#TweetOfTheDay – Government is in Shutdown and…

Today we saw the highest gain in the DOW EVER! It was up 1086 points!

Just a little point to ponder.


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  1. Are you sure? Someone in my office said that the “government” was shut down for 7 days. I can’t tell.

    Could we send a Democrat out to whine loudly about this so we can tell that something is shut down?

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  2. Hmmm…that is interesting. Trump is to blame when the market goes down, but he doesn’t get any credit when it goes up, so no doubt, this was due to something Obama did, albeit two years ago. Good catch, tannngl.

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  3. That’s definitely something to ponder!

    My son took his girlfriend to the Grand Canyon this week as part of his plan to propose. When they got there they found that it was free to get in because of the shutdown. I call that a win-win.

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    • Congratulations! You will soon have a daughter in law!
      And that’s great to hear! Free Grand Canyon entry!

      I had said it might be good if the president permanently furloughted all those non essential people. There’s a lot out there we don’t need to fund.

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  4. We were told that only the ”involving the furlough of non-essential personnel and curtailment of agency activities and services’ wouldn’t be working…. I, for one, am wondering why my tax dollars are going to ‘involving the furlough of non-essential personnel and curtailment of agency activities and services’…I”m for smaller, NECESSARY government and I, for one, are pleased that we have a leader who is willing to stand up for our nation’s security, especially when it reveals that we’re supporting ‘non-essential personnel and curtailment of agency activities and services’.
    Fences/walls work. The first thing we did when we bought our house was build a security fence around our yard. We believe that good fences make good neighbors’. Thus far, our little fence has worked great. Seems to me that they work well for other countries, too, so why the intense resistance? Those who are against it claim barriers don’t work…. dare I speculate that they know that walls work and also that if Trump gets the funds, we’ll get the wall? AND that they don’t want our country to be safe, for some inexplicable reason?

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    • It’s not they’re scared the walls won’t work. They’re scared the walls will work.

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    • You got it. The left don’t care about the safety of our country. They want those illegal voters. And that’s a clue as the number of illegals who have been voting in our elections.

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      • IF what I heard a couple years ago was accurate (and I suspect it was) DJT won both popular vote and electoral, once the votes of illegals and the dead were eliminated…. Tannngl, I don’t know about you, but I would like to know why it’s possible for this to be calculated, but there doesn’t seem to be an effort to correct the situation. The only logical reason I can think of is that someone is learning the pattern, who is involved and gathering evidence – hopefully to be used in a prosecution.
        Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and 2019 will be an amazing year for all patriots.

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    • Pence has that counsel that was investigating fraudluent voting but the states refused to give him any of their data, most of them. Even R states. I didn’t understand that. So the commission was disbanded. Now there’s nothing to investigate them.

      I pray you and your family had a very blessed Christmas! And best wishes for a wonderful new year, foguth!

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