see the information accumulated by the detailed “investigations” that were performed in order for Barack Obama to become the 2008 presidential candidate.

H/T to shycommenter for giving me the idea for this post!



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A Gowdy-Palooza

Most conservatives appreciate Rep. Trey Gowdy’s (R-SC) honest, plain talk about issues. With six years as a federal prosecutor under his belt (he never lost a case), he is a dogged interviewer and is never detoured from his line of questioning by someone who thinks him/herself to be cleverer than Dowdy.

An arrogant subject is more apt to be drawn and quartered by Rep. Dowdy rather than be able to deflect him from his determined path to the truth.

Many of us have been waiting with that proverbial bated breath for news of the coming Benghazi hearings. Yesterday, we got a few sprinkles of what to expect when Catherine Herridge interviewed Rep. Dowdy for Fox News. See the full article here.

When asked about who might be called to testify, he replied in his usual brusque manner, “Either talk to all of them, or concede you are not interested in getting all the facts.”

Asked if the scope would extend to other current and former government and Congressional figures, including presidential adviser Ben Rhodes, former UN ambassador Susan Rice, and group Beacon Global Strategies, Gowdy replied, “how can I run an investigation and at the end say that it was thorough and complete and fact-centric and fair if I began to rule out people that we’re going to talk to?”

While the committee, which now stands at 13 staff, but should reach its target of 20 by September, is focused on a detailed timeline to identify gaps in the facts, Gowdy said he believes closed or private depositions of witnesses as opposed to open hearings would provide the most information.

“Five minutes has proven time and time again to be an inadequate amount of time to get to the truth,” Gowdy explained. “I’m certainly not good enough in five minutes to unlock all the mysteries in the world. I might not be doing five hours but I would rather use whatever investigatory tool allows me the most amount of time with a witness or potential witness and I think that will be depositions as opposed to public hearings.”

Asked whether he wants Hillary Clinton to testify, Gowdy said, “I want everyone who has access to relevant information, and it is, I think, impossible to argue that the secretary of State at the time would not have access to relevant information…”

Finally, we will get some answers that we can believe, brought to us by one of the few of the “people’s representatives” in Washington, D.C. that we can believe.

One more tidbit of information that bodes well for Gowdy’s likability. He has three dogs (anyone with three dogs can’t be all bad) and they’re named: “Judge,” “Jury,” and “Bailiff.”

I’d love for him to announce just after questioning Hillary that he’s getting one more dog and going to name him “Warden.”

Until then, here are a few examples of Rep. Dowdy’s work – a brief portfolio, as it were, of some of his latest hits.

An editorial comment: if you’re tight for time or if you’d rather not watch Gowdy in action for right under 20 minutes, DO NOT MISS the last 44 seconds of the last video – it really illustrates what we conservatives want to see in our elected representatives – patriotism.


  • Gowdy on IRS: Americans agree the government should tell us the truth (1:09)


  • Gowdy on IRS: Questioning IRS head Koskinen: How do you know no criminal act occurred? (5:54)


  • Gowdy Presses IRS Commissioner Koskinen (again) on Investigation (5:42)


  • Rep. Gowdy Questions DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson on Executive Overreach (6:32). NOTE: Gowdy really unloads on the Executive Branch on non-enforcement of the laws right at the end of this one. It’s down around the 5:48 mark. If you’re pressed for time, at least view those last 44 seconds. That alone is worth the price of admission.

Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) Gotta love him, thanks South Carolina!



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Impeach Obama? How would you vote – and why?

Impeach Obama bumper sticker

Like all of you other political junkies, I’ve been reading a lot of articles and comments about impeachment – it seems they’re everywhere lately.

I’ve absorbed the pros and cons and mulled them in my own mind and come to my own personal conclusion – which I’ll reveal later. In this piece, I’m looking for your input, your reasoning for or against impeachment – and if you believe that it is warranted, consider the timing.

Let’s face it, neither you nor I are able to actually cast a vote, but we do have opinions and we can speak our mind on the issue.

My thoughts on Obama’s impeachment (it warms my heart to see those two words together) has evolved over the last six months.

First, a little background. I began following B. Hussein Obama back in 2007 when he began campaigning for the presidency. I did a lot of research and came to the conclusion that he was neither qualified for nor capable of handling the most difficult job on the planet. So, I am confessing that I’ve been against him from the outset.

