Is the Witch Hunt Over?

From Jordan Schachtel, 5-29-19 at Conservative Review:


Mueller sets a new standard for innocence: Prove you did not commit a crime

Speaking at Justice Department headquarters in Washington, D.C., Wednesday morning, a visibly nervous Robert Mueller told reporters that he found no evidence of collusion with Russia, but then appeared to invent a new, extrajudicial standard for innocence in the United States.

First going through many of the conclusions of his April report on supposed Russian interference in the 2016 election, Mueller then announced that he will be “resigning from the Department of Justice to return to private life,” effective today.

He restated his report’s conclusion that there was no evidence to support the collusion narrative.

As for the obstruction case, Mueller stated that his office was unable to charge President Trump.

“Under long-standing department policy, a president cannot be charged with a federal crime while he’s in office,” Mueller added, saying that “charging the president with a crime was not an option we could therefore consider.”

In defiance of his prosecutorial duties, Mueller restated the “prove a negative” standard from his report.

“If we had confidence that the president did not commit a crime, we would have said so,” Mueller said during his appearance at DOJ headquarters.

As I explained last month following the release of the Mueller report:

But the conclusion from Mueller’s prosecutors is largely misleading and it fails the logic test. It was not Mueller’s job to prove a negative – that the president did not commit a crime. His job was to determine whether the president did commit a crime.

Commentators on Twitter seemed baffled by the new Mueller standard of innocence, with many arguing that by bypassing his duties as a prosecutor, he greenlit impeachment for Democrats in Congress.


Mueller’s final report on Russian interference in the 2016 election exonerated the president on charges — originating largely from baseless allegations drawn up in an infamous dossier financed by the Hillary Clinton campaign — that he or any members of his campaign collaborated with Moscow to secure his victory at the polls. Even as they strung up several Trump associates on process crimes unrelated to the investigation, Mueller and his team of Democrat prosecutors failed to find a single piece of evidence to prove the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy.


No the witch hunt isn’t over – not by a long shot, and not as long as the Dems still draw a breath.

Mueller tossed the Dems a scrap, and like chickens in a barnyard, they will peck it to death in attempts to take down Trump. But it is time to leave Trump alone and go after the real culprits. Anyone who supports the rule of law should want to know why human sources, wiretapping, and massive unmasking were used against a presidential candidate.

Borrowed quote —

“While we recognize that Trump did not actually steal any horses, he is obviously guilty of trying to resist being hanged for it.”


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  1. If you haven’t listened to Barr’s podcast on CBS News, do so.

    He is sane, sober, and serious about getting to the bottom of this.

    Also see my post from this morning. I’ve had it!!


  2. Well, in answer to the titular question, the witch hunt will NEVER be over. That’s the very nature of witch hunts.

    Basically, we’re dealing here, in Trump’s case, with the cliché question of “When did you stop beating your wife?” It’s exactly the same character assassination Dirty Harry Reid aimed at Romney when he accused Romney of being a tax cheat. No facts or truth; only the accusation with which the leftist legacy media could run and turn into a “thing”.

    In Mueller’s case it was a tad less direct, because he phrased it to be an implication rather than an outright accusation, but it’s the same tactic.

    But here’s the thing. Mueller claims they didn’t pursue it further because the President is immune from such prosecution while in office. Well… okay. But what about all the other people with whom he presumably “colluded” — in crim law terms that would be “conspired”? THEY have no such immunity, so where are the criminal indictments there? How come NO ONE was indicted? The only reason I can come up with is that there was no crime to work with to begin with.

    Further, just because a President is still in office does NOT mean he can’t be indicted for a crime AFTER he leaves office, even if it was a crime he committed while in office. The charge simply sits there until he’s no longer President.

    On top of ALL of that, these crimes he’s presumed to have committed occurred while he was still an unelected person, i.e. a civilian. Therefore no immunity attaches AT ALL.

    Bottom line, Mueller’s a bottom-feeding scum-sucking POS who’s wasting breathable air.

    Just my opinion, of course.


    • Agreed Brian, the witch hunt will never be over, because if nothing else, the Dems have tenacity. My guess as to why no one else was indicted is because those indictments wouldn’t change who’s in the White House. The fact that there was no crime, at least not in this campaign, wasn’t the priority – their goal was to paint Trump as a bad person, regardless of facts, which they managed to do and Mueller just enhanced it with his statements yesterday.

      I’m really hopeful that Barr is the stand-up guy we need, but I’m not holding my breath for it. There’s been too few of them for a long time.


      • Gotta disagree, Kathy. There were no indictments because there were no crimes committed.

        Notice how Mueller DID indict everyone he could: Russian trolls, Flynn, Manafort, Stone, and a few others, and not one single indictment of anyone actually involved with Russians, other than those Russian trolls themselves, which is hilariously meaningless, because they’ll never see the inside of an American courtroom.

        There’s absolutely nothing anywhere that ties Trump or his campaign to anything whatsoever.


      • “How come NO ONE was indicted?”

        Well gosh, Brian, first you say no one was indicted, which I agreed with, and then you say some were indicted, so maybe we need some clarification here.

        I think you meant that Trump wasn’t indicted, and that’s who I was referring to in my comment. What we disagree on is the reason for it, and I guess that depends on each of our thoughts on Mueller’s motives and intentions. He said he couldn’t have charged Trump anyway, so there was no point to the whole investigation.

        At any rate, there were some indictments – it’s just that they were the little guys and not the big fish the Dems wanted.


      • LOL

        Clarification: No one was indicted for “Russian collusion”, or any crime of any kind that had anything to do with Trump, the original alleged “target” of this entire “investigation”. Indictments for a bunch of irrelevant crimes, in reality charged to be used as pressure to try to get people to “flip” on Trump and rat him out.

