Sri Lanka Cardinal: Terrorists Are ‘Animals,’ Must Be ‘Punished Mercilessly’

By Thomas D Williams, PhD, 4-22-19, at Breitbart News:

Sri Lanka’s highest-ranking Catholic prelate called on the government to hunt down the attackers behind the lethal bombings that killed nearly 300 people Sunday and to “punish them mercilessly.”

“I would also like to ask the government to hold a very impartial strong inquiry and find out who is responsible behind this act and also to punish them mercilessly, because only animals can behave like that,” said Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, the archbishop of Colombo.

Ranjith expressed his “deepest sorrow and sympathy” for those affected by the attacks, while advising against vigilante actions.

“I ask all our Sri Lankan people not to take the law into their own hands and to maintain peace and harmony in this country,” he said.

The Easter Sunday massacre took place at six locations – three churches and three hotels – and involved seven suicide bombers, but police believe that a number of other conspirators helped plan and execute the attacks. So far, 24 suspects have been apprehended in connection with the killings.

In Rome, Pope Francis called for a universal condemnation of the “inhuman” suicide bombings, offering prayers and condolences.

“I would hope that all will condemn these inhuman terrorist acts, which are never justifiable,” the pope told crowds gathered in Saint Peter’s Square for his Regina Caeli message Monday, adding that he is praying for “the great many victims and wounded” while also asking all nations to “not hesitate to offer all the assistance necessary to that dear nation.”


The Cardinal is right to condemn the murderers and seek harsh punishment, but like so many others, he mislabels them as terrorists, when they’re jihadists waging war as instructed by Allah. There are more than four hundred verses in the Quran alone that describe the torment in hell that Allah has prepared for the infidel and believers must be in a constant state of war with the infidel.

Again, like so many others, the Cardinal also refrains from referring to the victims as Christians. Both Obama and HIllary referred to them as ‘Easter worshippers’ in their tweets, but they are quick to name other groups when idealogues attack or target groups such as homosexuals or blacks.

Christians have been persecuted for hundreds of years.  Why is it so hard for them to say the word Christian, especially since they profess to be one?


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  1. “Why is it so hard for them to say the word Christian, especially since they profess to be one?”

    Because a leftist is always a leftist first, and this takes precedence over any other identity, real or made up.

    Do you think that whenever something happens that our so-called “leaders” should naturally comment on they all convene by email first to agree on the approved terminology of the day? Very Kremlin-ish, I must say. Nothing comes from their hearts, because the only thing dear to them is their political careers. It is all carefully crafted with an eye on the one goal shared by every leftist: advancing the Left’s agenda. Obama showed far more outrage and emotion when talking about the death of Trayvon Martin than for the nearly 300 people who died in these attacks targeting Chrisians. I would bet money that one of his assistants crafted and sent this tweet while he was busy golfing. Same for Hillary, while she was busy counting her gold.

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    • I’d have to agree on it being scripted – after all, what are the odds they’d both use the same verbiage? Good point about Obama’s reaction on Trayvon. They’re politicians first and foremost above all else.

      If you go by their comments you’d have to believe that minorities, homosexuals, women and muslims are the victims and white men and Christians are the bad guys. It would throw everything out of balance if they had to admit that Christians are victims too, and have been for far longer. No wonder so many Dems know so little truth if this is what they go by.

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  2. Reblogged this on Lauren Creech's Random Thoughts and commented:
    Well written with good questions. A truly scary time for Christians, but something which our faith has warned us about for as long as we have existed.


    • Thanks for the repost, Lauren. It’s a war we’ve been fighting for hundreds of years, and lately it seems we’ve let our guard down, mostly due to liberal ‘leadership’. One look at France, Germany and the UK tells us what’s next if we don’t get serious.


  3. Reblogged this on larrysmusings and commented:
    We were deeply saddened and outraged over the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka. We reblog this piece as it raises relevant questions that need to be asked.

    Violent Islam has to be countered, opposed and defeated. That said, we must here in the US realize that our military actions in the Middle East have served to increase Muslim hatred and violence. And, we must question our subservience to Israel as well.


    • Subservience to Israel? That’s one of the most moronic lines I’ve read this month. Israel is our one good ally and the one free state in that region. Where else in that region can Christians, Jews, and muslims all worship openly and without threat?

      Oh, and by the way, our military presence doesn’t make islam more violent. The quran and hadith already command such violence against infidels.


    • Thanks for the reblog, Larry, but I disagree with you on our military action being the cause. We were attacked first – that’s what brought it on. If they’d stay in their own country and leave people along, none of this would be happening.


      • Kathy,

        We cannot choose to ignore what Israel does to the Palestinians on a daily basis, which is not covered by news media here in the US. As well, our indiscriminate drone strikes that have killed thousands added to our support of the Saudis in their bombings of Yemenis in their homes, and the US demanding that Assad must go (with the long and destructive civil war in Syria), have all contributed to the hate for Americans and Christians throughout the world.

        That is, I know, not a popular view, but as unpleasant as it is to contemplate, it is the reality. The US cannot extract itself from this hellish region, the Middle East, and that is a real tragedy.


      • What Israel does to the Palestinians? GTFO with that crap! It isn’t Israel launching terrorist attacks over the border. It isn’t Israel proudly showing how they indoctrinate children to attack and kill Jews when they can,

        Just in case you missed it, the Jews offered ALL residents FULL CITIZENSHIP when they declared independence. That included full voting rights and the ability to be elected to any position. Most of the muslims chose instead to attempt to exterminate the Jews. They lost, and thus have zero legitimate claim to that land


      • Larry, this post isn’t about Israel and you’re taking it off topic. Kindly stick to the topic or move along.


      • Crawfish, I’ll tell you the same thing – stick to the topic – this is not the place for that argument. You do that on your page, but please don’t hijack my post.


  4. What used to be said about cigarettes now needs to be said about muslims……

    Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!

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