Using Obama’s favorite rhetorical device (a straw-man argument), let me say that some will immediately call me “racist.” So be it. Just know that his background and history is what turned me against him, not the color of his skin. But I expect to be called a racist since Obama and his sycophants have used the racist label to denigrate comments, statements, and individuals regardless of whether there was truly racism present or not. They use the term as a defense, it is their armor; a shield to deflect anything negative by labeling it as being “racist” and thereby not worthy of consideration.

The racist card has been so overplayed that it has lost its impact. The “boy cried wolf” too often. So, if you are one of those who is still reading anything that is negative to Obama through those racist glasses, good luck, because you are deluding yourself.

Throughout his two terms, I’ve watched Obama denigrate the United States and our Constitution, apologize for our country’s actions, and without apparent concern, circumvent the intent of our founders and ignore the equality of our three branches of government.

He has ignored his oath of office and avoided any real negotiation with Congress on legislation in favor of Executive Orders and departmental directives. In short, and in my opinion, he has elevated himself to the often mentioned, but never before achieved, Imperial Presidency.

And finally and perhaps most importantly, he has lied to the American people – multiple times, intentionally and without remorse. And he did so in order to pass his crowning achievement “Obamacare” and to win reelection, both serious and selfish motives.

All of Obama’s actions as well as the results therefrom (loss of jobs, high real unemployment, the rise in the number of people on welfare, our massive deficit, and our standing in the world) provide evidence that he has NOT functioned well as president and the country has not benefited from his term(s) in office. And if that weren’t enough, he even refuses to enforce our border laws and has (by his actions) encouraged thousands of aliens to enter the U.S. illegally, straining our educational and economic resources to the breaking point.

For these reasons (and many more), I would love to see him impeached.

It would be a fitting rebuff to an egotistical narcissist who believes that he knows what is best for some 316,000,000 citizens. They say “the proof is in the pudding.” And we now have the pudding chock full of proof that he is not up to the job.

So I’ve established that I want Obama out of office. I would even accept Joe Biden in his place. Frankly, Joe isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I don’t believe that Joe is intent on remaking the U.S. into a version of the European Union and I do believe that Joe loves the U.S. while I can’t say that about Obama.

OK, I want Obama impeached. But, I am pragmatic and realize that currently the democrats control the Senate, and even if the House convicts him, the Senate is extremely unlikely to remove him.

So, what would impeachment at this time accomplish? It would inflict a wound to Obama’s pride and add another “black mark” to the history of his presidency, that’s about all. But it could awaken the now unenthusiastic democrat base and perhaps prevent the Republicans from taking control of the Senate in the mid-term elections. Already we’re seeing articles deriding Republicans for even mentioning the “I” word and the democrats are using that as a fundraising tool.

Another option is to wait until after the Republicans win control of the Senate (assuming that they retain control of the House). Even then, removal from office would require a sizeable number of democrat Senators to vote along with Republicans to remove him (a shaky proposition).

A third option is to stifle the impeachment talk and work at two things: 1) Refuse funding for whatever leftist pet project he tries to implement (like giving some form of Executive Order “amnesty” to the recent 50,000 illegals that have flooded across the Texas border) and, 2) Remind the American people over and over again of Obama’s missteps and his miserable failures. The inert public needs to be constantly reminded of factual reasons that he’s been a failure, none of which were because of his race. This is my personal favorite.

The majority of the American public must be in favor of impeachment or it should not be attempted; it will only backfire on the Republican Party.

And of course, there is the “do nothing” option. Just let him and Harry Reid continue their assault on the American way of life and pray that the country survives until January of 2017.

Any other realistic suggestions are also welcome. This is an important subject that deserves debate.

So what’s your opinion? And why …

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Obama is a lazy, part-time president

[While living an extravagant lifestyle on the taxpayer’s dime.]

In all likelihood, the Presidency of the United States is the toughest job on the planet. It is an extremely demanding and sometimes thankless job, so much so that it begs the question, why would anyone want it? It’s also a time-consuming job (at least it was until Barack Obama came along). Indeed, the president’s job is a 24/7 job. When that proverbial call comes, the president must be available, no matter the hour.

While we recognize that no job is likely more stressful and some downtime is necessary to “recharge one’s batteries,” there is a limit to how much time a president can spend engrossed in non-presidential activities.

We believe that president (sic) Obama exceeds that limit especially in the area of golfing and fundraising.

His Golf Outings

Obama and golf montage

The president only played 27 times in 2009, his first year in office, including seven rounds during his vacations on Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii.

In his second year, Mr. Obama played a little more, 31 rounds.

The president played a few more in his third year, 34 rounds.

