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  1. Well unlike y’all, the Veteran Community is demanding legal action against the Obama’s & the Clinton’s! We remember Begahzi like it was yesterday! That is when we realized they had already abandoned all of us! It is time to hit the reset button on the Tree of Liberty!

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    • Good comment. We too remember Benghazi and all the other crimes done by these America hating communists. We remember Obama’s rules for engagement and the horrible military chiefs he put in charge and the gender bending they did. We remember the vets who died waiting for health care and sometimes in the waiting room of the VA Hospitals and the fact nothing was done about it. We remember how Obama fired/laid off 80,000 of our servicemen (” Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta has said the Army must shrink to 490,000 soldiers over the next decade, from 570,000 “) and how President Trump has had to rebuild our military, soldiers and equipment. We’ve been blogging about this and more for 10 years.

      Go for it!


  2. The problem with us exposing and trying to send the Obama’s to jail ( for which I think the deserve to be in for a long time) there would be a civil war, not only with the blacks callings us every racist Name in the book but all Democrats as well. It will never happen and neither will Clinton go ti jail either

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  3. Obama may have set the world record for the biggest ego ever and his idea of healing the planet is the polar opposite of mine. He got so caught up in it that he forgot he was a peddler and started believing his own hype.

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  4. Thanks for the reminder, tannngl!

    From the moment Obama emerged on the scene he struck me as one of those fraudster “preachers” who give loud, lofty speeches “for the people” before they drive away in their big, shiny Cadillacs to their well-healed homes. It would be a dream come true to see him exposed for the charlatan he really is.

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    • You had him pegged. He played the role of a black preacher who charged his audience with emotion and grandeur. But he was much less honest than a black preacher. He was indeed that fraudster preacher you saw in him. Funny how the world climate etc hasn’t changed much. The seas are still getting higher as they have been since the ice age. No change.

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