Donald Trump – His Own Worst Enemy

I wonder how many more of us are out there – people like me who were dead-set against Donald Trump during the Republican primary – voted for him because he was the lesser of the two evils – yet have come to be pleased with much of what we got when he won over the atrocious alternative.

I say “much of what we got” because unfortunately, President Trump is still saddled with many of the faults we saw in the primary. They were bad enough when he was candidate Trump, still a negative as Nominee Trump, but now that we’re dealing with President Trump, they’re becoming more serious and troublesome.

President Trump has brought on many of his problems simply by running his mouth before engaging his brain.

They’re called “unforced errors” in tennis and an “own goal” in hockey and soccer. That’s when a player’s own blunder scores for the opponent. Donald Trump has a habit of doing that.

The old saying that it’s “better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt” comes to mind. You can’t help but think of that saying. I’d even go so far as guessing that President Trump would be better off by cutting the number of words spoken – or his statements – across the board – by ten percent.

Either that or stop and think before he gives a knee-jerk reaction to a question.

That’s especially true since the media has learned of his penchant for saying things that get him in trouble. They’re smart enough to ask questions to which they expect off-the-cuff answers, many of which become fodder for nightly news when they’re used to bolster the media narrative that illustrates “how unfit for the office he is.”

I’m only speaking for myself, but I’ve become accustomed to his antics, his tweeting, his un-presidential behavior and the like, because, on the whole, he’s been a damn good president. One can’t look at the country’s economy and the general positive attitude of most citizens without recognizing that President Trump has been doing a better job of improving life in the U.S. than any other president going back to Ronald Reagan. Better than Bush Sr., Clinton, Dubya Bush, and Obama – better than any of them.

And, considering that he’s accomplished so much against a massive opposing headwind consisting of the media, democrats, and establishment Republicans, we can extrapolate the achievements that could be attained if he just stopped shooting himself in the foot.

President Trump, PLEASE stop scoring unforced errors for your opponents by saying stupid things that will have to be “walked back” or “explained” to correct some meme that the opposition will use to demean and damage you.

While he shouldn’t have said it out loud, he had honest reasons for making the statements that are his most recent scourge – believing Putin over our CIA. I can see why he would have some inner conflict in that statement knowing that the CIA, DOJ, FBI, etc. had done their best to frame him for collusion with the Russians. That history wouldn’t engender a high level of confidence in anyone who might have been the recipient of their activities. Why should he trust them? At least, Vladimir Putin hasn’t tried to destroy him (yet).

I don’t think, even today, that Donald Trump realizes the importance of each and every word he speaks. It’s time that Donald Trump realizes that if he’s not his own worst enemy, his own missteps have to rank right up there with the media and the dems in the danger they pose.

I think that the president needs another aide – one to teach him how to bite his own tongue.


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  1. Trump’s shoot from the hip style can be a blessing or a curse. Being reactive, his words may seem superficial, even on issues which he has contemplated for years.

    But it is also a deliberate. He WANTS to trigger the Dems & MSM (I repeat myself!) so that THEY react, and do it in such unison from the Left, that they expose themselves, undermining themselves incrementally before the public.

    Meanwhile, the Trump supporters watch what he DOES, not what he says, or how he says it. Yes, I cringe sometimes, but only for a moment, then I chuckle, and move on.

    So the only way he will change that style is if he doesn’t ENJOY doing that part of The Show!

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  2. Being a Trump advisor has got to take the prize for being the most frustrating job on the planet. Being Trump’s press secretary comes in a close second.

    Here’s the problem: Trump is not a thoughtful man. He is a reactive man, and what comes out of his mouth is simply the verbal expression of what’s in his heart and in his mind. While he is often compared to Reagan, it shouldn’t escape anyone’s notice that Reagan never had to walk back what he said at the podium. Reagan would have instinctively known to defend his country while on stage with Putin, and he would know that while it may be worthwhile to meet with someone like Putin no superficial friendship is going to deter Putin from his quest to restore Russia’s glory at any cost.

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    • You’re right about that… Sarah Huckabee Sanders has to be some strong lady to constantly defend him against the slings and arrows (and rocket-propelled grenades) that confront her every day. Her skin must be inches thick (not millimeters). And Yes, he is (obviously) not a thoughtful man, but he would benefit from learning to pause before reacting. As I told foguth, I believe that he feels that pausing, and making a careful statement to be the trait of a politician and he’ll intentionally stay miles away from being characterized as a politician. That said, he could benefit from a little more care before speaking.

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  3. Garnet, my husband were officially independents and started out as Bernie supporters. However, we switched our allegiance to Trump after HRC became the official candidate. So did several of our friends.
    I don’t mind that he isn’t ‘politically correct’, because that seems phony, particularly after 8 years of BO. We’re pleased that Trump is ‘patriotically correct’, which has been lacking for years. In fact patriotism has been lacking so long that I’m wondering when it disappeared.
    By and large, we’re pleased with results and will be very pleased when indictments and arrest warrants are issued for the ones who’ve used their time and expertise to gain power and profit instead of serve the people.

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    • Agreed, foguth. In a sane world, we might expect the media to moderate their treatment of him somewhat – when indictments finally prove that he’s been the target of a massive frame-up, but their hatred of him is so deeply ingrained I don’t know if that will ever change.

      My point was that he could find his life a little more pleasant if he’d just pause and consider how his words will be interpreted before he speaks them out loud. I’d just like for him to cut down on unforced errors and make his opposition work at constructing their memes.

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      • In his ‘blooper’ in Finland (would/wouldn’t) he seemed to be reading his speech and I wondered if that was because it was being translated. He’s made that same general statement correctly several times, when he was speaking extemporaneously.
        That said, I do agree that it would be nice if he paused a moment to weigh the pros and cons.

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      • I’m really concerned for him – I’d like to keep him in the White House until the end of his second term (assuming that he continues on a steady conservative path) and I worry that he’s walking through a minefield 24/7 and could do with some relaxation of the constant attacks. I’m concerned that he won’t change his “shoot from the hip” persona since I think that he views a careful, considered response to be a trait of a politician and he’ll abhor that – BUT, it could serve him well.


  4. Good stuff, Garnet, and amen to that! Sometimes less is more, and he needs to learn that.

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  5. You can add me to the list, but you also need to realize that he is taken out of context and his words are twisted and turned so much it’s pathetic. Then they lie on top of it all
    I watched April Ryan yesterday as she tried to insinuate that the administration was doing something about voter suppression ( which Sarah Sanders refused to answer he question)

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    • You’re right, bescher, the president is frequently (intentionally) misquoted and statements attributed to him that aren’t accurate, but he does suffer from foot-in-mouth-disease. Things would be a little better if he just stopped making unforced errors. He’s got enough opposition already, he doesn’t need to create more.

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