Marie Harf: “Democrats like Beto because he’s a very good politician.”




Isn’t this special?  Democrats are busy molding and shaping a heretofore unknown and relatively unaccomplished, pretty much random person to be their next presidential puppet hopeful.

Last night, in a segment on Fox News’ “The Story With Martha MacCallum,” this was how radio host and former Obama Administration spokesperson Marie Harf cheerfully explained Democrats’ enthusiasm and giddy presidential aspirations for losing senate candidate, Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke:

“Democrats like Beto because he’s a very good politician.”

Well la-de-da!

By all means Marie, let’s make Beto president of the free world!  Because the first quality that America and its 330 million citizens really needs in a great leader is his or her talent as “a good politician.”  After all, Hugo Chavez was a very good politician, and we see how well things worked out for Venezuela.

In less cynical times Harf might have stunned Americans for her unapologetic absence of any pretense that good ol’ Beto is admired for anything other than his talents as a lying politician, and she would be the featured subject of Saturday Night Live; but after successfully electing the empty chair, Barack Obama, to two terms, it seems the Left no longer feels the need to pretend to advocate leadership qualities in a…um…leader, and this is perfectly acceptable.  If the Left gets its wish 2020 will come down to a mere contest of personalities, and any thought of what’s actually good for the country and America’s future will be trivialized to the best extent they can.  This is the Left’s great gift to us, such devoted patriots are they.

It’s a sign of the sad political times we live in that someone like Marie Harf gets handsomely paid to express her childlike opinions and that we, as the audience, are supposed to appreciate the Left’s canned opposition to truth and common sense; but we’ve really fallen deep into the abyss when a commentator can proclaim, on national TV, that a presidential hopeful is attractive because “he’s a very good politician,” and this raises the eyebrows and the conscience of virtually no one.

Meanwhile, Melania put up some Christmas decorations that Democrats took the time to sneer about….

So glad to see they’ve got their priories in line.


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  1. This from the twit who said the way to combat islamofacists is to get them jobs.

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  2. It struck me as odd that a nobody like Beto whatsisname could get that close to Cruz in a senate race in Texas! Then I started to read about all the money that came from outside the state for his campaign! Over $69 million! And why? Leftists really wanted to turn Texas purple. They wanted that senate seat. They just wanted to beat Cruz. Thank God Almighty he lost! And Marie Harf? She is one creepy leftist who used to be spokesman for State Department? I think. She seems comfy in her lies. Typical lefty.

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    • Absolutely they wanted that seat, tannngl. Karl Rove said they spent $80 million on Beto’s campaign, so at least there’s satisfaction in seeing Democrats waste all that money.

      Harf is an airhead. It’s disgusting that such a person is a paid TV analyst and a radio co-host. Grrrr…

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  3. Sometimes the sheer idiocy of these people leaves one without adequate words to fully describe it. If Beto was a good politician, wouldn’t he have won? Perhaps she hasn’t thought through this completely, but he’ll likely have to go up against Trump, and even seasoned politicians, who were also good, lost to him.

    If Marie likes Beto then she probably supports the likes of Chiquita Banana Ocasio-Cortez and some of the other freshmen coming in next year.

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    • Marie Harf is just one of those Democrats who really don’t care what a candidate stands for, as long as they have charisma (according to HER). It’s all just a game to her, which is a mentality I detest.

      Sadly I don’t think we can take comfort in the fact that Beto lost in the traditionally red state of Texas. Obama didn’t carry Texas, but he won nonetheless because of places like California and New York. I’d like to think Beto’s complete dearth of accomplishments and far-left ideals, especially when compared to Donald Trump, would doom him if he ran, but I know better than to underestimate the gullibility of the Democrats and too many of the Independents. I’m always nervous any more.

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