U.N. Demands U.S. Pay Reparations To African-Americans

From: dailycaller.com,  by Scott Greer,  on Sep 27, 2016


A new report released by the United Nations concludes the United States owes reparations to African-Americans for slavery and recent police-involved shooting deaths.

The report was produced by the United Nations’ Working Group of Experts on African Descent and strongly condemned America’s “racist” history.

“In particular, the legacy of colonial history, enslavement, racial subordination and segregation, racial terrorism and racial inequality in the United States remains a serious challenge, as there has been no real commitment to reparations and to truth and reconciliation for people of African descent,” the report read, according to The Washington Post.

The group also made the stunning accusation that recent police-involved shootings are similar to the brutal lynchings of the Ku Klux Klan and amount to a “human rights crisis.” “Contemporary police killings and the trauma that they create are reminiscent of the past racial terror of lynching,” the report stated.

In January, the U.N. group had applauded the U.S. for its progress since the Jim Crow era, but argued America was still ruled by white supremacy. “[I]deology ensuring the domination of one group over another, continues to negatively impact the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of African Americans today,” the group said at the time. “The dangerous ideology of white supremacy inhibits social cohesion amongst the US population.”

The expert panel didn’t specify what form reparations would take, yet it did offer a few suggestions for how America could owe restitution to blacks. These suggestions included, according to The Washington Post, “a formal apology, health initiatives, educational opportunities… psychological rehabilitation, technology transfer and financial support, and debt cancellation.”

The chairman of the group, Ricardo Sunga of the Philippines, also condemned the rising “xenophobia and Afrophobia” of America’s presidential campaign in an interview with reporters Monday, without mentioning Donald Trump by name.

While this UN group may want reparations to become law, the measure is strongly opposed by Americans. The latest poll on the matter revealed that 68 percent of Americans are opposed to reparations for slavery.


Ahhh, our old friends at the United Nations, savior of the planet and world’s authority on freedom and rights. Did you know that the U.N. has determined that Palestinians are oppressed and Israel is the oppressor? That’s a major reason that the U.N. exists: to punish Israel. 

The U.N. calling for reparations doesn’t surprise me, after all didn’t our Representative in Charge of Reparations, Barack Obama, just speak there? And now they’re conflating slavery and recent police shooting deaths? I wonder what part he played in that determination.

This may be another reason to vote for Donald Trump: To get us out of the U.N. and the U.N. out of the U.S. There’s been a suggestion that he buy the U.N. building and convert into another Trump Hotel. I don’t care whether Trump buys the building, just as long as the U.N. finds another home, far, far away – Africa seems appropriate. 


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  1. CW, I ,seriously; spent some time trying to understand your misplaced broadside on the supposed modern slavery in Namibia and you even went as far as asking as to how many slaves I own. Namibia has no history slave trade.
    And no, I do not own slaves.
    Yes, your ignorance on this subject is staggering.

    You see, people in the west tend to be naive about other parts of the world such that sometimes they will embarrass themselves by asking where your country is in terms of geograhical location. Some would make stupid references to Afrika being a country.

    To revert back to the ‘pesky’ (as in your ‘Pesky Truths, of course) topic of modern slavery.
    It is quite astounding that someone, definitely, from your part of the world compiles information on the subject of modern slavery yet they conveniently omit their part of the world from the map when they highlight areas of modern slavery prevalence. Still, when I did my own search the United States sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb on Sexual slavery or Forced Prostitution.

    CW, in Namibia, and this is just my personal view; reference to slavery will maybe exist in latent form, that is, someone who is a family relative working for free in a domestic environment, that is without formal or agreed pay. If other forms exist then it occurs unreportedly and without government being privy to it. We have stringent anti-slavery law and this can happen even in your much vaunted ‘first world’.

    Now; hereunder is an excerpt from ‘Modern Slavery’, does the name United States feature?:

    ‘Sex slaveryEdit
    Main article: Sexual slavery
    Along with migrant slavery, forced prostitution is the form of slavery most often encountered in wealthy regions such as the United States, in Western Europe, and in the Middle East. It is the primary form of slavery in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia, particularly in Moldova and Laos. Many child sex slaves are trafficked from these areas to the West and Middle East. An estimated 22% of slaves to date are active in the sex industry.[18]’


    • >>”…people in the west tend to be naive about other parts of the world…”

      It’s obvious from your comments that there’s plenty of naiveté to go around, Vapopya. The question I asked about how many slaves you own was my facetious way of making a point about people who make sweeping assumptions about others based on limited information. Obviously it went over your head, and is more proof that your education was lacking. You know how to read. You don’t know how to think, at least not objectively.

