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By Victor Davis Hanson


…(T)he world has dramatically changed since 2016 in ways we scarcely have appreciated.

The idea that China systematically rigged trade laws and engaged in technological espionage to run up huge deficits is no longer a Trump, or even a partisan, issue…
(A) mainstream consensus has grown that China poses a commercial and mercantile threat to world trade, to its neighbors, and to the very security of the United States — and requires a strong response, including temporary tariffs.

The world did not fall apart after the U.S. pulled out of the flawed Iran nuclear deal. Most yawned when the U.S. left the symbolic but empty Paris Climate Accord. Ditto when the U.S. moved its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

In retrospect, most Americans accept that such once-controversial decisions were not ever all that controversial.

There is also a growing, though little reported, consensus about what created the current economic renaissance: tax cuts, massive deregulation, recalibration of trade policy, tax incentives to bring back offshore capital, and dramatic rises in oil and natural-gas production.

Although partisan bickering continues over the extent of the upswing, most appreciate that millions of Americans are now back again working — especially minority youth — in a manner not seen in over a decade.

The Supreme Court and federal judges will be far more conservative for a generation — as Trump’s judicial nominations are uniformly conservative, mostly young, and well-qualified.

For all the acrimony about illegal immigration, the government shutdown over the wall, and the question of amnesties, most Americans also finally favor some sort of grand-bargain compromise.

The public seems to be agreeing that conservatives should get more border fencing or walls in strategic areas, an end to new illegal immigration, and deportation for those undocumented immigrants with criminal records.

Liberals in turn will likely obtain green cards for those longtime immigrants here illegally who have a work history and have not committed violent crimes.

Both sides will be forced to agree that illegal immigration, sanctuary cities, and open borders should end and legal immigration should be reformed.

Americans have paradoxically grown tired both of costly overseas interventions and perceptions of American weakness that led to the Libyan fiasco, the Syrian genocide, the rise of the ISIS caliphate, and Iranian-inspired terrorism…

Two years ago, most Americans accepted that the European Union and NATO were sacrosanct status quo institutions beyond criticism. Today there is growing agreement that our NATO allies will only pay their fair share of mutual defense if they are forced to live up to their promises.

Europe is not stable and steady, but torn by Eastern European anger at open borders, Southern European resentment at the ultimatums of German banks, and acrimonious negotiations over the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU.

Most Americans have now concluded that while the EU may be necessary to prevent another intra-European war, it is increasingly a postmodern, anti-democratic, and unstable entity.

Trump has not changed,… but what has changed is the media’s own reputation in its hysterical reaction to Trump. Instead of empirical reporting, the networks and press have become unhinged.

When reporting of the presidency has proved 90 percent negative, and false news stories are legion, the media are no longer seen as the remedy to Trump but rather an illness themselves.

Since 2016, polls show that Americans have assumed that the proverbial mainstream media cannot be counted on for honest reporting but will omit, twist and massage facts and evidence for the higher “truth” of neutralizing the Trump presidency…
Joy Behar honestly answered, “Because we’re desperate to get Trump out of office. That’s why.”

Trump’s popularity is about where it was when he was elected — ranging on average from the low to mid-forties. But his policies have led to more prosperity and address festering problems abroad.

And despite the negative news, they are widely supported, even — or especially — if Trump himself is not given proper credit for enacting most of them.


Victor Davis Hanson is the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.



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  1. At a time when the Left was marching aggressively, Donald Trump came in to give them a hard shove back. That’s why they hate him so viciously, their phony cries of “white supremacist!” and “fascist!” not withstanding. I applaud Trump’s boldness and his vision in recognizing that boldness was desperately needed, but alas I think Victor Davis Hansen may be overestimating the number of Americans who appreciate Trump’s achievements. I can’t think of any well-known figure from the Left who has crossed over to support Trump and if the comments I read at Fox News are any gauge there’s been no transformation among the sheep either. The Left has succeeded in making politics a team sport in which the fans remain loyal to their team no matter how badly that team is playing, and the hate rages on. Trump – because of his victory over Hillary and because of his fiery personality and unrestrained mouth – is undercutting his own success IMHO. He’s not selling it. Maybe he’ll make a dent with the SOTU address, but his opportunity there will be countered by Democrats showing the POTUS blatant disrespect, and that’s powerful whether we want to admit it or not. He is going to have to have the mother of all great speeches to reach the entrenched, and I hope he does.

    >>” For all the acrimony about illegal immigration, the government shutdown over the wall, and the question of amnesties, most Americans also finally favor some sort of grand-bargain compromise.”

    A “grand-bargain compromise” is a punch in the gut to the Constitution and a win for Democrats, just as it was when Ronald Reagan made his grand-bargain over 30 years ago. I understand Trump isn’t holding a great hand, but he ran on building the wall and deporting illegals, so for yours truly any sort of a grand bargain will be a demoralizing disappointment.


  2. Trump has done a lot of good things that he doesn’t get the credit he deserves for them, but one of the best things he’s done is expose the media for the fraudsters they are for all the world to see. More people now look at news stories with a question mark in their head instead of instance acceptance as factual.

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