Obama Judge Upholds Obama Program Forcing Taxpayers to Absorb Student Loan Debt


From Fox News today:

“Betsy DeVos cancels $150 million of student loan debt after losing court battle”

The Department of Education said it will cancel $150 million of student loan debt, impacting about 15,000 people whose schools closed. The Obama-era borrower defense relief program – which essentially ground to a halt under Education Secretary Betsy Devos – provided a path for people to seek forgiveness for federal student loans if a shuttered school violated specific laws or misled students.

DeVos was highly critical of the program, reportedly calling it a “free money” giveaway, and sought to change and delay the program. However, she was sued, and a federal judge ruled in September the program needed to “go into effect.”

Those eligible for loan forgiveness must have been enrolled at the school when it closed and not enrolled at another Title-IV school within three years of the previous school’s closing, according to the Education Department.

“This is a good first step, but it’s not good enough,” said Sen. Patty Murray, the top Democrat on the Education Committee. She called on DeVos to “abandon her attempts to rewrite the borrower defense rule to let for-profit colleges off the hook and instead fully implement the current rule and provide relief to more than 100,000 borrowers who were cheated out of their education and savings.”

Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander, the Education Committee chair, previously argued the “Obama administration went too far in rewriting this provision by setting overly broad and vague standards and as a result, put taxpayers on the hook for too many loans.”

Visit Fox News to read the full article.


And so the Obama-era screwing of the U.S. taxpayer continues long after he’s out of office, thanks to one of the leftist judges Obama mischievously planted like a human landmine.  Allow me to use this latest screwing to explain to you how the devious minds of the American Left (AL) work.

Student loans are big business for AL because AL has a monopoly on our universities. The money that gets funneled to the universities through student loans goes to pay increasingly exorbitant salaries for professors, administrators and staff who by and large are politically liberal.  Loans, as we know, have a tendency to feel like free money until it has to be paid back, which means people are far less discerning when they spend it. This little fact has not escaped the notice of the busy bees who run our universities and who are in cahoots with the leftists that have power in our government. So the leftists made a bargain with each other whereby the government would relax the requirements for eligibility for student loans and create a lot of free-flowing money to universities who could and DID raise tuition and fees for their own enrichment, such noble people that they are.

Naturally this generous flow of available cash did not escape the notice of the usual grifters and leeches, which means we now have legions of “students” in their late twenties, their thirties and even their forties and fifties living off student loans while taking classes “online.” Such people are alternatively known as “Democrat voters.” Many have no intention of using their “education” to advance their careers, and they’re not especially worried about being on the hook for this debt because Obama and the rest of the cabal have been proudly trying to sell the “student-loan forgiveness” scam for a long time.

The free-flowing cash and absence of qualifying standards apparently also attracted the attention of for-profit schools running their own kinds of scams. Should this surprise us? In a sane world (i.e. where liberals had no influence), we would have a free market with natural checks and balances. Students would be spending their own money (or their parents money) with the expectation of paying back any loans and this would create an incentive to be a wise consumer and do their research on these fly-by-night schools, but of course the influence of liberalism makes wise behavior unnecessary, because the pain will always be socialized to others. Isn’t socialism great?

You have to hand it to AL. This is the perfect scam. Everything benefits the leftists and grows the Democrat Party and it’s all paid for by U.S. taxpayers like you and me. This should give you an inkling of the evil we’re up against. Are you angry yet?

I know I am.


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  1. I followed up with that by researching Mueller and his career. It doesn’t look good. It seems since the days of the Irancontragate, the BCCI money laundering, the 9/11 investigation, and a few other scandals, Mueller is the one that comes in and “investigates”. His investigations allow the law breakers go free and the facts of who did what are buried. I got a lot of info from the Aim4Truth site/app. The site is supportive of our President but also casts a very critical eye on the machinations of the Washington crew. Lengthy articles with footnotes, action plans, links for further reading, and in depth analysis that connects the dots to the long time problems and problem makers in ways that are rarely seen. I learned about the Senior Exectutive Services with its revolving door of private interests personell and OPTIC-a corporation that is headed up by the Secretary of State. A lot of folks that I once respected have fallen from grace with me. Its been a great resource in trying to make sense of the world we live in.

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    • I am only part way through the article but thought I would stop for a minute to say that I find it VERY compelling, especially coming from Louie Gohmert who is one of the most honest and perceptive members of congress. I found these statements to be most eye-opening:

      “Obama begged Mueller to stay on for two more years than the 10 years the law allowed. Obama then asked Congress to approve Mueller’s waiver allowing him to stay on two extra years.”

      Mr. Gohmert need say no more, as far as I’m concerned. Barack Obama, IMO, is the most Machiavellian POTUS we’ve ever had. I don’t believe he ever made a single decision or appointment without fully calculating the political benefit or cost, and if he wanted Mueller to stay on as FBI director, this would have been because he understood who Mueller really is. There’s zero question in my mind about that. The same applies to James Comey, which is why it was no surprise to me that he turned out to be the lying fraud that he is.

      Thanks for the info! Back to my reading….


  2. The Gift that keeps giving!! I am always looking for something new to read. I will check it out.
    I recently discovered a lawyer’s blog where he shines a light on the facts and fictions of our legal system. It’s called thetruthaboutthelaw.com. The comment section is lively and informative. Check it out. It seems like it may be of interest to you.

