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  1. What if the Constitution was a scam from the get-go?

    The Federalist coup of 1787



    • Ron Paul considers himself a “constitutionalist” and is well known for his defense and support of the Constitution. How do you square your support for a constitutionalist like RP while at the same time sharing a post that questions whether the Constitution is a “scam?”

      It’s just a rhetorical question for you to ponder, since you won’t be back. I thought you might like to know how it feels when someone demands that you “square” your choices in an imperfect political world.


    • What if you were an alien from Jupiter?
      Your comment was nonsense and you left no proof or understanding of the issue.

      You know, if you wanted to point out that the Constitution was a scam you could start your own blog. Instead you come here and throw out this nonsense.

      If you had any understanding of history you would know that our Contitution was based on theism, belief in God and that our rights came from Him. That the Constitution was a document to keep the states together, provide defense and state the limited duties of the federal government. It has been people who have no understanding of the constitution nor the desire to understand it that have defined what it says with lies and Constitution-bending to fit their schemes.

      I must wonder about your ability to think.


  2. That was good – short and to the point. Maybe even Democrats can understand it. Will repost on FB.

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