Adam Lanza Broke the Law

Adam Lanza Broke the Law UPDATE:  April 17, 2013 I’ve updated this post with information from newly released sources. Only one statement had to be changed. It stated that Lanza shot his mom 4 times, that was wrong – she was shot only once,… Read More ›

How Do I Dislike Thee?

How Do I Dislike Thee? Let me count the ways There are many reasons that I dislike Barack Obama. Here are a few: I dislike arrogant, egotistical people I dislike narcissists, especially when they possess precious little justification for being… Read More ›

Obama, Hornswoggler-in-chief

You, my friend, have been hornswoggled. So have I … we all have. And the hornswoggler-in-chief is Barack Hussein Obama. The sad thing is, we have allowed ourselves to be hornswoggled, we have even aided and abetted the hornswoggling. For… Read More ›