A Fond Farewell

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Dear friends and readers,

Ever since our dear friend Garnet passed away, things here at Pesky Truth just have not been the same, they couldn’t be. Try as we might to keep PT going, it’s become impossible without him, for several reasons. All of the admin duties, subscription info, updates, renewals etc is on his computer. His busy family doesn’t have the time nor the inclination to get involved, and naturally, we don’t have access.  

Thanks to CW’s efforts, we learned that his contract with Word Press expires sometime in July, but beyond that there’s been very little communication from them on how to make the transition to a new administrator. 

Word Press’ response:

“The plan isn’t due to expire until July so that will continue working for a while longer — which gives you some time. Even if the plan expires, the content and media will remain in place :)”

We’ve had some good laughs, especially with Garnet’s (the king of creative character names) amazing satirical stories, and many great discussions with the readers and the contributors. We appreciate all of you so very much and as for me, I’ve made some good friends even though we never personally met, and will always be grateful to Garnet for inviting me to post here. Most of all I miss his friendship. 

You can still visit CW at Common Sense Matters II – https://commonsensematters-cw.blogspot.com/

And visit tannngl at https://tannngl.wordpress.com/author/tannngl/

So it is with sad hearts but many fond memories that we sign off and go our own ways. Please feel free to comment with any questions, thoughts or memories you might want to share.

 Thanks again and be well.


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  1. Thank You!! I loved what you did and the effort you put forth. Best Wishes!!

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  2. I think I may have been the last person granted Commenter status by Garnet. If not, nearly so.

    I never had the pleasure of meeting him personally, but he has surely been missed. And now the inevitable demise of his baby, The Pesky Truth. Sigh!

    I’ve enjoyed the insights and spirited commentary, even when “taken to the woodshed”. LOL! But that is the way of verbal jousts from varied perspectives.

    It was good to have gotten to “know” you all. I’ll try to monitor the new, to me, blog sites posted here. I don’t have a blog, maybe someday, but you can find me on Facebook, if so inclined.

    Momentous events in the world! I would have loved to hear Garnet’s perspectives on them!

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    • We talked on the phone some, but I didn’t get to meet Garnet either. Ditto on hearing his perspective. I think he would have been pleased with many of the accomplishments Trump’s made, and I would love to hear his take on things – especially how the Dems have taken wacko to new heights.

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  3. I’m gonna miss you guys, and the articles. I do QUOTE OF THE DAY over at ‘Nox and am working on property in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with serious desire to be moved there by the end of the year. Any of you Special Sickkos” who wander bye will, of course, be welcomed for a Beer, a Coke, or whatever else in in the fridge.

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  4. Well done, Kathy. Very sad today. But I’ll never forget Garnet. What a kind conservative man of courage and skill. He was able to communicate with his enemies and speak with them in love. He would have been a great elected official but I’m glad he started this blog instead. I sure do miss him.

    And I’ll miss haggling with everyone here, thought I agreed mostly with the posts and comments.

    We must try to stay in touch.

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  5. I’m very sorry to read this. All of you are very interesting and talented writers and will be missed.

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  6. Thanks for summing it up so well, Kathy, and thank you to you and all the other contributors who kept PT going. I am humbly grateful to Garnet for inviting me to post on his blog and for the constant encouragement he offered, and I’m very grateful for the friends I’ve made in the process.

    Take care everyone. Y’all don’t be a stranger!

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  7. You all have done well with keeping content coming since Garnet’s passing, and keeping it on target. This is a rare accomplishment today when most people are so easily distracted by the next big thing.

    I have “followed” CW and Tannngl’s blogs as I appreciate their writing and opinions. I wish everyone here peace and prosperity, and I thank you all for the time and effort you put into this site.

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  8. I completely understand the inability to continue on as ‘usual’ when one member has ‘passed on’… While this is in no way equal to your loss, on 4-2-18, my beloved old tom cat lost his battle with cancer and it has been impossible for me to continue with the YA series of books I was working on… I had no idea what a difference it made to have his calm presence snoozing behind the monitor….. As I said, my experience of loss is NOT equal to yours, but it is a loss that makes it impossible to continue on as usual.

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    • So sorry for the loss of your beloved cat, foguth.

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      • Around Halloween of 17, the vet said he had 2 month at most and urged us to ‘put him out of his misery’, but he didn’t seem to be miserable, so we brought him home and kept loving him… Obviously, he lived more than twice the amount of time predicted.

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      • So nice that you gave him a loving home and comfort throughout his life. I have three cats (see what happens when you volunteer at a shelter?), so I understand how they become members of the family. I keep telling myself that it will be nice when my days don’t revolve around the constant cleaning of cat hair, but in truth they will be greatly missed when they are no longer with us.

        Incidentally my sister-in-law inherited a 19-year old cat when her mother-in-law passed away. She’s not really a cat person but she figured the cat wouldn’t live much longer anyways. “Mrs. B” lived to be 23 and she definitely got the last laugh. 😊


    • Thanks, foguth, I’m glad we met and I appreciate your input. So sorry about your baby.

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    • I’m so sorry for your loss, fought. So sorry. Our animals become parts of our family. Pray your mourning will ease.

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      • It is better than it was a year ago, but I will probably miss the dear old fellow forever. Still, I would rather have had the years with him and miss him than never had the honor of knowing him.

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