      The source shown in my link on slavery around the world is cited multiple places, including the Washington Post and Wikipedia. If you think they’re mistaken about Namibia, you can take it up with them.

      >>”Along with migrant slavery, forced prostitution is the form of slavery most often encountered in wealthy regions such as the United States…”

      Well if you have essentially ZERO slave labor in a country as we do in the U.S., then even a very small amount of the crime of forced prostitution placed under the heading of “sexual slavery” would make it the “most often encountered” form of slavery, wouldn’t it? So that was a valiant effort on your part to try and make the facts fit your biased vision but as we say in the U.S., there’s no there, there. Furthermore, to the extent that forced prostitution exists in this large country, I would wager that it is disproportionately a crime perpetrated by black men against black women. I don’t know this for a fact; I’m just making and educated guess based upon my familiarity with American sub-cultures having lived here my entire life. You’re certainly welcome to do the research if you like and show me that I’m wrong.

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      • I looked at FreeTheSlaves.net, Vapopya. Under the heading, “Where We Work” they identify the slavery “hot spots” where their efforts are concentrated: India, Nepal, Congo, Ghana and Haiti. Notice the U.S. is not on that list. Notice how these places have majority NON-white populations (ergo, we can assume that the enslavers are non-white). And yet you hunt and peck and Google searching for something to indict the U.S. What a dishonest man you are.

        Ima Matul, the woman you held up as an example of modern slavery in the U.S. was from Indonesia. Her captors were naturalized American citizens FROM INDONESIA. I’d call that a stain on Indonesians, not Americans, but as a fair-minded person (unlike yourself) I certainly would not consider it an indictment against ALL Indonesians. You should be a little more careful in your hunting and pecking for excuses to disparage the U.S.

        No doubt there are INSTANCES of forced prostitution and perhaps forced labor in the U.S., just as there are in EVERY country including your own. Again I would venture to guess that these crimes are perpetrated by a disproportionate number of Mexicans (legal and illegal) and American blacks. That’s because I live here and read the newspapers here and I’m woefully familiar with who commits the bulk of crime here. I’m not Googling with carefully chosen search words from a country far, far away. Nonetheless, if you would like to spread untruths like these about the U.S. I encourage you to do so because by far the largest problem we have is with people flocking to come here, legally and – more often than not – illegally. They all seem to believe that this is a nice place to live, or at least preferable to their own countries. Go figure.

        This will be my last response to you. I try to make it a general rule not to waste precious time trying to debate or reason with dishonest people because it’s such a waste of time. The subject of this blog post was the attempt to impose reparations on the U.S. by the U.N. The U.N. was formed for the purpose of maintaining world peace, but as with any group that allows itself to be influenced by corrupt liberals we have seen a creeping expansion of its presumed mission to include phony environmentalism and social agendas that are aimed at stripping the U.S. of power. Isn’t that nice? We pay the bulk of the treasure (both financial and blood) that props up the U.N. only so that it can be used against us by small countries who are only there (understandably) to advance their own interests, just as we should be doing but alas we have a weak and traitorous leader.

        It’s been fun. Have a nice life.


  2. garnet92, I have initially only responded to your downrightly biased take on president Obama and your ill-informed view about the UN in which you adumbrated that its HQ’s be moved to some place preferably Afrika.

    You are so ignorant yet you have the temerity to feign sharp intellect. You hold the wrong belief that just because America contributes financially to UN coffers and thus the world body must pander to the big USA. Utter onsense!

    You messed up Lybia and now that country is more conflict-ridden and in great pain than before you visited the ogre of regime change upon it.

    If you really think everyone in the world wants to emulate the American way; you are mistaken. The world does not revolve around your purported ideals, democracy and so-called freedom and libertarian flukes.

    Leave other people to leave their lives; observe their cultures.

    You are right, I am not really enamoured of the USA because of their selfish foreign policy and death drones.
    But do I give a damn, about your thinking that your are world police. Yes. It is godamn megalomaniac!

