The Fix is in, But Hillary “O.J.” Clinton is Still Damaged Goods

On Saturday, when I heard that the FBI had questioned Hillary Clinton for only three and a half hours, I began to suspect that the fix was in.  By Sunday, when some news agencies were already reporting that there would be no charges, I felt pretty sure the fix was in – they were getting their information from somewhere.  And today, when the Director of the FBI had an announcement just three days after Clinton’s FBI interview, I knew the fix was in.  Having watched Judge Andrew Napolitano lay out the clear case against Hillary many times now, there’s no question in my mind that this was a political decision made by the powers that be.  James Comey should hang his head in shame.

Despite all that, Hillary should not rest easy.  The Left may be very good at manipulating the public, but there isn’t time before this election to erase what the public already knows.  Had she been indicted her minions would have portrayed her as a victim and rallied the troops to her defense.  Simple-minded people might have felt sorry for her.  But now everyone knows that Teflon Hillary got away with her crimes, and even some Democrats (Bernie supporters mostly) are going to have a problem with that.  As long as the Left are running things Hillary Clinton is above the law, and that’s where she feels entitled to be.  Donald Trump will rightfully have a field day – nay many field days – with that.  It plays perfectly into the Crooked Hillary theme, even better than an indictment and acquittal would, I dare say.  And now we have the FBI Director’s official proclamation that she was “careless” in the way she conducted herself as Secretary of State.  That’s a fine endorsement, eh?

Whenever our elected and appointed officials fail to do their duties to hold the corrupt accountable, it is up to the people to do so.  O.J. Simpson may have gotten away with murder, but he rightfully became a public pariah nonetheless.  Will people today have the conscience to hold Hillary accountable?  We’re about to find out.




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  1. We may be witnessing the bell tolling for our United States. If Hillary goes on to win the presidency, it will be cold, hard evidence that political power trumps everything when a lying, felonious, traitorous, criminal can be elected to the presidency. What happened to integrity, to honesty, to truth and justice? They’ve officially been flushed down the crapper and it’s unlikely that we can ever get them back. I mean, look at the two clowns vying to be POTUS – we, as a country, should be ashamed..


    • Yes, we’re in a very sad and shameful state, Garnet. How many millions of great Americans are there, and this is what we have to choose from. The stupid Americans are becoming too big of a force to fight.


  2. Teflon Hillary, my arse.
    She’s HillaryUs,
    And she’s the epitome of disaster looking for a Country to destroy.
    Let’s not me to continue on what would’ve followed through for her charges against her years ago, almost seems like ancient nowadays that everything treads so fastly.
    Anywho, let US continue to hope Trump will be success full at making great rebuttal against this outrageous, egregious moment.
    That HillaryUs has just shown herself to have been even worse for US than that ObombUs had she been elected instead.
    But any more, does it even matter what DamnitCrat gets elected so long as they no republicans will stand up against them?
    Until conservative republicans stand up against the tyrannical assaults of the leftists then we better start consulting GOD’s record of events which will continue to develop until like JESUS proclaimed on the cross, “It Is FINISHED.”


    • >>>“Until conservative republicans stand up against the tyrannical assaults of the leftists…”

      We had a conservative ready to stand up against the leftists, W.T., and he was rejected by the so-called Republicans for the likes of Donald Trump (who, btw, helped elect Hillary and some of the other leftists you disdain). How do you expect conservatives to stand up and fight when they can’t beat someone like Donald Trump for the Republican nomination? You’ll have to pardon my bitterness but even though I hate Hillary Clinton with a passion and I hope she gets her comeuppance in this battle for POTUS I can’t – even for a moment – get excited about the alternative.

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  3. CW, the masses don’t care. Twitter reported that Sanders supporters are up in arms over this. But on twitter the trending subjects are:

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    Guess it’s not important enough. She’s got a get out of jail free card. With all the illegals and people on welfare/SSI/foodstamps as well as the little groups of people with their supporters (LGPTQ, pro-abortion, Black, Brown, Muslim, etc etc) she’s going to go over the top in November. And with the FBI having lost integrity…We.Are.So.Screwed.


  4. Proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Clintons, or at least Hillary, is truly above the law. For the most part, the writing was on the wall months ago when O stated that he didn’t think her actions caused any harm. Then the next clue was when Lynch stated she’d abide by the FBI’s recommendations. When she met Bill on the tarmac, it was obvious the deal was in the bag. The FBI questioning Hillary, and on a holiday weekend, was purely for show to make us think they still hadn’t decided, even after the hours they spent going through thousands of emails. The decision was already made and the press release was ready.

    The old phrase ‘if you ever want to work in this town again..’ comes to mind regarding James Comey, and there’s no way of knowing what other threats he may have received. He had no choice.

    As SoS, she only got 4 Americans killed (that we know of), so just think what she can do as president.


    • I’m not sure I can agree that Comey had no choice, Kathy. Washington D.C. is not the only place a man can work when he has a resume like his. It’s just speculation, of course, but I believe Comey pulled a John Roberts, convincing himself that by fudging the law he was saving the country from crisis and not upending a presidential election. IMO opinion they’re both cowards and traitors to their professions and to this country.


      • You’re right, of course, he had choices from where we stand, but not so much from his point of view. I think that’s how he saw it – he didn’t want family members to get disappeared. Coward and traitor? Our government is full of them.

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  5. “Will people today have the conscience to hold Hillary accountable?” Nah. Even twenty years ago, this would have been enough for her own party to disown here. Now, unless the PACs and the GOP move very swiftly to make certain the damning statements are not swept under the rug, it will become just one more of the Clinton scandals which no longer register on the conscious.


    • Generally speaking, Tregonsee, I’m as cynical as they come, so I suspect you’re probably right. I don’t expect the Hillary diehards to suddenly grown some morals, but this election, just like the last several, will be decided by the Independents, and I think it’s just possible that some of them may decide they don’t want to vote for a corrupt queen bee who lies to their faces every time she opens her mouth. Maybe I’m just dreaming but once in a while it’s nice to dream. Unfortunately, with Donald Trump as the alternative, there’s no happy ending to this dream.


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