Auctioneer Congressman Shuts Down House Hearing Protester

From Benny Johnson, 9-5-18, at The Daily Caller

This wasn’t at the Kavanaugh hearings, but it’s well worth listening to Rep. Long’s performance.

A protester interrupted a hearing on social media censorship in the House of Representatives Wednesday by standing up and shouting about Twitter and President Trump.

The woman shouted over Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who was testifying about censoring conservatives and other political voices on the platform, as well as congressmen and others testifying, while she filmed herself. The chairman of the committee, Rep. Greg Walden, called for police to remove the protester. But one member of congress had another idea.

Missouri Congressman Billy Long, who also happens to be a former auctioneer, began spitting fire, giving a fast-talking auction and pointing at the audience. When the protester was finally removed and Long finished his expertly delivered auction, the audience erupted in applause.


Now that is what you say to protestors….as they’re being escorted from the room.  Without a doubt one of the best responses we’ve seen from a Congressman.

“I yield back.” That’s priceless. Too bad he’s not at the confirmation hearings.


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  1. That guy was awesome! I agree – he needs to be at the Kavanaugh hearings.

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  2. LOL – I can’t decide if he reverted to a place of ‘security’ OR if he just has a somewhat off-center sense of humor.


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