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  1. He is such a hoot, but oh my gosh, that hair!! “How do women deal with this?” he asks!! 😀

    Good one, tannngl.

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  2. Ouch! I’m guessing Milo Yiannopoulos won’t be guest-hosting SNL any time soon.

    I know that the MeToo folks would be highly offended by this, but then they are the very same people who saw nothing wrong with an organized campaign to ruin a man’s career and reputation with decades-old accusations that not a single soul could or would corroborate. Brett Kavanaugh will be FOREVER tainted with the slurs that were made against him by Ms. Ford and her puppet masters in the Democrat Party. HE will be the butt of jokes and the subject of whispers for the remainder of his life, and this will affect his wife and children as well. The joy and pride that should have been taken in having reached the pinnacle of an admirable career has been unfairly diminished. All of this should be reflected upon by those who would take issue with Mr. Yiannopoulos’ roasting of Christine Ford.

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