But then in 2012, something important forced the president to cut back on his leisure-time activities and devote his energies to a really important task. What could be so important that the president would forego his favorite relaxation? A terrorist attack? A California earthquake? Iran attacking Israel?

No … something more important … his reelection.

He was so busy working at getting reelected, his annual total fell to only 19 rounds in 2012, seven of which were in the two months after he won a second term.

Thus, he’s proven that he can forego golf if something important – really, really important comes along – something like getting reelected.

Not having to run for office again has given Mr. Obama a free pass to spend nearly every weekend on the golf course. Now, with his last really, really important task behind him, he is able to relax and enjoy himself. So in 2013, he really outdid himself and played a total of 48 rounds of golf.

So far in 2014, he’s played 21 rounds, and with more to come, he’ll soon eclipse the 200th round of his presidency.

We can extrapolate how much time he’s spent on the links by multiplying his typical time to shoot a round (he regularly takes 6 hours).

True, average golfers only take 4 to 4½ hours, but Obama routinely takes close to 6 hours (a glacial pace), and sometimes even more, according to this piece in the USAToday, quoting the NYT. And, we must remember that he doesn’t have to wait to tee off and it’s unlikely that he ever has to wait for a slow foursome ahead of him.

Figuring on 6 hours per round and 200 rounds, President Obama has taken about 1,200 hours out of his busy schedule to play golf.

That’s 150 8-hour days! Get that? Our president spent one hundred fifty work-days playing golf – so far - and he’s not done yet.

President Bush stopped playing golf in August, 2003 after deciding it was not appropriate to be seen playing golf while American troops fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. Until then, President Bush had played 24 rounds of golf.

Mr. Obama has shown no such deference to the optics of playing golf while the country is approaching crises level in a number of different areas, all of which desperately need attention.

For anyone who might be interested, here is a website that keeps track of every round of golf the president plays – both the date and location of each round.

His Fundraising

Obama fundraising money

Obama has hosted more fundraisers so far than the last 5 presidents … combined.

Obama is attending ANOTHER fund raiser tonight (Wednesday, July 23, 2014). He is also scheduled for several more in the next few days. He looks like he’s ramping up his efforts leading up to his extended sixteen-day vacation in Martha’s Vineyard from August 9th through the 24th.

In his first term, Obama attended more fundraising events than any other president in history. According to author Brendan J. Doherty, from 2008 to 2012 Obama went to 321 events, compared to just 80 for Ronald Reagan.  And, he’s done 72 events in his second term – 34 this year alone.

So far, he’s well ahead of the pace of George W. Bush who in his two presidential terms combined hosted a total of 318 fundraisers. Obama has already smashed that number with 395 events to date with about eighteen months to go.

Three hundred ninety-five fundraising events!

You’d think that he doesn’t have anything better to do.

Or, perhaps a better, more accurate statement would be that (outside of golf) he doesn’t think that he has anything better to do.

A Rhetorical Question: When Obama’s not fundraising or playing golf exactly what does he do?

Considering the unimaginable damage he has inflicted on the United States during his time in office, we might do well to encourage that he spend even more time fundraising and playing golf. As sorry as he is at bowling, basketball, and golf, he’s even worse as president.


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The Texas Navy

Texas has a navy? Who knew?

Well, it is a small one, but it is quite good at what it’s designed to do: slow (or stop) the unimpeded crossing of the Rio Grande River separating the U.S. from Mexico. Smugglers, both drug and human variants, have been able to cross into the U.S. without fear of being stopped by the Border Control.

They’ve used boats, jet skis, various types of water craft and floating debris to cross the river and our federal government (apparently) hasn’t been concerned with stopping them.

Enter the Texas Navy…

THP patrol boat

The black and white patrol vessels are equipped with ballistic shielding, four to six FN M240B fully automatic .30 caliber machine guns capable of a 900 RPM rate of fire. The crew members also have night vision capabilities to support night operations.

The 34-foot shallow water interceptors are manned by the DPS Tactical Marine Unit (TMU) comprised of 40 DPS troopers, whose task it is to detect, deter, and disrupt those who break state laws and endanger citizens along the Rio Grande River and the Intracoastal Waterway.

Texas DPS already has some of the best interdiction troopers in the country. It was no small task to transition these forty individuals from working primarily as individuals to being part of a tight-knit team. Teams that must prepare, deploy, execute and demobilize together successfully as a unit.

