Thousands of Migrants are Returning Home

By Neda Iranpour, 11-27-18, at CBS8 San Diego:

SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) – Giving up and going home. More than a thousand Central American migrants are doing just that.

Frustrated and saying there is no chance of a better life in the United States, they boarded vans that will take them back where they came from.

There seems to be a feeling of desperation even hopelessness in Tijuana among many migrants who made the long journey from Central America to seek asylum in the US. But as the president has repeatedly said, they have to do it the legal way.

That is proving to be harder than many migrants thought. Vans were seen leaving from Tijuana to El Salvador yesterday. CBS News reports that over the past month that 1,000 plus migrants have voluntarily signed up to be taken home.

Currently, the sports facility in Tijuana that can house 3500 is overrun by 5000 migrants, which is expected to be home for them for awhile.
Tijuana police are also surrounding the shelter to keep a close eye on the migrants because there’s a constant concern by law enforcement on both sides of the border that they could rush the fence again.

In the meantime, the military and border agents are still working on strengthening the border fence. In fact, 300 troops from Texas and Arizona are now being moved to California to help with the border. They include military police and engineering/logistic experts.

The weekend port closures and chaos turned the focus of the nation to the San Diego-Tijuana border. Representative Susan Davis blames President Trump for failing to allow migrants to legally apply for asylum in a timely fashion.

She said in part…

“By ignoring the law and long-standing policies for processing asylum claims, this president is putting not only migrant families at risk but border patrol and service members, as well. The vast majority of migrants are seeking a better life – not confrontations with law enforcement.”

3,000 people are already on the list to ask for asylum before this caravan can even be addressed and immigration officials can only get through 100 people a day. So those who are willing to wait may be waiting not months but years.


After their attempt to storm the border and demand to be allowed in, mean their humble request for asylum didn’t work, they are finally facing reality. There is no more free stuff.

Word will likely spread to the other caravans and hopefully the fraud that’s been perpetrated by the leftist activists who helped these people is exposed for all to see. They led these people to believe that it would be easy to get into the US – and if the Dems had their way, it would have been.

Instead, Trump kept his promises, the military and BP stood firm at our border and didn’t let them in. I’d call that winning.


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  1. Susan Davis: “The vast majority of migrants are seeking a better life…”

    Wanting “a better life” does not qualify you for asylum, dearie, which means it is the migrants – NOT Donald Trump, who are ignoring the law. EVERYONE wants a better life. That doesn’t entitle us to take what isn’t ours or trespass on other’s property. Such twisted liberal logic is what makes people like Susan Davis so dangerous to the rest of us and it’s why we can never relax in our efforts to drive them out of our government (and preferably out of our country, but you’ll have to wait until I’m queen for that).

    It is definitely a win for Trump and the U.S. of A. that a good share of the invaders are turning around and heading home. Their defeat is a much needed warning to future “caravaners” that they might make the arduous journey for nothing. If we could just make some progress on the wall and get serious about deporting the illegals already living here we would have a significant achievement.

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    • You’re saying much the same thing I’ve been saying these past few days to a few stubborn liberals who are stuck on that ‘they just want a better life’ theme. It’s amazing how they can overlook our laws, sovereignty and safety and have more sympathy for these invaders than they have loyalty to Americans and our country. What is wrong with people? Oh, wait…they’re libs. I’ll be so glad when you’re queen and banish them from the country. Maybe send them to Honduras?

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  2. Winning for sure! 1000, though is only a start, along with the 100 who were arrested by the Mexican government and sent home for surging at our border.

    This is really good news!!!
    Time for them all to face reality.
    And while we’re at it, for those traveling north right now to turn around and go home.


    • Yes’m, it is time for a dose of reality – these people need to stop thinking we’re the world’s charity and we finally have a president who’s sending out that message.

      Many of the ones in Tijuana are applying for visas so they can stay and work, so tat means more than the 1000 who left are also giving up on the idea of coming here. Now we just have to watch the others and be ready for them to try and cross somewhere else.

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