Antonio Cromartie’s un-American London protest


I’m an old dude and my NFL enjoyment goes back to the days before the leagues were combined. I’ve always watched as many games as my time allowed over the years, but these supposed “protests” against our national anthem is too much. Some may call me thin-skinned, so be it, but the ill-advised protests by black millionaire players has demanded a corresponding protest by me to their actions.

I’ve stopped watching any NFL games (except my home team, the Cowboys and that will end if any of their players kneel or raise a fist during the anthem). No more for me. No more Thursday games, no non-Cowboy games on Sunday, and not even Monday Night Football. That’s my protest (and that of millions of other fans). Just this morning, I read that the number of viewers watching NFL games is down 19% – at least partly due to the black player protests.

So, it’s obvious that I was already displeased with black NFL players even before reading about Antonio Cromartie’s actions in London this past Sunday.

Cromartie’s been a good player, a four-time Pro Bowler and he signed a $3 million dollar deal with the Colts this year. But, by his actions on Sunday, he illustrated the arrogance and disdain for responsibility that pervades too many black men today – and then I read another article that opened my eyes even further.

He’s a man male who has fathered 12 (yes, a dozen) children by eight different women. He owes (pays?) $336,000 annually in child support. That’s twelve kids who will grow up without any real man to serve as a role model – or should I say, a positive role model. I do feel sorry for those children who, through no fault of their own, are going to have a tougher life because their biological father was an irresponsible, self-absorbed low-life. He can’t afford condoms?

Antonio Cromartie’s contribution to a better life for his black brethren, aside from football, is adding twelve more bastards without a dad, without a father to help them learn self-control and responsible citizenship. I’ll assume that their baby-mamas will do their best, but contrary to leftist thinking, kids do best with resident moms and dads to help them grow up to be responsible, productive citizens. And what will happen to those twelve innocent children when Cromartie stops paying child support? I guess the taxpayers will be on the hook for that.

But I’m also dismayed to once again see a distinct lack of patriotism that seems to have taken hold of so many of the black players in the league (and they account for over 2/3 (68.7%), isn’t that a disproportionate number of players? Shouldn’t white people protest the disproportionality of that?

Cromartie showed a lack of appreciation for those who have fought and died to retain the freedoms we enjoy as Americans by not only kneeling during the national anthem and raising a fist, but then he rose to his feet for “God Save the Queen.”

As far as I’m concerned, that’s adding insult to injury.

At a time when racial unrest is growing and racial agitators are stirring the pot, for professional (millionaire) football players to call attention to their racist and unpatriotic conduct is self-defeating and will come back to bite them in their collective butts.

They’ve got it coming.


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  1. Every team owner should do what Jerry Jones did and tell his players you stand up for the national anthem if you want to keep your job. Every single professional athlete should be required to watch this video.


    • I saw a fact-check on the statements attributed to Jerry and they said that he didn’t actually tell his players that – at least not in a locker room speech as was reported. I believe that he does hold that belief and won’t accept those antics, but it remains to be seen. It is true that the NFL refused to let the Cowboys put a sticker on their helmets showing support for the murdered Dallas police and to me, that’s hypocritical to disallow that while accepting kneeling and raised fists during the national anthem. It’s said that viewership of the NFL games is down by 19%. It’ll go deeper if this crap continues.

      BTW, that was a great pre-game speech by that coach, but some of his words were clipped by a bad mike – too bad, I enjoyed what he said and was reassured by the young black players showing respect for the anthem. That’s the way it should be.


  2. I’d lije ti hear the follow yp story of how successful his child support modification hearings will have those baby mommas dragging his ass back out on the field to jeep their affluent lifestyles unaffected. You can be durn sure they ain’t gonna be so nice about his new found fame.


  3. Great post, Garnet.

    Cromartie is a rutting pig who abuses his position on the football team to inflict his opinion on people who don’t give a rat’s ass what he thinks about anything. No matter what the reason I’m glad the Colts cut him. Let’s see if anyone cares about his opinion when it isn’t forced on them.


  4. He’d better get used to saying “Do you want fries wit dat?”, because the Colts just fired his dumbass!

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