    As a Parthian shot, I am not the least interested in your bias-loaded blog. What caught my attention in it was your churlish ‘move UN preferably to Afrika’ bit.

    Over and out.


  3. Who is this new anti-American propagandist retard? He obviously has not done any actual research on any of the topics, and his horrid spelling shows a distinct lack of education.


    • His IP address indicates that he’s from Windhoek, KH, Namibia which might account for the bad spelling, but I couldn’t begin to tell you what accounts for the bad attitude about the US, who’s spent millions on foreign aid to his country. Not to mention that the US pays the lion’s share of the UN budget every year, but let’s not bother with those pesky little facts.

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      • Kathy, take your US aid and stuff it elsewhere.
        We do not live on US aid here in Namibia.
        The US comes to Afrika because it wants something in return be it mineral resources or seeking to imprint its cultural influence.

        You come here, donate some books to a local library and demand that the recipient puts a big banner outside the library screaming:’American Corner’.

        Again, we are an independent state not some puppet state for the US. Go to Niger where you are building a drone base.

        English? My English is good consdering it is not my mother tongue, I am a product of an Afrikan education, have never lived or travelled outside Afrika and I speak other languages, too. Do you speak other languages, Kathy?
        I am probably far smarter than you are.

        As for spelling, if ever you find a typo in my post it is merely that; a typo, an accident.


      • Maybe you should ask for a refund on your Afrikan education, Vapopya. Your ignorance is astonishing, and your high opinion of your own intelligence isn’t justified.

        BTW, how many slaves do you own?


      • I would love to ‘stuff it elsewhere’. We should be taking care of our own, primarily our veterans, and not wasting money on ungrateful countries that don’t like us.

        That aside, you’re wrong again. You may not ‘live’ on US aid, but sources state that we give Namibia in excess of $50 million annually, closer to $62 million, some of which is used to fight the AIDS/HIV epidemic in your country.




  4. ‘I don’t care whether Trump buys the building, just as long as the U.N. finds another home, far, far away – Africa seems appropriate.’

    Would you care to explain yourself as to the exact meaning of your statement above?

    UN stands for United Nations and it was founded after WW2. It is not a continental body and not a single Afrikan country is a member of the UN Security Council.

    Your statement stinks of racism. It is a fact that black people America are being shot down by the police simply because they are treated as criminal on the basis of their skin colour. Slavery happened. So, why would it wrong for Afrikan Amerikans to ask for reparations if they deem it necessary?


    • Thanks for your comment, Vapopya. I’ll be glad to explain my comment referring to the U.N.

      The United Nations was founded for a laudable purpose, to promote cooperation and ensure peace and security among nations – obviously, a commendable goal. But, in the 71 years since its founding, it has become increasingly ineffective and feckless – and more anti-American by the day.

      Take the Human Rights Council for example. Some of the most egregious and despicable governments on the planet (Libya, Cuba, Sudan, China, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe, for instance) are on the council. It’s supposed to uphold the highest standards of human rights protection, yet is controlled by African and Middle Eastern countries that vote in unison and protect one another from criticism against their own countries.

      That Council of nations also is constantly attacking Israel, the only country to receive nine condemnations for violations in Palestinian territory. The U.N. also has a history of bribes, dangerous dereliction of its duties, corruption, and financial scandals. It has a very poor reputation for being an arbiter of justice.

      In 2007, the U.N. made Iran vice chairmen of the Disarmament Commission – Iran! Iran, who is doing their best to develop nuclear weapons. In the same year, Zimbabwe was chosen to head the Economic Development Commission – Zimbabwe! That economic powerhouse Zimbabwe!

      And recently, the U.N. wanted the U.S. to sign its Arms Trade Treaty, which would have superseded the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution. We will not cede our Constitutional rights to the U.N. or any other entity.

      Suffice to say, the U.N. now has the inmates running the asylum and has become anti-U.S. to extreme. We fund over 25% of the costs to operate the U.N. and most Americans feel that our $8 billion dollar expenditure would be better spent elsewhere.

      Almost half of U.S. citizens would like to see the U.S. leave the U.N. entirely while another 20% would like to see a diminished role – coupled with a diminished financial contribution.

