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I’m short on time today but I just want to comment on how rich it is to see people like wealthy actor Danny Glover and her highness Sheila Jackson Lee demanding reparations because America’s past history of slavery has robbed them of the chance for success in life.

Yes, it’s really sad that Glover and Jackson Lee couldn’t make anything of their lives…….

That’s all.


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  1. I guess to Conservatives, it makes total sense to expand NATO (nearly 30 years after the Warsaw Pact/USSR disappeared) so that the American people are on the hook for military alliances to the likes of Albania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, and Poland, eh? Supporting Taiwan (which China considers a breakaway region) is a great idea too.

    God-knows-what would happen if these military power-house countries didn’t have our back, LOL, and its totally sane & in America’s interest to give war guarantees to nations who could become involved in conflicts w/nuclear-armed powers like Russia & China–who easily have the conventional-weapons capability of cleaning the USA’s clock in conflicts on THEIR borders.

    Yeah, you’re right, clearly its crazed, naive, uninformed libertarians like me who “just don’t get it”…


  2. The baby boom generation which started with so much promise when it came of age in the 1960s has ended up a colossal failure. It has turned America into a bloody imperial hegemon abroad and a bankrupt Spy State at home where financialization and the 1% thrive, half the population lives off the state and real main street prosperity has virtually disappeared from the land.

    Quite a deplorable legacy, that…

    Hillary Clinton: Class President Of A Failed Generation


    • Gee thanks for sharing an op-ed that condemns the radical, leftist ‘idealists’ of the 60’s and makes a good case for what a lying, scamming, political animal Hillary Clinton really is. I can only assume you see this op-ed as a stinging condemnation of the baby-boomer generation at large, and yet who was it written by? Wait for it……..A BABY-BOOMER. HRC is 71. David Stockman is 72. You don’t really think he includes HIMSELF as a member of the “colossal failure” do you? If so, you have a lot to learn about leftists. Whenever a leftist sniffs his delicate nose and denounces his own generation or his own country, he/she means all those OTHER people, even though they will then bask in the superiority of their faux self-deprecation. LOL.

      But here is where Stockman’s piece REALLY gets absurd:

      “Yet the opportunity at the Cold War’s end was even more compelling. There was absolutely no military threat to American security anywhere in the world. The Clintons could have drastically reduced the defense budget by mothballing much of the Navy and Air Force and demobilizing the Army.”

      Reagan brought about the end of the Cold War by establishing America’s military superiority, and since “there was absolutely no military threat” as a consequence of that policy, Stockman’s brilliant plan was to…..wait for it……drastically cut our defense capabilities, mothball our navy and air force and demobilize our army. Yeah, when something works, totally undo it. What a brilliant idea! No wonder Huffpo (and you) are hanging on the words of David Stockman (who I once actually heard speak in person, btw).

      Don’t give me your blah, blah, blah that Stockman is a “Republican.” He’s no more a Republican than I am a libertarian. The fact that he’s so disgusted with the way Hillary Clinton turned out gives him away as someone who still doesn’t get who leftists really are, since he seems to think they have principles and actually mean what they say.

      Peeking at another of Stockman’s Huffpo pieces I read this quote about his opinion on the Second Amendment:

      “The so-called right to bear arms is truly a vestigial relic of the 18th century and has precious little to do with personal liberty or public security in the 21st century.”

      “The so-called right to bear arms…” Yep. This guy is all about freedom. LOL.


      • Stockman was a Republican congressman in mid-70’s & early 80’s. He left congress to work in Reagan’s OMB. He appears to have actually had some principles, unlike 95% of Conservatives. I think this article is a way of him apologizing for his generation’s utter failure.

        He resigned from OMB and later wrote a memoir of his experience in the Reagan Administration titled “The Triumph of Politics: Why the Reagan Revolution Failed” in which he specifically criticized the failure of congressional Republicans to endorse a reduction of government spending to offset large tax decreases to avoid the creation of large deficits and an increasing national debt.

        As I keep telling you, your inability to learn from even recent history (your puzzling support for a massive military which doesn’t even defend our borders) is embarrassing & appalling…your Trotsky-ism is showing!

        And, please, if you & your fellow Conservatives really cared about the 2A (and immigration) you would NOT have chosen Juan McAmnesty & Mitt “Northeast Liberal” Romney over Ron Paul (few, if any, in American history have been better on the 2A/gun-rights).

        Its interesting that we keep coming back to the crux of why BoomerCons suck so much…your only real concern seems to be continuing the clearly failing U.S. Empire, wasting TRILLION$ on the insanely corrupt military-industrial-complex, fighting losing wars of aggression, paying for Socialist Europe’s defense, paying for Japan’s, Australia’s, and others defense, obsessing over Israel (you REALLY need to get it thru your head that Jews don’t give a damn about you or America), and acting as if the USA is under constant unending military siege (the opposite is actually the reality). And, of course, you also supported turning the USA in a 1984-style police/surveillance state because of Muslim boogeymen hiding under your bed.

