Progressives: Moving us “FORWARD”…To the Dark Age

think progress

Until recently most of humankind throughout history has shared an ongoing, positive struggle to improve and elevate every aspect of human existence:  the human condition, the human spirit and the ways in which humans live and co-exist.  Most of the world has moved from caves and huts and a harsh existence to enjoy the luxury of comfortable shelters and ample food.  The instinctive, human quest for knowledge and progress has led to marvels in science and technology that have vastly extended the human lifespan and improved our quality of life.  The days of certain tyranny, when class, race, gender and geography deprived most people in the world of the freedom to enjoy much of what life has to offer, has largely yielded to the human drive for liberty and self-determination; and the knowledge that freedom and autonomy are possible has given rise to hope where tyranny still exists.  Through religion, the arts and the continual refining of our cultures humans have sought to elevate our existence to something far from and above an animal-like existence.  We have endeavored to lift the spirit and make the human experience something noble, precious and worthwhile.  We have learned, as in the lyrics made famous by Sammie Davis, Jr., to live, not to merely survive.

The purpose of recounting this ongoing and largely universal struggle is to contrast it with the repression and destructiveness that’s been increasingly inflicted upon us by some in the name of “progress.”  In the name of “progress” we are told that we must “celebrate our diversity,” and the remarkable strides we’d made towards becoming a genuinely color-blind society – where the differences between us on the outside were gradually being obscured by the uniting of our shared values – are being lost.  In their place we see the rise of resentment and hatred, fueled on by phony declarations of “war” being waged on this and that group.  We are told we must be “tolerant;” but only when tolerance ultimately undermines the societies we’ve worked and sacrificed for.  That’s true progress, we are told.

In the name of “progress” we are informed we must be liberated in our sexuality, and where once we aspired for sex to be regarded as a sacred and private expression of love between committed people, now many behave as little more than animals in heat.  Popular songs celebrate casual sex and misogyny.  Dirt bags in movies and television compete to see who can turn depravity into the biggest pile of dollars, and with each competition the moral standards for entertainment sink to a new low.  From Shakespeare to “Dating Naked.”  Thank God for progress.

The cherished state of marriage that promised security and greater prosperity to couples, children and communities has given way to an epidemic of fatherless children, as liberals proclaim the legal union to be of little importance, unless of course you are gay.  More and more of the hard-earned income of those holding fast to “old fashioned” values goes to support those who have been liberated from responsible behavior in the name of “progress.”  More Section 8 housing, rehab centers and prisons are continually being built to deal with the children of “progress.”

Where once art was defined by the awe-inspiring works of people like Da Vinci and Michelangelo, now we are treated to bizarre creations made from human waste and live displays of masturbation to admire.  Check out the arts section of that ‘progressive’ pigsty,, for a sample of what constitutes “art” in the hands of “progressives.”  Aren’t you impressed with our progress?

Over the centuries people dreamed of a future where hard work, ingenuity and self-discipline could earn the rewards of comfort, pleasure and security in life, and people could aspire to a better existence than the average ant.  That dream had become a modern-day reality for many but alas, the “progressives ” have decided that our comfort, pleasure and security have become too great for their liking.  In the name of saving us from “climate change” and other bogeymen they conspire to drive up the cost of energy so that more and more of our labor is spent earning the money just to drive to work or to stay warm.  You think you’re free?  You’re not free if you can’t afford the gas to travel anywhere.  In the name of progress they drive up the cost of food with their anti-fat and anti this and that regulations.  Forget about vacations and other luxuries.  Those things shall be reserved for the elites.  Work, ant, work.

Keep thinking “progress.”


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  1. What a witty, sarcastic piece of truth! Great piece, CW! These ‘progressive’ ideals when compared to our freedoms sure stink up the room. I am not tolerant. I will not tolerate evil, bullying or tyranny. I also do not believe in diversity! This is the very evil that has brought unpatriotic, non-assimilated people into our country. And yet we have been told how evil we are if we are not tolerant and believe in diversity! If you believe this you believe leftist lies.

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  2. That’s not exactly my idea of progress either. Instead of striving to be a more moral people, we’re going the opposite direction.

    I read a piece today where a man went to church dressed as a woman, then was incensed when the pastor booted him out until he came back dressed in men’s clothing, even though the pastor had explained the church rules to him. Now the pastor is catching heat for not being more open and accepting, much like the baker who refused to make the gay cake. What used to be the good guys are now the bad guys, and that’s dang sure not progress in my book.

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