      The United Nations has not lived up to its expectations and has been a failure in almost every one of its operations.

      As far as your statement regarding the Security Council, of the 15 members, there are five permanent members – essentially the nuclear powers. The other ten non-permanent members currently include Angola and Senegal, both are African countries.

      And, it appears that you are the racist one in that you’re assuming that those police killings were purely based on race, when obviously you don’t know the true circumstances of them. Yes, black men were shot, but the shootings were justified based on the police defending themselves against those who would do them harm. I’ve researched each of the shootings that you lump into “racist shootings” and you apparently haven’t – you’ve just accepted the Black Lives Matter perspective without question.

      Finally, slavery happened literally hundreds of years ago. Please compare the standard of living for black people now living in the U.S. to others living anywhere else in the world. Compare the job prospects, the educational prospects, the housing, automobiles, modern conveniences, etc. Blacks are assured priority in many aspects of American life today – compare and contrast that to any African nation – please.

      There will be no reparations, the slaves were freed long ago and elevated to a level equal to whites – that has been repayment for any slavery-caused sins of the past.

      Thanks for your comment, but it appears that a little research would serve you well.

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      • The fact the UN is based in New York does not imply that it should do America’s bidding. It is a world body and America is just one member country and it has membership is to the body is not extraordinary.

        Your bias against countries like Cuba, Iran, China, Zimbambwe, etc, is palpable. These countries are sovereignty states and they do not have to subscribe to your model of democracy.

        America and other western countries are responsible for so much human suffering both in the Middle East and Afrika (Lybia is a case in point). The US has lost any smidgeon of moral currency in the world because of its meddling (political, economic and military) in other countries’ domestic affairs around the world. You hegemonic ambitions, your urge to impose your cultural values on others is nothing other than the very dictatorship that you purport to hate.

        Now, Iranian nuclear development?
        Seriously, you are quick to accuse me of not having done a ‘little research’?
        I think the opposite is true. America is probably the world’s vicious nuclear aggressor (Hiroshima:the US is the first country in world history to nuke another country to smithereens) and just as you guys have your president’s finger on the nuclear hotbutton (as some deterrent, really?); Iran equally has the right to do so. So you think you deserve to have nukes (and then there is ‘USS Kentucky’) and other countries don’t, do you? The US is killing people (including innocent women and children under the ruse of collateral damage) in drone strikes everyday and you think it has the moral passport to do so simply because it is a democracy? All life is important whether it is American or Arabic. The sanctity of life is not a subject that only one nation has the right to preach to others about.

        Israel suffers from delusions of grandeur and reckons it deserves to exist and Palestine does not. It is wrong. The UN is right in condemning Israeli aggression towards Palestine since the 1940’s. Just because Israel is a friend of the US does not make her aggressive actions justifiable. As for UN corruption, bribes and scandals; the US excels very well in that department, too. So nothing new there.

        Racist white American police officers killing black people as though they were rabid wild animals, that is a fact. Arlton Sterling did not have a gun on him and so were many others who were murdered in the same Wild West style. America’s whites are a racist bunch. It is an old habit that will take time to stem out, unfortunately.
        Today the white racists are more brazen and are seen declaring their prejudice publically; emboldened by the ongoing political campaign, with some specificity, inspired by Trump’s racist, anti-Muslim, anti-Hispanic and anti Afrikan-American posture.
        Reparations are normal and America is not immune to class action. It is a possibility if pressure is brought to bear via the UN. Do not be so optimistic in that regard.

        Your 2nd Amendment is a joke. Reread the original purpose of that farce of legislation and maybe, you might reconsider your romantic stance about that archaic piece of legislation which refers to some ‘militia’.
        What is that got to do with anything in the 21st century?


      • Vapopya, I’ll reply but I’m not going to argue back and forth with you when we have such divergent opinions. We can agree to disagree
        I didn’t say that all member nations must do the United States’ bidding, but to categorize the U.S. as “just one member” is ludicrous. The U.S. has shouldered the bulk of the U.N.’s heavy lifting ever since its inception.

        Yes, I have a bias against those countries. If you truly believe that they are models of human rights, I’m glad that you aren’t my sovereign. It’s apparent that you believe the U.S. to be an “evil Satan” and is the source of evil in the world. It’s your right (in a free country like the U.S.) to believe that, but you don’t understand how wrong you are. Make those kinds of statements in over half of the countries in the U.N. and you’ll be imprisoned or shot.

