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  1. The Left’s sense of reason is directly proportional with the extent to which THEY, personally, are at risk. Liberals have to fly sometimes, so they want to ensure THEIR safety on the plane, but they figure it’s a big country and the odds that THEY will be a victim of an illegal alien are small enough that it’s worth the risk to grow their voter base. If, heaven forbid, something should happen to a liberal or to someone they love, they will typically have a miraculous conversion to conservatism.

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  2. Maybe more of those double standards, eh? Security at airports doesn’t gain Dem voters either.

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  3. Excellent point!

    A couple days ago, I had an ear tuned to the TV (hubby was watching) and I heard someone say something to the effect that it’s ridiculous that the only immigrants we’re fussing about are the ones coming over the Mexican border… Why aren’t we upset over those coming from overseas into our airports? Duh! I’m fed up with idiots trying to act like they’re smart… It was immediately obvious to me that airlines are responsible for making sure their passengers have proper documentation and IF they don’t, TSA or someone will catch them at the border and send them back…. Totally different story on our Southern (and possibly Canadian) border.

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