#TweetOfTheDay – Acting AG Whitaker

I watched part of this. The guy is good!


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  1. I watched about an hour or so of this kangaroo show and what I don’t understand is why I didn’t see a single Republican asking any questions. Were the R’s not allowed to participate? That would certainly be in keeping with the way the commies want to run things.

    I liked this part when Whitaker gave Lying Nadler the verbal finger. This “hearing” was an absolute farce. Towards the apparent end of the hearing one of the dims finally gets her turn to abuse Mr. Whitaker and she starts by complaining that there’s only a little time left so she wants him to keep his answers short. I SO wish he had replied: “The time is short because your fellow democrats have used the hearing to grandstand and play politics, and NO I will not keep my answers short. I will use as much time as I think I need to defend myself from your unjustified attacks. Now stop wasting MY time and ask your politically motivated question so we can get this show over with.”

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    • Totally agree with you! Seems you watched the time period I did too. I wondered about the R’s questioning too. Just thought I must have missed them. There was a report that both sides of the aisle were frustrated with him! LOL!

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  2. I saw parts of it it too, and he was great. He especially frustrated SJL until she was ready to spit nails. LOL

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    • The headlines last night on my Bloomberg app was: “Whitaker gets taken to the woodshed’.
      LOLZ! I think Whitaker took the DEMS to the woodshed. He didn’t care if he answered their questions or not! He didn’t answer what he didn’t want to answer and answered what he decided to answer after long quippy back and forth terseness! He’s done in what? 6 days? He doesn’t care!
      I so liked his blasé-ness.

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