        Compare freedom in the U.S. and in Iran – the freedom of its people to speak out against the government, to move about freely, etc. If that’s the kind of government you want to have nuclear weapons – again we disagree. Of course, we nuked Japan – did you forget that they attacked us first?

        Friend, I just reread the rest of your comments and they aren’t worth my time to respond. You’re obviously anti-America and already have your unenlightened mind made up so I won’t even try – it’s not worth my effort.

        You demean my Constitution, calling it an “archaic piece of legislation” and the 2nd Amendment as not being germane in the 21st century. It’s obvious that you don’t understand real freedom and choose not to try. Please don’t waste my time by continuing to comment here. You are so brainwashed and ignorant about facts and truth, we won’t be able to discuss anything intelligently. Find another blog more to your liking.

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      • G92,
        this idiot has the temerity to slam the USA? Please, what has his home nation of Namibia contributed to the civilized world? Uh…. not a thing.

        He tries to criticize the US for Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but he is oblivious to the calculus involved. Those two blasts killed about 200,000 initially, and maybe another 75,000 with after effects. If they had not been dropped, the invasion of Japan would have resulted in well over 5 MILLION deaths, and Japan would not have recovered until the late 60s from the devastation.

        As for the so-called “palestinians”, they already have a homeland. It is called JORDAN.


      • I’d like to see Vapopya’s cancelled check for reparations to his slave-trading ancestors in Namibia. BTW, has anyone seen the Global Slavery Index lately?


        It’s quite interesting.


      • Yeah Craw, I checked his blog and knew he was located in Namibia, but there was little else on his “blog.” His is the exact mindset that pervades most of the other “dinky” countries who belong to the U.N. They’d like nothing better than to disparage and bring down the “great Satan.” That’s one of my personal reasons for wanting the U.S. to get out from the U.N. So many of the tiny undemocratic dictatorships are granted more power than they deserve. They’re like our welfare recipients here, they can vote for things that they don’t have to participate in – either by money or by troops.

        And thanks CW for that great resource – it’s truly enlightening and it shows Namibia to have more current-day slavery than the U.S which shows “none.”


  5. Here’s your reparations…..
    Every single black in America is better off than they would be in Africa.
    And now for the reparations due from black tribes that sold them into slavery and the muslims who ran the slave trade (and still do today)….


    • Without a doubt, yet they talk about “motherland” Africa like it was some sort of Utopia. That only illustrates their ignorance.

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    • The Crawfish (Crawfish, really?), if anyone is displaying untenable levels of idiocy here, it is you who bears kinship to some smelly fish.

      Now, what kind of man other than he who has, long ago; lost their grip on logic, prides themselves on having nuked another nation to near extinction?

      And to initiate an insult on social media displays your lack of requisite human decency and, you previously referred to my education or lack thereof; I seriously doubt your education level and even in the unlikely event that you ever frequented a classroom or lecturehall; you are simply an educated ‘idiot’?

      As for my ‘temerity to slam the USA’, I should refer you to my responses to your kith and kin (garnet92 and Kathy).

      Since you are the spelling leprechaun be sure to spell ‘after-effects’ correctly before you criticise me.

      And one more thing, my country is small but adds more value to this world and it never nuked anyone nor do we seek to invade other countries for their mineral resources; turning them into slave-like market opportunities, Mr Crawfish.


      • This is not a reply to Vapopya, it’s just an illustration of Mr. Vapopya’s politics. He calls himself a Bikoist, that’s defined as “Black Consciousness and Marxist Revolutionary Communism,” anybody surprised?


      • Here is some more insight into Mr. Vapopya and how well informed he (thinks) he is – this, from his own blog:

        Guns; As In Sweets?

        It is shocking that in America civilians are allowed to buy guns, apparently, even automatic guns like Uzzis and Tac 9’s as though they were going in a shop to buy slabs of chocolate.

        How can a developed country allow citizens ‘the right to bear arms’ without so much as a cursory background check? No wonder we hear people being mowed down like pheasants almost every three months by unstable owners of these automatic weapons on whom no backgrounds checks were conducted during the sale of these guns.

