#TweetOfTheDay – Invasion

US shuts down border.

SAN DIEGO — US Customs and Border Protection has closed road and pedestrian bridges in both directions at the San Ysidro port of entry, one of the largest land border crossings between San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico.

The closures come as around 500 migrants overwhelmed federal and local Mexican police blockades and rushed toward the US border near Tijuana, Mexico.

This is the first of many that will happen. It’s invasion.

Pray for our troops and ICE at the border. They are in danger. And so are we.


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  1. 1. Retch gas.
    2. Beanbag guns
    3. Water cannons and fire trucks.
    4. .50BMG waist high to get the short ones as well.

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  2. The leftist trouble-makers are rubbing their greedy paws together, hoping the skirmish at the border will result in harm to some of the migrants so that they will have a reason to call Donald Trump a heartless tyrant. In fact it would be really nice for them, propaganda-wise, if one or more of the trespassers would die, particularly a female or an innocent child. There’s no question in my mind that this is what they’re hoping for, nice people that the Left are.

    It never ceases to amaze me that people who are so incapable of effecting any positive change in their own countries and who ostensibly have nothing are nevertheless able to find the resources, the strength and the determination to make their way hundreds of miles, where upon they seemingly have no fear of illegally forcing their way into a foreign country. Like all criminals who manage to ultimately get what they want through cunning and boldness I wonder why the traits that helped them can’t be applied to attaining their objectives LEGALLY. It is always perceived as easier to take what someone else has earned or built than to earn or build something yourself.

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    • Spot on, CW. The left has already criticized Trump for the tear gas use on children, never stating these MEN were throwing rocks (not stones) and bottles! So sick of them.

      Guess these people are so steeped in socio-communist behavior and process that they are obsessed with coming here illegally. It’s what they deserve!

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  3. So, that’s how you ‘ask’ for asylum, eh? They’re going to cause a war and those people who encouraged them to come are to blame. The US has been telling them no for weeks now and they came anyway.

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