What Immigration Reform Should Look Like

From The Heritage Foundation:

Immigration is one of the fundamental building blocks that help make America the unique nation that it is. But the debate over border security and immigration has become toxic because politicians have put politics before principles. And reasonable Americans find themselves trapped between zealots on both sides.

For over two centuries, the United States has welcomed millions of people from every corner of the globe.

And today, we lawfully admit over one million people every year. That is more than any other country in the world.

The debate is not about whether we should allow immigration – it’s about how we do so in a way that protects American sovereignty, respects the rule of law, and is beneficial to all Americans. So what does a thoughtful agenda for American immigration reform look like? Here are four guiding principles:

Number one: We must respect the consent of the governed, that is the will of the people. Individuals who are not citizens do not have a right to American citizenship without the consent of the American people.

That consent is expressed through the laws of the United States. Through those laws, we the people invite individuals from other countries, under certain conditions, to join us as residents and fellow citizens.

Number two: We cannot compromise national security and public safety.

Every nation has the right, recognized by both international and domestic law, to secure its borders and ports of entry and control what and who is coming into its country. A disorganized and chaotic immigration system encourages people to go around the law and is a clear invitation to those who wish to take advantage of our openness to harm the nation. Secure borders, especially in a time of terrorist threat, are crucial to American national security.

Number three: Becoming a citizen means becoming an American. We must preserve patriotic assimilation. The founding principles of this nation imply that an individual of any ethnic heritage or racial background can become an American. That’s why we have always welcomed immigrants seeking the promises and opportunities of the American Dream. Patriotic assimilation is the bond that allows America to be a nation of immigrants. Without it, we cease to be a country with a distinct character, becoming instead a hodgepodge of different groups. If we are to be a united nation, living up to our motto of e pluribus unum, out of many, one…we all must understand and embrace a common language, history, and civic culture. And that not only benefits America, but also those immigrants and their families who aspire to prosper here.

Number four: Our lawmakers must respect the rule of law and immigration is no exception. Failure to enforce our immigration laws is unfair to those who obey the law and follow the rules to enter the country legally. Those who enter and remain in the country illegally should not be rewarded with legal status or other benefits. When politicians condone such behavior they only encourage further illegal conduct.

Based on these principles, immigration reform should include transitioning to a merit-based system. We should end practices like chain migration, birthright citizenship, the visa lottery, arbitrary per-country immigration caps, and any form of amnesty for those here illegally. We must close loopholes that prevent enforcement of our laws and have overwhelmed immigration courts, allowing illegitimate asylum claimants and other lawbreakers to remain in the U.S. indefinitely.

And we must take on these issues one by one. A comprehensive “deal” subjects the fate of policies with universal appeal to the fate of the most controversial topics. The key is to begin by working on the solutions on which most Americans agree.

We must and can address this issue in a manner that is fair, responsible, humane, and prudent. This is too important an issue to not get right and too important an issue to be driven by partisan agendas. Let’s stay focused on what is best for the welfare of all Americans, both those of today and those of the future.


In a perfect world, the loopholes would already be closed and our laws on immigration would be clear to the world that you’re not getting into our country but one way – legally. We’d also have a Congress that actually cares about the Americans instead of power and longevity.

But we don’t live in a perfect world; instead we have Democrats that see new voters and a prior president who worked overtime to make it easy for illegals to sneak in. Now we have a president who’s trying to fix that and a Congress that refuses to help him.

Today, the illegal immigrants no longer sneak in – we’re long past that – now they come in hoards demanding to be let in because they live in a third world sh*thole. Most of them don’t ’embrace our language, history, and civic culture’. Instead they wave the flag of their native countries and continue to speak their native language and we’re forced to deal with it. Worst of all they are bringing back diseases that were virtually eradicated in the US and are now nearing the plague level.

And it’s all because our current laws aren’t being upheld nor are they being improved upon.


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  1. The National Chamber of Commerce and Business Roundtable, major GOP backers, favor the illegal immigration ruse because it keeps a lid on wages, to their businesses’ benefit. Many GOP officeholders are thereby by “paid” to wink at genuine immigration reform.

    I agree with these proposed reforms, but they never get a true hearing in a Dem led House.

    I’m expecting a GOP landslide in 2020, maybe larger than 2010. After that, MANY reforms will be put in place, including immigration.


    • “Paid to wink at genuine reform” That’s a good way to put it and our Senator John Cornyn gave us a view of that just this past week with his proposed legislation called the Humane Act. It would add more Border Patrol agents and keep families together, but it ignores asylum and methods to stop the flow. It’s nowhere near the complete fix we need.

      I hope you’re right about the landslide in 2020, because we desperately need to get Pelosi out of there, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we see any improvements to the immigration nightmare.


  2. I usually agree with the writers at Heritage but I am irked at the suggestion of moral equivalence in this fight (“…reasonable Americans find themselves trapped between zealots on both sides).”

    There’s no equivalence whatsoever. The overwhelming majority of conservatives, including those in congress, believe in responsible immigration and the sanctity of the rule of law. That’s a world of difference from the Left which is only interested in their own selfish objectives. They sold us out long ago.

    Illegal immigration has become just another proxy battle for the power struggle between conservatives (good) and leftists (evil). It won’t matter what harm comes to the U.S. as a consequence of illegal immigration: diseases, violence, poverty, crime, the loss of American culture, strains on our tax-funded resources, socialism…. The leftists will turn a blind eye to ANY ill if it means they win the battle. Victory at all costs. That’s who they REALLY are. I’m not sure Heritage understands that.


    • Either Heritage doesn’t understand it or else they’re trying to play the nice guy by talking like both sides have common sense and are concerned for the country, which we know is not the case.

      I haven’t read a lot of Heritage Foundation’s stuff, but what little I’ve seen, most of it is what I’d call vanilla. Even in this piece they talk like it’s just a matter of the two parties agreeing to respect the laws and agreeing on a fix for the problem, when it’s not that simple. The Dems have gone way past the zealot stage to the extreme psycho stage.

      Their four principles are good, but it only works in that perfect world I mentioned – the one we don’t have.

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