Gowdy schools Comey on Hillary’s intent

Trey Gowdy questioned FBI Director James Comey on his investigation with regard to Hillary’s previous public statements and then schooled him on how intent is proven and what constitutes intent. It was awesome!

Watch the video taken from The Right Scoop on July 7, 2016 (see the article HERE):


THAT is the Gowdy that we expected would be grilling people the same way in the Benghazi hearings. He certainly makes FBI Director Comey look bad (and deservedly so).

I have to wonder what happened?


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  1. Gowdy clearly demonstrated the Comey’s assertion of a lack of intent was bogus!

    This is twice that Comey has pulled off on the Clintons, with the first being Bill Clinton’s exit pardons, like Mark Rich, where big bucks also changed hands!

    Simple corruption, intimidation???

    Yes, tannngl, Gowdy has not been as aggressive as advertised. I don’t understand that!

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    • There has GOT to be more to this whole Hillary universe than meets the eye. I thought that Gowdy would crucify her in the Benghazi matter, but essentially she skated there and now Comey and the email scandal and she walks again. Yes, Gowdy skewered Comey, but I can’t help wonder why these two men, on whom we placed such high hopes – both thought to be honest, determined, and courageous – and both whiffed on bringing Witch Hillary to justice.

      If both of these guys were intimidated by threat or bought off with mega-millions, who is left with any integrity in the federal government? We’ve been told so many times that these two were above reproach and yet neither of them succeeded in getting the goods on the Head of the Clinton Crime Family. Why?

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      • I’ll answer the second one first. NO ONE! Not even Cruz & Lee are perfect! Merely far better than most. Until we get term limits, repeal the 17th A., and strenuously reform Civil Service, there is little hope. I’m coming to the opinion that it is already too late, and that we will face a splintering of the country into three parts, the two coasts and flyover country The latter will remain a constitutional republic, the former socialist “paradises”. Hopefully that wil be accomplished without another Civil War!

        Comey clearly blew it on the charges. But just as clearly unequivocally confirmed that Hillary committed abject, repeated perjuries in testimony before Congress.

        Benghazi looks worse, because of the deaths. But, realistically, Congress were asking the wrong question. Once the attack began, little could realistically be done. Fighter jets could have been scrambled from Corsica or Sicily, made a couple of runs over the city, and returned to base. That’s it! No troops had be pre positioned for rapid deployment.

        The correct questions in Benghazi were: what were they doing there? And why were they so exposed in hostile territory without prepositioned backup?
        These questions are not a matter of legality, but of judgement.

        I suspect that the rumors of illegal weapons transfers to Syrian rebels has some truth, and redeployment of military assets to forward stances would have telegraphed that to those critics who were watching. So they rolled the dice, and crapped out! Casualties would have been far worse had not the CIA guys disobeyed orders, laid down covering fire, and resisted, while the satellite embassy was evacuated to safety. They heroically sacrificed their lives, and Hillary & BHO then callously lied to those heroes’ families and spat on their graves. But again, being callous and telling lies in private, though despicable, is not a crime. Thus Congress ran to the wrong spoor, and found bupkis.


  2. Yes, that was another good one on Gowdy’s part, but I have to wonder if he’s such a bulldog at these hearings because he knows nothing comes of them. There is no punishment for anyone who’s been summoned to such hearings, so it’s easy to be the dog on the bone.

    Yet during the questioning of Hillary on Benghazi, he went just as easy on her as everyone else did. Why? Was it because punishment was a possible result from the findings of those hearings? Or was it because his family might have been threatened, which is a possibility I always consider in regard to Hillary.


  3. Afraid I’ve lost all respect for Gowdy.
    This questioning, which he is very good at, is campaigning against Hillary for the Republican nominee.
    Sorry, it’s what I think.


    • I have too tannngl. I’ve been a real promoter of Gowdy, thinking that he was above reproach and always got his man, but I was RONG. He’s shown himself to be no more effective at pinning down Hillary than anyone else. As I said to Kathy, apparently Gowdy is a paper tiger – and tissue paper at that.

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