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  1. The concept of the UN sounds good because it gives the impression that the countries talk and negotiate instead of war, but I have the impression that for far too many countries, cooperation is a mask meant to distract from what they really think.
    I believe it’s a waste of money, as are far too many humanitarian programs. As I say this, I’m thinking of Northern Africa, which is an area that traditionally has famines every few years and in the past, this controlled their population. A few years ago, aid brought in food, which seemed wonderful, but after a few years of this, the population has increased to such a point that they can’t feed themselves any year, so is it a surprise that so many feel angry/frustrated and lash out?
    So yes, I think getting out of the UN could be a positive move, particularly if one of it’s true agendas is promoting globalism, which is something that I don’t believe will work.

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    • I used to think we should get out of the UN! NOW! Said it a lot.
      But this tweet makes me wonder. Should we rethink this? The UN is a nasty rathole of elitist atheist/pagans and terrorists who love to pass judgement on the world and order large armies of men around the world to ‘help’ poor nations. The good they do is often joined with enslavement of the people they are supposed to be helping. Things like rape, child sex and torture is done at the hands of these ‘helpers’ from the UN. I truly am disgusted by these people.

      But I wonder if we shouldn’t stay in to have our say and to keep an eye on these nations. They are always up to no good.

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  2. It be some puny ass District Judge that thinks he has a say over all the other 520 some other District Judges in the country. Congress needs to put a stop this bull crap soon. Also a stop to these liberals running to whatever court they think they can run to

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    • Bescher, you are right on. These judges think they are god and can make up the law and the Constitution as they go.
      Trump has slowly been adding conservative judges to the 9th Circuit which is the troublesome leftist circuit in CA. Just pray he can get a majority of these good judges apppointed soon!!! Then this kind of crap will mostly end. These judges should actually be impeached but I don’t see that ever happening. We can’t even prosecute criminal Hillary.


  3. President Trump is right. Get the U.S. Out of the U.N., and the U.N. Out of the U.S.! Senator Paul introduced such legislation in recent years. Now, maybe it will get done. Call and write your Congressman, Senators and the President expressing your support for withdrawl from (and the defunding of) the Socialist, “One World”-government monstrosity. #NoGlobalism #EndForeignAid

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    • Hey, Tommyday! Thanks for reading and commenting! I love reading everyone’s comments.
      As I said to the others, I am now wondering (after always saying we should get out of the UN) if we shouldn’t rethink this. Limit our funding of this monstrous communist elitist immoral organization but stay to keep our eyes on them and their deeds and be able to make our voice heard when necessary. We are powerful on the General Assembly and the Secuirty Council, I think. There may be wisdom in the saying: “Keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer.”
      What do you think?

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      • I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with you about staying in. The whole purpose of the U.N. is to establish a framework for the eventual creation of an all-powerful socialist world government. The late Congressman Larry P. McDonald (Georgia) suggested U.S. totally scrap the U.N. and set up a Free Nations coalition which would champion Western principles, and form a Bloc to oppose the Collectivist nations. He and others back in the 1980s set up the Western Goals Foundation to primote that agenda (sadly, the group no longer exists. The closest thing to it today is the J.B.S. in America – http://www.jbs.org ).

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    • I spent some time watching the short videos on the John Birch Society. Very Constitutional in ideology. Though as I understand it, in the 1950’s the charges against Eisenhower and others seemed a bit out there.

      But I liked what I heard in THESE videos.

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  4. I’m for leaving. We can re-direct the money we give the U.N. (to prop up countries that hate us) to build the wall.

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  5. Over the years, there’s been a lot of support for that, but sure as we did it, some activist would sue and get a damn lefty judge to say we can’t.

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