Texas Navy MTU troopers in training

In addition to their previous DPS training, members of the TMU have been thoroughly trained and certified in nautical operations of the vessels as well as tactically maneuvering of the vessels in hostile environments.

They have attended Texas Parks and Wildlife Law Enforcement Division training to be certified to conduct vessel boarding for safety inspections and they’ve undergone Marine Law Enforcement training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Georgia sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security.

The cross-department training enables the TMU units to work together in a combined effort with U.S. Border Patrol, Customs Border Protection, Texas Ranger Recon/DPS Swat, Department of Defense and other numerous local law enforcement agencies.

And, of course, the coastal TMU also works side by side with the U.S. Coast Guard. The TMU can respond to search and rescue cases along the coast as well as assist in High Interest Vessel boarding.

The Texas Navy brings a much needed boost to our Mexican border capabilities and addresses a previous untenable position of being at a disadvantage when dealing with cartel-outfitted and financed smuggling operations.

These six new boats are a shot in the arm to Texas’ border defenses.

Texas Navy gunboat

Each boat is outfitted with three 300 horsepower engines that can propel the boat to speeds of more than 65 mph – or move almost noiselessly along a waterway when stealthier operations are required. The boats can operate in as little as 22 inches of water and can turn on a dime.

Each fully outfitted boat cost approximately $580,000 and was funded by the Texas Legislature and grants from Homeland Security.

DPS purchased the boats from Bradenton, Florida-based manufacturer Yellowfin Yachts. Yellowfin modifies its 34-foot fishing boats for military and police purposes.

The Yellowfin 34 is 34’8” long, weighs 8,800 pounds, has a 10-foot beam and can handle up to 1,050 horsepower. The base price for a Yellowfin 34 is $250,000 (without propulsion), but Texas DPS militarized the vessel with necessary modifications, such as adding retractable, protective ballistic panels and four to six machine gun mounts, bringing the price up to the $580,000 level.

Texas Navy patrol vessel J D DavisThe six boats were delivered in 2012 and the Texas Navy is now fully operational. Each is named for a fallen Department of Public Safety (DPS) trooper killed in the line of duty. Pictured is the J.D. Davis, other boats are named for troopers David Rucker, Bill Davidson, Troy Hogue, Russell Boyd, and Scott Burns.

The TMU and the patrol vessels represent a significant enhancement of the state’s efforts in combating Mexican cartels and other criminal organizations transporting illegal drugs into Texas, as well as a variety of weapons, explosives and munitions southbound into Mexico.

Texas has 27 ports of entry, 1,254 miles of border with Mexico and 367 miles of coastline, making it hard to watch smugglers. The Texas leg of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, a coastal canal, extends hundreds of miles from Sabine Pass to Port Isabel.

Measuring over 267,000 square miles, the state is bigger than France and twice the size of Germany. The Yellowfin border patrol boats help shrink that coastline for the Texas DPS’ Tactical Marine Units.

Now, with the Texas Navy out in full force, they’re sending a forceful message to the Mexican cartels: “Don’t Mess with Texas.”

Rick Perry on Texas Navy gunboat

At left is a photo-op that president (sic) Obama missed (you know how he hates photo-ops anyway).

It shows Governor Rick Perry in a ride-along in one of the state’s Texas Navy’s patrol boats. On the far left you can just make out Sean Hannity who was also on the Texas border interviewing Gov. Perry for his television show.

Governor Perry looks the part of a real leader here, totally immersed and intent on solving a problem  that is his responsibility as Governor. Unfortunately president (sic) Barack Obama was too busy to visit the border during his Texas fund-raising trip, so he wasn’t aboard – he “missed the boat” so to speak.

As a matter of fact, Obama isn’t on board for anything that doesn’t include rubbing shoulders with wealthy democrat contributors, hobnobbing with Hollywood celebrities, vacationing or playing golf.

He does seem to have an aversion to doing his job – the job the American people hired him to do. Oh well, he probably would just have been in the way anyway.

But then, on the other hand, he might have fallen overboard …



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The Barack Obama Question: Incompetence or Ignorance?

Obama at teleprompterI’m going to approach the question about Barack Obama’s intelligence and/or incompetence from another perspective.

Short of seeing his college records, intelligence tests, etc., we really don’t have any objective measure of “the smartest president evah” claim. His sycophants are quick to label him as “highly intelligent” and they do this based on his eloquence – i.e., his public speaking. And he is quite good at delivering the words that scroll by on his teleprompter.

But he can’t answer real questions, on-the-fly, contemporaneously, without the benefit of others feeding him answers.

