The Liberal Mob Must Be Stopped in November

By Derek Hunter, 10-21-18, at Townhall:

Something has happened to the Democratic Party, something dramatic and awful. It wasn’t that long ago that the Democratic Party liked the United States, and its members weren’t afraid to say it. Now saying positive things about the country will get you run out of the party and possibly attacked by a mob. Their media minions will cheer it all. And, if things go as expected next month, these people could retake the House of Representatives. These people in power should scare everyone.

There is nothing they won’t do to win, no lie they won’t tell, and no norm they won’t obliterate. The last few days alone provided us with many examples to demonstrate this very thing.

This week saw liberals obsessed with the disappearance, and now we know murder, of Jamal Khashoggi. The obsession was not over how he was killed, despotic governments kill their citizens all the time and no one bats an eye, it was a combination of two things – his job and the opportunity to attack President Trump.

Khashoggi was billed as a journalist, but he was more of a columnist. Either way, if he had any other job you never would have heard his name. But journalists love stories about journalism the way Hollywood loves movies about the movie business. Add in the ability to blame his murder on the President’s criticism and you’ve got the perfect media storm. And Democrats were more than happy to jump on board.

First, let me just say that I don’t care. I know you’re not supposed to say this, but I’m not interested in lying to you. It’s sad that a man was murdered, but it happens all the time. No one’s profession makes them special. He wasn’t an American and it wasn’t in this country, so I don’t care.

More importantly, I’m not interested in destroying or even damaging our relationship with Saudi Arabia over this. Our relationship as a nation is much more important than one of their citizens, even if he wrote for the Washington Post.

Democrats know this, yet they’re out calling for sanctions and worse. Why? Because they see a political advantage in it.

President Trump has been rightly critical of the media in this country because they’re terrible, biased in every way and have gotten so many stories wrong or simply lied about his administration. His words, however, had nothing to do with what happened to Khashoggi in Turkey. You’d never know that from watching our media.

Half the personalities on MSNBC flat-out blamed the President for inspiring the murder, and at least one idiot Democratic Congressman, Joaquin Castro, said he’d read “reporting that Jared Kushner may have, with U.S. intelligence, delivered a hit list, an enemies list, to the crown prince, to MBS, in Saudi Arabia and that the prince may have acted on that, and one of the people he took action against is Mr. Khashoggi.”

This is horribly irresponsible and evil. It’s also just how desperate to regain power Democrats have become.

In addition to attempting to implicate the President in murder, Democrats are actively encouraging illegal aliens to come to the country, no matter the damage to Americans.

They call it a “caravan,” what it really is a conga line of no-skilled, non-English speaking people marching up Central America to meet liberal activists at the border waiting to greet them with open arms and help them skirt our laws in the hope that they’ll inspire American Hispanics to vote for them. It’s sick.

Even though our economy is booming, and there are more jobs than people looking for work, those jobs aren’t for people illiterate in their native tongue, let alone unable to communicate in our language. But Democrats have embraced this lie that somehow tens of millions of illegal aliens running up massive unpaid medical bills and whose children cost a fortune to educate are the key to economic growth.

As far as Americans being the victims of crimes committed by these illegal aliens, 100 percent of those crimes would be prevented if the perpetrators weren’t in the country in the first place. Every murder, rape, robbery, and assault would not have occurred if our border were secure and we deported people here illegally. That means liberals are perfectly fine with Americans being victims of those crimes because they think their identity politics gambit will bring them more votes than the indifference toward citizens costs them. Again, sick.

The ends justify the means to the left, which is why they can’t be allowed back anywhere near power.

These are just a few examples of what they’ve done recently, stretch the timeline backwards further and they become too numerous to count. Every one of them done in pursuit of power. Maybe someday the Democratic Party will shift back to one that actually embraces American exceptionalism, or at least isn’t hostile to the ideals on which this country was founded. Until then, they must be defeated.

Because if they’re willing to do these things, and much worse, to obtain power, just imagine what they’d do if they got it.


Also take into account all the assaults on Republicans and their families in public places. The latest was a verbal attack on Mitch McConnell over the weekend, eating at a restaurant in his own home state. At least in this instance, some of the other patrons yelled back to leave him alone, so they finally left.

The left has given up any pretense of civility, and if this election goes the way we hope it will, there could be more violence in the streets in the days to follow. Pray for our country and our president.


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  1. Kathy,

    The character of a President does count. The tendencies of an autocrat is to continue to gain more and more power. Even after four years, after the deaths of 250,000 Americans that he presided over, but did little to prevent. This is your Trump now. A deranged man living in the past (great economy) and still believing he won the election. Yes, I am having the last word as I foretold you and others that you will reap the whirlwind with this imposter for a president.
    It was you who drank the conservative lies, who could not balancer patriotism with the need to dominate the Senate. Was the war with liberal Americans the real war we just fought. Or did we miss the real enemy – someone who was trying the destroy American values, who tried to destroy the institutions that are there to defend all of us, and finally who had only one ulterior motive – power and wealth? In NYC we have known for a long time that Trump never gave a whit to the working man, never would volunteer to fight for his country or care other than winning.
    As he is doing now what he has done all along, he is destroying the norms of our democracy and our way of life.
    My next prediction is that Trump will spend the remainder of his life in some form of rehabilitation by going from court to prison and back again.


  2. So who does the most divisive president speak to at every one of his speeches to his base? Does he speak of coming together, does he speak of peace, or do his words quickly turn into threats, hate, and scapegoatism. He blames the Democrats even though he has a majority. The Democratic mob has been a few protesters ( we are allowed to protest), and yes thousands of men and women in peaceful marches across this country. Trump is a showman and wants, no desires applause or shouting. The Democrats are the only ones in this country speaking to the power of a lunatic, raving madman. How much longer are you going to go along with his con. He has used scapegoats from before the election, why should he stop now. I ask you one thing – do you believe a man’s character defines his actions? Are so willing to disregard this man who has repeatedly seeded hate, racism, and ignorance since this is all he knows.