        Of course, since Trump wasn’t involved in any criminal activity, there wasn’t anything to rat him out FOR (though Cohen tried, laughably).

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      • Okay, we’re on the same page now, and yeah, Cohen is one of those guys that doesn’t know when to stop shoveling.

        There’s no impeachable offense either, but that won’t stop the Dems from screeching about it and pressuring Nancy.


  3. Now it is time to hold the Democrats to their own standards (such as those might be) by demanding they prove their innocence on the multiple peccadillos.

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  4. CW, I can’t say that Robert Mueller, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden or Jerry Nadler didn’t commit any crimes, either….. my list of suspected criminals is much, much longer, too. In fact, they aren’t even in the top five.
    I also am confident that justice is coming and probably that boomerang, too.

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    • I suspect our lists are very similar, foguth! I am anxiously awaiting that justice to get here.

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    • Ditto that, foguth. Bring it on.

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      • IMHO, bring on impeachment, too…. We all know Trump has been exonerated and was accused of crimes committed by some of his accusers, so while it will be annoying, I doubt he would actually be harmed any more than he already has been…. BTW, am I the only one who thinks our president is the human equivalent of that energizer bunny?
        IMHO, if the poor souls who are still suffering from TDS continue to blindly puss for impeachment, they will only show light on their own guilt and corruption.
        My husband and I stocked up on popcorn 😉

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  5. I posted this in the comment section of the Fox News article on the Mueller press conference:

    “I can’t say that Robert Mueller didn’t commit a crime.
    I can’t say that Bernie Sanders didn’t commit a crime.
    I can’t say that Joe Biden didn’t commit a crime.
    I can’t say that Jerry Nadler didn’t commit a crime.

    Shall I go on?”

    Some Dem-liberal responded:

    “If you want to say that I may have committed a crime, that’s fine with me. I would be happy to PROVE myself innocent. That’s what an innocent person does. They don’t try to obstruct to keep the truth from coming out.”

    So once again the Left’s schemes in pursuit of power have done great damage to this nation as – unbelievably – we now have AMERICANS asserting that innocent people are obligated to prove they aren’t guilty of crimes. Such Soviet-style thinking is quite ironic given all this manufactured outrage about Trump’s supposed collusion with the Russians.

    I’ve said it before and will no doubt soon say it again: There is NOTHING sacred to the Left and there is no limit to the cost they will extract from this nation in pursuit of their own selfish ends.

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    • Absolutely, CW, nothing is sacred to the left. I’ve said it a million times – there is no new low that’s too low for them to go in their quest for _____ (fill in the goal).

      I just saw this at the Blaze and it sums it up perfectly:

      Ever since the Mueller report was submitted to U.S. Attorney General William Barr, the left and its media allies have been in an uproar over its findings and how Barr treated the section on obstruction. They’ve been unable to shift the narrative about obstruction and impeachment to get the American people to buy in. Enter Robert Mueller to save the day with a sound bite.

      The given reason by Mueller for his televised statement Wednesday was that he is wrapping up and resigning and will let his report speak for itself. Except that’s not all he did. He also gave the media the video clip it craved that will drive the news cycle for days.

      After rehashing that he did not make a determination of innocence regarding obstruction, Mueller uttered these 25 words, “And second, the opinion says that the Constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing.”

      Mark Levin exposed the media practice of manufacturing stories by getting others to say things that will drive a narrative. Mueller has delivered for the media, big time, and they’ve run with the ball.

      He has been predicting this charade for nearly two years. In June 2017, Levin said, “Mr. Mueller may be investigating individuals and so forth, but his purpose for being unleashed against the president of the United States is to make the case for impeachment, not indictment.”

      It was never about indictments, because they had nothing indictable and they knew it. But, as we’ve all talked about before, it did keep the hype up and it kept people angry and divided, so the left’s latest goal of controlling the narrative has been accomplished.

      Hopefully, William Barr gets us past that and on to true justice. It will be slow, but I’m ready, aren’t you?

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      • I’m definitely ready for some true justice, Kathy, but with today’s events the Left has succeeded in starting a whole new cycle of fighting. Mark Levin was spot on, as he typically is.

        My fear now is that Americans will just get weary of the fighting and mayhem and elect a democrat POTUS just to put an end to it. Trump and his team are going to have to be extraordinarily clever and strategic in their plan to deal with this latest attack. He needs to pound home the fact that anything he did that Mueller and the Dems are calling “obstruction” was a righteous attempt to thwart a witch hunt. No American, president or not, should have to sit still and be a willing victim to a witch hunt.


      • Agreed, there will be a new higher-pitched cycle of fighting, but my thinking is that Barr comes in at some point in the not-too-distant future and throws some monkey wrenches in their plans. He seems to be more about justice than he does about choosing sides, so we’ll have to wait and see. But at least, we’re getting really good at that.

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    • “If you want to say that I may have committed a crime, that’s fine with me. I would be happy to PROVE myself innocent. That’s what an innocent person does.”

      And there you have it. The plus-perfect illustration of the intellectual vacuity of leftards, which is exactly why we CALL them “leftards”. No, an innocent person DOESN’T “prove themselves innocent”. What a dolt.

      In this country, under our Constitution, NO ONE has to prove themselves innocent of anything. That’s the French system of “justice” (I kid you not). In THIS country we enjoy the PRESUMPTION of innocence, hence the phrase “innocent until PROVEN guilty”.

      That idiot’s dumber than a box of rocks.

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      • Yeah, Brian, and what you get when a bunch of idiots who are “dumber than a box of rocks” are being manipulated by leftist politicians who are sly as foxes is destruction of everything that’s good and right.


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