Colin Kaepernick

The Left’s Faux Reality

      “Trump is a fascist!” “Trump is a white supremacist!” “Trump is colluding with the Russians!” What do you do when the realities of the world don’t conform to your pre-formed prejudices and desires for shaping the world… Read More ›

Kaepernick and gratitude

From:,  by Lloyd Marcus,  on Oct 2, 2016   A black relative in his late 50s told me I should be more sympathetic toward Colin Kaepernick’s grievances with America; more understanding of young blacks dissing their country. I say,… Read More ›

The Dummy, Colin Kaepernick

Like a lot of people these days, Colin Kaepernick does not discriminate.   He does not discriminate between the actions of individuals versus the policies of a state, nor does he discriminate between what’s fact and what’s fiction.  That’s nothing to… Read More ›