Jim Acosta Had a Bad Day on Wednesday

First came the official announcement that he’s banned from the White House,


Then came the moment when the Secret Service took away his press pass,


So to sum it up in one meme, there’s this.


Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy. 😀


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  1. Trump has been very patient with this clown. But right is right. Glad he’s gone. Now, what idiot will CNN send?


  2. This clown has no idea what an A-hole he is. He has the giant ego of your typical liberal, and like so many of his kind he’s full of false notions about his own intellectual and moral superiority.

    I don’t have a problem with the WH taking away the press privileges of reporters who can’t behave themselves or who come to grandstand instead of doing what they’re supposed to do as reporters (i.e. ask questions and report the answers); however, I think Trump missed another opportunity to use this guy’s impertinence to persuade Americans and to showcase the traitorous nature of the Left. Trump has both common sense and the will of the American people on his side, so if I were in his shoes I would have taken Acosta on (AFTER taking the mic away) and held him up as an example of the anti-American Left. He could point out that the reason we have 20 MILLION illegals living in the U.S. is because of people like Acosta who turn their backs on their own country and shame us for the simple act of protecting our borders like every other country in the world does. Trump could point out that he’s doing what a POTUS is supposed to do, unlike past POTUS’s who were more interested in being liked by the outsiders than in doing their jobs and protecting Americans. A “caravan” of thousands, unvetted and uninvited, determined to thwart our laws, is an invasion. That’s how most Americans see it, and Acosta and his ilk are the ones who are outside of the mainstream. As POTUS Trump has an awesome power that no one else has and that’s the use of the bully pulpit. Yelling at Acosta to “sit down” and calling him names might be red meat for his base but it does nothing to bring his detractors to his way of thinking, and we desperately need to educate people right now.

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    • Yes, Acosta is a butthead and has been needling Trump for months trying to get Trump to blow a gasket on live TV, so that Jim the juvie can jump in front of the camera and say ‘See? He’s not fit to be president.’

      Trump does miss a lot of opportunities to seize the moment and paint the bigger picture for Americans, but sadly that’s not the way he operates. This thing with Acosta, as well as Alicia-whats-her-name has been going on for so long, that by now just seeing them pushes Trump’s buttons. That being the case, I imagine he’s using all his self-control just to listen to Jim’s idiotic essay-questions.

      Had both Trump and Sarah set some boundaries for the press early on, much of this could have been avoided. If they have legit questions, then ask them, but if their purpose is to nitpick at word choices, then move along.

      This incident also serves as notice to the others in the press pool – if they follow Jim’s path, they could be next to get the boot.

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  3. 😂😂😂😂😂 still winning!

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