He can answer some questions, like comparing Kobe and LeBron, but how would fare if instead, there were tough questions that coming from an expert questioner like say, Rep. Trey Gowdy?

Of course, we all know that he would rather tell Michelle “yes, Pookie, that dress DOES make your ass look big” (a suicidal act), than submit to questions from a tough questioner, like Gowdy.

But as long as he controls the public’s access to what he says or writes, we only see and hear what he allows us to see or hear. The media only reports on his successes (few) and buries his failures (too many to mention).

One of our partners-in-crime here at N&F (the esteemed Grouchy) recently sent us a link to White House salaries. The website listed 456 people along with their title and salary. Scanning through the list, one can’t help but notice how many advisors there are – many are apparently specialists in a particular discipline (based on their titles).

Honestly, I didn’t count them, but the list is 21 pages long and I’m estimating that there were approximately 50 or 60 with advisor in their titles.

The point is, president Obama doesn’t have to KNOW anything – he’s got people to research the answers. He’s got people to estimate and forecast the ramifications of various options and assign probabilities of success or failure. His people also know his philosophical perspectives and, no doubt provide a summation based on his political leanings. It’s likely that all he has to do is choose an option from a multiple-choice menu of actions.

Larry, Moe or Curly could answer a question or arrive at a solution to a problem given all of the support that is available to Obama. You or I could do (at least) as well as Obama given all of the advisory horsepower at his disposal. He doesn’t need to BE smart to APPEAR smart.

And yet, this supposedly “smartest guy in the room,” has consistently made awful decisions. He’s been defeated TWENTY times by unanimous Supreme Court rulings – and note that those unanimous rulings include two of his own appointees.

He’s made a series of blunders, including his bald-faced lies about keeping plans and doctors under Obamacare and saving $2,500. I’m sure that he wouldn’t have made those claims if he KNEW that he’d get caught and would be held responsible for a series of outright lies. Even the left-leaning Washington Post gave Obama the dubious award for telling the “Lie of the year” in 2013 – actually that’s a single award for multiple lies.

The disproven Benghazi video story HAD to have been approved by him and his decision to release five terrorists from Guantanamo has met with negative reactions from the public. And now, most are blaming him for the flood of illegals coming into the country (and rightfully so). And if all of that weren’t bad enough, what about leaving Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi to languish in a Mexican prison cell for over three months – without lifting a finger to intercede?

A simple telephone call from the president could work wonders for Sgt. Tahmooressi as well as the flood of illegals coming through our porous Southern border. Why no pressure on Mexico to resolve either problem?

There are too many specifics to list here, but it is catching up to him as his approval numbers are now below George Bush’s and polls show that a majority of Americans feel that the country would have been better off if Romney had been elected.

So, the question remains, how could a supposedly highly intelligent Obama screw things up so badly even though he is supported by a sizeable staff of well-paid, smart people whose only job is to help him make informed decisions?

My hypothesis is that he is an idiot savant. For those of you in Rio Linda:

Id-i-ot sa-vant: a mentally defective person with an exceptional skill or talent in a special field, for example, a highly developed ability to give a speech while reading from a teleprompter.

That would explain everything. No doubt, his army of advisors brings him realistic options complete with pros and cons, but his mentally defective intellect precludes him from taking their reasoned advice and so the mentally defective makes a unilateral decision – and, as usual, it sucks.

Additionally, I think that a combination of his narcissism and his bevy of “yes” men prevent him from understanding when he screws up. How could that be? The infallible, prodigious, intellect made a mistake? It cannot be.

I think that it’s not within Obama’s ability to process his own failure. He has said that he only learns about events from “mainstream” media. If it’s not in the liberal newspapers, he doesn’t know about it – and of course, that’s the last place that any problems attributable to the president will appear.

So he strolls briskly down the pathway to being the “worst president in U.S. history” and hasn’t a clue about his travel. Right now, he’s about two clicks below “poor” and hustling on down the road towards “crap.”

But his direction of travel is not new, he’s been barely adequate (at best) in all of his previous jobs. As a president, he’s far from adequate; he’d have to improve to achieve poor.

Finally, to summarize, I believe that Barack Hussein Obama is both ignorant and incompetent. He is too ignorant to comprehend his incompetence, and he is too incompetent to recognize his ignorance.

It’s time to start counting the days ‘till he’s gone.

(928 days, or 22,272 hours, or 1,336,320 minutes, or 80,179,200 seconds).

It can’t come soon enough.


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