        Many countries in Afrika do not allow civilians to own guns and those which do have laws in place that compel the potential buyer to undergo a background check by the authorities to establish if they have a criminal record and whether the past crimes committed, if any; entail the use of a gun and then there is a waiting period of, say, six months for you to receive your Certificate of Good Conduct.
        Also, automatic weapons are not sold to civilians because these are weapons normally used in war and only carried by the military.

        In the USA, we are told, they have a pro-gun amendment that entitles civilians to owning even the most dangerous of small arms. Is this done under the cloak of democracy or is this a matter of government having failed to button down the issue of gun control via proper and strict legislation in order to save civilians from themselves?

        Now that president Obama is trying to toughen up on gun control he is facing strong headwinds because Americans who love their dangerous guns are throwing their toys out of their collective cot, as it were.

        It is neither normal nor a sign of democracy at work that civilians are walking around with automatic weapons.
        The law must come down on those who sell guns illegally or those own seek to buy guns without background checks, like a hand of God.
        Thank You. Keep Reading.

        How many errors can you find in Mr. Vapopya’s description of “guns in America”? If you can’t find more than ten, you aren’t trying. It’s obvious that he is so brainwashed that he thinks he knows things that simply aren’t true.

        And, if he insists in polluting Pesky Truth, perhaps he’ll understand if we pollute his blog in like fashion: https://vapopya.wordpress.com/


  6. Mr. Sunga and his ‘expert panel’ have a lot of gall to make such a request when we support about two-thirds of this sorry lot, while in most of their countries the living conditions and the government are far worse. Besides, we gave blacks an opportunity to run things for eight long years and look what they did with it.

    “These suggestions included a formal apology, health initiatives, educational opportunities… psychological rehabilitation, technology transfer and financial support, and debt cancellation.” It seems to me that we’ve already fulfilled most of those requests in some form, other than the formal apology, which was basically also fulfilled when the South surrendered and freed the slaves.

    There are a lot worse things going on in the world other than the blacks stirring up racism in the US, so instead of butting into our business, their time would be better spent focused on countries where muslims are slaughtering and torturing people.

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    • Those suggestions just illustrate the ignorance of that “working group.” “Educational opportunities”? Ever heard of affirmative action? “Psychological rehabilitation”? Are we supposed to provide every one of them their own personal shrink? And “technology transfer”? Ever see a black without a smart-phone up to his/her ear?

      And then we come with the biggies: financial support and debt cancellation. As we all know, follow the money. This is really what they’re after – a guaranteed income (without working) and cancel any housing, automobile, and college debts – no problem, the working whites can pick up the tab.

      This whole thing is so ridiculous that it hardly bares discussion.


  7. I agree that this country owes reparations…….. to every single former slave still alive today to collect them.

    Oh, you say there aren’t any?

    Well, then, problem solved.

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  8. What could possibly go wrong when a sovereign nation led by disloyal saboteurs (like Obama & Co.) voluntarily subjects itself to the whims of a global coalition in which the corrupt and evil have an equal place at the table with everyone else? Sounds good to me!

    The U.N. is a farce which naturally means, of course, that the leftists are all for it. Anything that takes America down is good in their tainted vision. If the U.N.s singling out of America for racial “terrorism” does not clue Americans in to the ignorance and guile that’s pervasive in this fraudulent organization, then those of us who are paying attention should prepare for the world-class looting that is coming if Hillary Clinton – another disloyal saboteur – is elected.

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    • I honestly believe that Obama plants the seed of these idiotic ideas whenever he visits the U.N. for a speech. I’m convinced that his ultimate goal would be the Grand Poobah of the United Nations – IF – the U.N. had any power. He believes that his place in the Cosmos should be the king of EVERYTHING. Fortunately, the UN has no power, it’s just a group of egos parading around like they’re impotent (sic).

      Thank God that we only have a few more months to endure his constant attacks on the U.S.


      • There’s no doubt in my mind that the arrogance-in-chief sees himself as the Grand Poobah, and the U.N. as the vehicle to make that happen. As long as nations capitulate to the demands of the U.N. because of traitorous, feckless leaders like Obama, it has enough power to attract the power-hungry like the Obamas and the Clintons. Notice how Bush has no interest.



  1. United Nations to United States: Pay Reparations To African-Americans – The Last White Male

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