    • Well, let me start by saying that for most of us here, Trump wasn’t our first choice, but that’s what we got. One of the main reasons we support him is because he’s not Hillary and can’t come close to doing the damage she would have done to this country. We’re also in agreement that there are many times he could use a little more polish with his comments and statements, but that’s not who he is. That difference between his approach and that of politicians is what got him elected. It was obvious, at least to us, that most Americans were tired of politicians with their canned promises.

      Few, if any, Democrats will admit that the media has picked him to pieces since the day he announced he was running, and it ratchets up more every day, to the point of bordering insanity. You speak of peaceful protests when what we’ve seen is cowards who hide themselves behind black masks and assault people, blacks blocking highways and stopping traffic with their demands, and crazed women with pink hats screaming demands in the streets of DC. We’ve seen them tear down statues that stood for years, we’ve watched as college kids demanded safe spaces and liberal professors offered them extra credit for attending protests. We’ve watched the liberal leaders urging their constituents to confront Trump’s cabinet members in the street and say that when others don’t agree with them, some collateral damage is acceptable.

      The most recent event we’ve watched is pipe bombs, real or fake we don’t know, being mailed to high-profile libs and now they blame Trump. So you’ll have to pardon me if I disagree with who fits your description of ‘lunatic raving madman.’

      As to his character, all I can say is that actions speak louder than words. He’s accomplished a lot in his two years, while the liberals have done nothing useful for the country and have obstructed him at every opportunity. Every day I think about the improvements that could be achieved if he had just a smidgen of cooperation from the Dems. Maybe you should remove the blinders and take a look at their character, or rather the lack of it.

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      • I am sorry, but what country do you live in. You now know that the pipe bomber was a Trump supporter. But above all it is Trumps language that has driven responses. When Trump lies all time he thinks that you do it often enough, people believe it is truth. Do me a favor and go to other country’s media and read what they write. If you are not a bot, then are you a women that keeps forgiving him?. Today as a Jew, I saw the deadliest massacre in American history, and Trump just continued his rally, his lies and his America that no one wants.


      • You know very well what country I’m in, so don’t be trite.

        Since his earlier info shows him to be a Democrat, we don’t know for a fact either way, do we? Whether it was a hoax or his ineptness, you can relax because your liberal lords are all alive and well.

        You’re so accustomed to lies from libs, and so blinded by Trump’s tough talk, you fail to see his actions. Your loss.

        I don’t care what the media in other countries say or write.

        Trump forgiveness? – your reading comprehension could use some work – go back to my first paragraph and read it again.

        So…the massacre today could only be seen through the eyes of a Jew?? The rest of us missed it or were not affected because we aren’t Jews? And just for your edification, although what happened today was horrible, it was NOT the deadliest massacre in American history, but then maybe you’ve never heard of 9-11.

        Lots of people want the same America that Trump wants – it was much better years ago before the liberals started ruining it, so maybe you need to educate yourself about things like what real liberty is, what free speech really means, and what a republic truly is.


  3. “…they must be defeated.”

    I’ve lost count of the times I’ve uttered those same words. There’s no other solution for saving this country, because Derek Hunter is absolutely correct: there is NOTHING the Left won’t do to re-take power. Even the better economy is not persuasive because Democrats are either on a suicide mission to beat Trump or they’re socialists determined to remove the obstacles to their plans for thievery. I would only quibble that we really don’t have to “…imagine what they’d do if they got [power].” We were just there. They tried to create an unconstitutional healthcare entitlement, takeover the judiciary with leftwing justices, ramp up the welfare state, wanted to do a massive wealth transfer in the name of student debt forgiveness, make their own laws with overregulation, decimate our military capabilities and subjugate the U.S. to the rest of the world. Their happiness comes from our destruction because that’s what makes them relevant.


    • Apologies CW, somehow I missed this comment. Now we can add to the list the preposterous notion that it’s Trump fault they’re receiving pipe bombs in the mail. They’ve had nothing good to say for over two years now and have the audacity to blame him when he fires back. They can’t see through their own insanity and realize they’re killing themselves, and all we had to do to drive them over the edge is refuse to give in. I say hand them some more shovels.

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  4. We are requried to pray for our country and our king (president).

    But this murdered Muslim…! He’s being sainted in the press! A journalist? NO! Who was Jamal Khashoggi?

    He was born in Medina.

    His uncle was a notorious Arabian arms dealer-very wealthy who had a part in the Iran-Contra scandal

    He was first cousin to Doti Fayed who was dating Princess Diana and died in a car accident with her.

    He received his bachelor’s degree in business from Indiana University.

    He spent much time with Osama Ben Ladin and championed his jihad.

    He was deputy chief of Arab News.

    He is Muslim Brotherhood which is an officially labeled terrorist organization.

    He was rebelling, kind of, against the current Saudi government, which is the king and the crown prince.

    There’s much more. But this man was not a journalist, pure and simple. He was Islamist.

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    • This guy is not worthy of our move to interrupt any important alliances between the US and any country. Murder? They do it all the time. Part of their game of thrones. This guy wasn’t even a citizen, just a green card resident.

      The mob is making this out to be more than it is. OF course they love Islamists and will stoop to use ANY thing as a tool in their dirty mobster working.


      • While the actions of the Saudis were horrific, they did it within their own country to one of their own citizens. Other than to condemn their actions, it’s none of our business, just like events in North Korea, Venezuela, etc., however that doesn’t stop the libs from blaming Trump for it – just like they blame him for everything from hurricanes to droughts.

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