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  1. Speaking “semi-professionally” (I worked on the gero-psychiatriac medical ward at Western State Hospital in Steilacoom Washington for 5 years) I will state categorically that Mrs Pelosi is the one who desperately NEEDS intervention.

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    • Have you worked with Korsakoff’s Sydrome? Pelosi is classic.


      • Worked mostly with the physical side of things. We had what we called “3-time losers” They were
        1. Old – mostly above 70.
        2. Physically ill or debilitated. and
        3. Mentally impaired.

        When I interviewed for my job as a Medical Claims Adjudicator for Labor and Industries my interviewer said “This is a high-stress job. Tell me about stress at your last job” I responded with “Well, last week I held the hands of two people while they died”. Marney responded with “Ahhhh. This is a low stress job” (She lied)


  2. Good one, tannngl!! Mark Levin said it the best – ‘You don’t sit down to work out a deal with someone who just accused you of a crime.’

    She said that Trump needs an intervention, for the good of the country of course. Clearly she’s the one in need of an intervention. The old bat can’t even form a complete sentence and the slurring suggests health issues.

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  3. That’s a great tweet, tannngl.

    I love the juxtaposition between this continuation of Pelosi and the Left’s phony crusade vs. Trump’s order to release of the actual documentation of the Left’s real schemes and criminal behavior.

    Pelosi is a sly devil, much like Obama. She gave the all-Democrat media and the sheep their code-word talking points when she made sure to repeat the phrase “cover up” multiple times in her little orchestrated presser the other day. Anyone who thinks the Left isn’t cunning doesn’t understand who they are.

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  4. Whenever Nancy & Company accuse someone of something, I’m confident that is what they are guilty of…. it’s adding up into a big, ugly, stinky pile. I, for one, would not want to answer for that mess.

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    • Indeed! And you can look back over the last 10 years and watch that same paranoid projection used against conservatives by leftists. #CommunistTactics.

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      • Actually, I’ve been thinking those were Nazi tactics… It’s been a while since I looked at Mein Kamph, but I could have sworn that it covered ‘big lies being more believable’ as well as projection… Must investigate this.

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  5. Kettle calling the kettle black again. All they do is project what they’ve done onto Trump and the sponge brains will believe them.

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