        For all of Conservatives’ pretense of ascribing to the vision of the founders (who clearly warned against standing armies, entangling foreign alliances, and seeking foreign monsters to slay, how dangerous war is to liberty, etc.), the reality is that y’all are nothing but insane, imperialistic, warmongers who think America was founded to be World’s Policeman.



        Why Generation-X Hates The Baby Boomers



      • 1) I’m going to say this for the LAST time and if it doesn’t sink into your very think skull I’m done with you: I did not choose either John McCain or Mitt Romney in the primaries. They won anyway. I don’t answer for the actions of anyone but myself, so you are barking up the wrong tree.

        2) I don’t give a rat’s behind what David Stockman or anyone else you follow has to say. Their opinions mean NOTHING to me, so stop wasting my time with them.


  3. The really hilarious thing is that y’all STILL worship Lincoln & think the 1964 CRA was a good thing…


  4. ‘Moderate’ Conservatives/Republicans–who have incorporated the ENTIRETY of the Progressive Era (including major planks of the Communist Manifesto) into their own ideology at this point–have been capitulating to the Radical Left for 5-6 decades at this point. I see nothing to indicate that this will reverse, although younger Rightists aren’t nearly as bad as the AWFUL BoomerCons who’ve perfected the Art Of Losing.

    Congrats, BoomerCons, you’re leaving your children/grand-children a whole heap of intractable problems as their inheritance…but don’t let that get in the way of you enjoying your ‘free’ Social Security & Medicare for the remainder of your lives…


  5. I should also wonder if the “40 acres and a mule” would count as reparations? After all, in those days that was a lot of money.
    True, not all the ex-slaves got what was promised, but many did.

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    • Great point, VM. The 40 acres and mule were absolutely intended as reparations for slavery.


      • Mitt Romney Tweets Support For Antifa


        Conservatives chose this guy over Ron Paul…Conservative Utah recently elected him to the Senate.

        How stupid are Conservatives?


      • I’m not a Romney fan, and “conservatives” are no more alike than all Americans are.

        It’s easy being a libertarian. Since you always lose, you never have to defend the things that went wrong on your watch (and things ALWAYS go wrong). You’re a small, relatively inconsequential group so you don’t have the divisions and the posers commandeering the libertarian label. I kind of hope you gain some traction so you can get a taste of what it’s like when the usual power-seekers corrupt your party and start compromising it into some unrecognizable mutation of what it originally was. Then I will track you down and insist that the mutation is still “libertarianism,” and ridicule you for your inability to defend it.


  6. I do wonder how much should the descendants of the 360,000 Union soldiers, who lost their lives fighting to free slaves, pay to the descendants of slaves they freed?

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    • Exactly, Tracer. Before we sit down to calculate who owes what to whom for reparations, let’s consider ALL factors. That should only take about 150 years more of analysis.


  7. Pretty sure my people were eating dirt in the NC Mountains in the years leading up to and after the Civil War.

    If we’re making shit up to be owed to people, the Government owes my family toilet paper for taking so long to run electricity into the mountains so they could have running water.

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  8. OK. I’ll go along with this on the following conditions:
    1. Only people who can prove direct descent from slaves get the money.
    2. Only people who are descended from slave owners pay the money.
    3. No person descended from a Union Soldier or Sailor owes anything to anyone.
    4. Compensation is owed by descendants of freed slaves to descendants of persons killed on the Union side during the Civil War.

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    • I’m afraid I have to philosophically disagree on the notion of holding the descendants of people from 7 or 8 generations ago responsible for the actions of their forefathers that they had no way of controlling, especially when those actions were not even illegal at the time. In fact, I’d like to see the Republicans counter with a bill that makes it illegal to hold any American liable for the actions of another based solely on DNA. It’s time to put an end to the reparations SCHEMES once and for all.

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    • I see what you did there.

      I like the way you think, one groups compensation wipes out the other.


  9. Well… Perhaps

    The DemoKKKrats should pay up?

    For their years of
    Jim Crow
    Margaret Sanger

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  10. I’m wondering why LBJ’s “Great Society” program doesn’t count as “reparations”. Over the last 50+ years we’ve spent over a trillion dollars on it, a program targeted almost exclusively at blacks.

    It’s been such a failure that I think we should demand a refund, actually.

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  11. I wanted to ask him who we make the check out to and how much is enough, just to see what his response would be, since this is such a ridiculous and unrealistic subject.

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    • I think I’ll only owe half as much, since my Mom’s side of the family wasn’t even in this country until she immigrated here in 1948.

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    • The fact that we are even having hearings about forcing people who didn’t do anything wrong to make reparations to people who were never victims shows how absurd and corrupt half this nation has become. Lord help us.

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      • Oh, hell yes.

        This is the brass ring for socialists. If they can get this garbage enacted, there’s no limit anymore on anything. It’s the ultimate in victimology, since there are no actual victims living anymore.

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  12. I’m all for reparations, 100%.

    Every former slave still alive should receive them.

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  13. She’s nothing but an ACTOR. A lying politician with no integrity.
    This whole reparation things has prompted my reply: “No one has ever even thanked me for my great grandfather’s fighting and dying at Gettysburg to free the slaves. Not even a thank you.”

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