Illegal Immigration: It’s About Power

Hard core leftists were against illegal immigration until recently.

What changed?


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  1. Great video, tannngl.

    The leftists don’t even bother to try and cover their tracks anymore. They know that outside of violence, there isn’t much we can do to stop them as long as the sheep are willing to go along with them.

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    • These people switch positions faster than participants in a game of musical chairs. They talk out of both sides of their mouths and swear to their new stance after swearing to the old. Like willow trees bending to the wind, they go with the cultural changes to get votes and therefore, power. Then they throw you to the curb when they find another way to get that power.

      Satan is as bad, almost.


  2. The Dems stopped pretending to care about the American workers when they realized what a huge untapped resource they had in illegal immigrants. That’s why they fight so hard when it comes to cleaning up our election process.

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  3. Well… They were “against illegal immigration” in the same way they “support the Second Amendment”.

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