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  3. Once these Narcissistic Cash Crazed Hustlers get to Washington DC the labels “Left” and “Right” are just MSM labels used to divide the Hoi Poi and keep our eyes off of the rampant theft our elected leaders and their Corporate Kingmakers are extremely busy doing. It takes a majority to pass these laws. The majority of the DC Swamp are Crooks. The minority are Rotten Crooks. If they are Left or Right of anything it is usually in reference to the entrance of the Insider Traders lounge or the Backend Payout Escalater. Get those loans forgiven, Tax paying students. When people get upset about the constant Corporate bailouts, law breaking, and tax dodging and we enforce some penalties and actions on Big Business, then I will be happy. But these loans are insured so the loaning institutes are paid after the second default. Why pay them back twice? People deserve a break every once in awhile. Don’t they?

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    • 1) The loaning institution is the federal government, which means the lender is you and me and everyone else who pays taxes.

      2) As tannngl noted below, this wasn’t a law passed by congress. It was a rule/program instituted by the Department of Education under the Obama Administration which had been testing the waters on student loan forgiveness from the time Obama took office.

      3) I disagree that “Left” and “Right” are labels devised by the MSM. In fact the MSM rarely uses such labels because most of THEM are leftists and liberals themselves and they would prefer that we not un-muddy the waters by putting people in their proper boxes. “Republican” doesn’t mean much anymore because you can stand for just about anything and still call yourself a “Republican,” but it’s pretty hard to be a socialist and say you’re on the Right, or advocate for the constitution and the free market and personal responsibility and be labeled as a leftist.

      4) I don’t subscribe to the theory I keep hearing that everyone in congress is a crook. If you were elected to congress would you automatically become a crook? There are plenty of crooks, I’ll be the first to grant that; but there’s some decent people there as well, albeit in the minority. I don’t see it as constructive to just throw everyone into the same pot.

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      • Thank you for a great response. I stumbled on your blog by accident last week. Since then I have been reading older posts. I don’t agree with you a number of different issues. And that’s fine by me. Your concise way of making your thoughts and feelings known is refreshing. By reading and thinking about your point of view, it has made me more open to different ways of looking at issues. I am an open minded person and I like to know where my fellow US citizens stand on issues. You and your readers with their informative and often witty comments have educated me on a number of things, made me laugh, certainly made me feel less alone with my outrage and have been a great reminder that people ARE paying attention to what’s going on with the political problems we are facing. So thank you and please keep on writing.
        I want to believe that there are not crooked folks in congress too. I think that there are some clearly compromised folks in Congress. I need to see if there is a chart or something on the net worth of Congress people when they are first elected and their net worth when the are done with their terms. It seems they leave with multi multi millions in their pockets. All from good old fashion honest hard work, of course. The mind boggles…

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      • Thank you for your kind words, Charlie, and please know that your contributions are most welcome here whether you agree with the content of the posts or not. I wanted to stand up and cheer when you said you had an open mind. That’s all we ask for but it’s getting to be a very rare quality.

        Yes, the corruption that takes place among our elected representatives certainly does boggle the mind. I don’t think a simple chart showing before and after net worths would necessarily be an accurate way of exposing corruption given all of the variables that would have to be factored in. For example, a person might be elected to congress with a net worth of $10 million in real estate and if he or she is still there 10 years later that same real estate might now be worth $20 million, so on a simple chart it would show their net worth to have doubled and people might point to this and say, “Ah ha!” but it certainly would not be evidence of corruption. Unfortunately this simplistic way of evaluating wealth in congress is what too many people look to. If you really want to know which members of congress are using/abusing their positions to enrich themselves you might want to look at something like Peter Schweizer’s book, “Throw Them All Out,” as described in Business Insider:

        I am more concerned about the way congress uses its power to trample on our rights under the Constitution, though I think the two go hand in hand to a great extent.

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  4. 15,000 students went to schools that shut down? What schools were they? And why were they accredited? Or were they?

    It would seem to me that students/parents who chose the school should take responsibility for the school they chose. It would also seem to me that these parents/students should go after these ‘shut down’ schools to get their money back. That would be a great lesson learned. Responsibility and how to choose a good product.

    This thing is nuts. Was it a law? Or was it an executive order? I’ll have to look.

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    • OK, ” borrower defense relief program” is not law passed by congress. They are rules perpetrated by an AGENCY of the federal government. She should take this to the Supreme Court. Our president should be able to change these rules without judges stepping in. It’s the cost of elections, especially the 2016 one.

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      • I thought the exact same thing, tannngl. Don’t know why she isn’t taking it to the SCOTUS.

        I also agree 100% with what you said above. If the school perpetrated a fraud, then the people who own/run the schools should be responsible. Sue THEM. But of course it’s always easier to get money from the taxpayers who had no part in your bad decisions or bad luck. That’s the socialist mentality, and it stinks.

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  5. Still say we need a I’M PISSED ABOUT THIS button.

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  6. Very angry – scream in the their face angry. Again with the Obama-appointed judges!! It’s amazing how they manage to find just the right judge who basically rules against the taxpayers in every single case.

    There is nothing in this world that is free – everything comes with a price paid by someone.

    I wish we could find a way to get the Dems out of our pockets – in a perfect world I’d get all of them out of our pockets, but for now, I’d settle for just the Dems.

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