Breitbart vs. The Old Media


by Brian Cates


I’m old enough to remember where all there was were 3 broadcast channels, one big UHF channel, some big newspapers, Time, Newsweek and a few other magazines, and that was it. Those were the days of the Old Media.

Early on in my watching and reading of the Old Media, one of the first things that struck me was how UNIFORM they were in their presentation of current events, political issues, and cultural issues…

Over 50% of graduating high school students were demonstrated not to have even a basic grasp of American history or the country’s cultural foundations. They could not list any of their inalienable rights found in the Constitution, for example. If you don’t know what your rights and liberties are, you have no idea when they are being taken from you by the State. ..

Progressives have to attack the entire concept of American Exceptionalism because the very idea of a Constitutional Republic and its uniqueness in preserving and protecting the rights and liberties of the individual citizen against the powers of the State is an anathema to Progressive Utopian aims.

The Old Media presented themselves as watchdogs who would protect ordinary Americans from those in power by uncovering corruption and revealing attacks on the rights and freedoms of all Americans by those in government.

Here was the problem.., the Old Media (was) no longer neutral and giving all voices a say in the public square.. (C)ulture, news and politics was covered only from the Left point of view…

(I)n 2008, after the long, involved love affair between Barack Obama and the Old Media, any claims to objectivity between cultural and political views are absurd…

Breitbart’s message was: If the Old Media won’t do its professed job and protect the individual citizen and his or her rights and liberties from the overweening power of the Utopians in the Progressive movement who are threatening those rights from Washington and elsewhere, then we need a New Media.

Of course, Progressivism is represented in the New Media as well as the Old. There are plenty of blogs and websites devoted to the Progressive point of view on popular culture, current events and politics…

But …there’s no way to screen out or silence Conservatives like they could with the Old Media. Now they have to contend with talk radio, Fox News, and dozens upon dozens of influential and popular Conservative websites. Instead of one smothering viewpoint coming nonstop, people actually have alternative viewpoints to choose from…

The difference now is that Conservatives can use the New Media to talk back…

Even before he assumed the powerful office of the Presidency, Barack Obama openly complained about the ‘severe’ limitations placed on Federal power by the US Constitution. As if that wasn’t the whole point of having the Constitution to start with…

They understand full well the entire Constitutional Republic was deliberately set up to thwart any attempt at the very Utopian central planning they want for the country. The group must ALWAYS come before the individual… To ‘transform’ it adequately to meet their aims, individual rights must be subsumed to the interests of the State. It’s the only way…

But here comes the snag. Many Americans don’t want to give up their Constitutional rights and liberties to satisfy some insane Progressive vision of Utopia.

Any responsible media would be siding with the citizens against a State that wants to take away their rights and liberties.

Breitbart ceaselessly pointed out: THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE OLD MEDIA REFUSED TO DO… They instead became attack dogs for their friends in the State, going after anyone who did try to sound the alarm.

Breitbart and others were not going to stand for this… He was controversial, combative, and confrontational when facing the Old Media horde and the mobs that support it… American citizens need a watchdog against the State to protect what makes this country great and exceptional. And if the Old Media wouldn’t do that job, he’d help build and inspire others to build a New one…

He was passionate about freedom and liberty. While those who want to tear America down … always seemed to be yelling the loudest and most passionately, I remember a man who was just as passionate and yelled back just as loudly.

And he’s gone now. Far too soon…

(Yet) the New Media is up and running… No longer will a captive populace be spoon-fed the narratives and memes prepared for it … using their media puppets.

Now they’ll have to fight for it.., openly declare what… their real agenda is.., (and) tell the American people what rights and liberties they would have to surrender to achieve the proposed Utopia they are offering…

Breitbart hurt them deeply.., and they know it. He’s put their entire decades-long enterprise in jeopardy. He might have caused enough Americans to wake up to the danger…

I AM ANDREW BREITBART. The real revolution lives on.


My wife and I were blessed to have seen Andrew Breitbart speak back in the TEA Party days. What was scheduled as a one hour talk became a 3 hour rant that only ended because his voice physically failed him.

He was a dynamic, fervent speaker of truth as he saw it.

He was also quite clever, building both the Drudge Report and Huffington Post websites as a founding partner before moving on.

All of us who post here on TPT, have a touch of Andrew Breitbart coursing thru our veins.

This is the anniversary of his physical death, yet he lives on the ideas and energy of all of us who continue the fight for liberty and our constitutional Republc!



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5 replies

  1. His death was a loss for the conservative movement.


  2. “This is the anniversary of his physical death, yet he lives on the ideas and energy of all of us who continue the fight for liberty and our constitutional Republc!”

    Well said, Curtis.

    The power of the press cannot be overstated. It truly is the Fourth Estate, as powerful as our legitimate branches of government when it comes to its ability to influence the minds of the voters and to manipulate the distribution of information. No matter what steps a populace takes to secure its liberty, the evil Left will always try to use the press to circumvent those protections. People like Andrew Breitbart are the leaders who step forward to lead the battle against the enemies of freedom. All patriots need a little Breitbart in them.


  3. I am at war with the mainstream media because they portray themselves as objective observers of reality, when they’re no such thing. They’re partisan critical theory hacks… They have nothing but contempt for the American people. – Andrew Breitbart

    We could really use more Andrew Breitbarts with such plain-spoken honesty.

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  4. Yes, but the changes would have begun sooner. We might not have needed a disruptor like Trump to attempt to turn the tide, because we would have had Breitbart, Bannon, & the like. I’m pretty certain that the curtain of hypocrisy in the MSM would have been pulled back sooner.

    Even with Trump, the criminality is still rampant, though I’m hopeful that will begin changing soon.


  5. I wonder what things would be like today had he not died…any changes?

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