Judicial Watch: The Caravan

In this episode of “On Watch,” Judicial Watch Director of Investigations & Research Chris Farrell joins filmmaker Ami Horowitz to discuss his recent trip to Mexico investigating the migrant caravan.

Information about the caravan that you might not have known. Ami was there and provides with some surprising information!


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  1. Terrific video, tannngl!

    It is quite the understatement to say this video is interesting. The “caravan” is a leftist-funded and organized assault on the sovereignty of the United States, there’s no question about that. As with all leftist projects there will ultimately be a steep price for innocent people to pay when, as a consequence of this abuse of America’s generosity, it becomes that much more difficult for people truly in need of asylum to seek refuge here. But the leftists never care about the human collateral damage that’s left behind in the wake of their schemes and plots.

    The revelation about U.N. agencies assisting in this assault raises the question, once again, of why we are helping to finance an organization that stabs us in the back every chance it gets. And here’s another question: If the U.N. wants to help these people, why not put its money and efforts into improving conditions in their home countries instead of supporting their attempts to trespass here? There are dark motives behind what’s going on, and I hope the Trump Administration is able to defeat it.

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    • Boy, I so agree with you! I PRAY daily that Trump will be safe, effective and able to defeat evil. That’s what this is. EVIL.

      Funded by Soros orgs, UN and others. We are hated more than I ever knew.

      And you’re right. Some poor people will be hurt. It happens.

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