October was Record Month for Border Patrol Apprehensions

By Paulina Dedaj, 11-09-18, at Fox News:

Border agents arrested over 400 illegal immigrants, including children, mainly from Central America, from Tuesday to Wednesday. This, after the agency announced that October apprehensions set a record for this year.

A group of 82 migrants were captured illegally crossing into the United States near the San Luis Port just before midnight on Tuesday. U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a press release that most represented family units from Guatemala, with the exception of three individuals from El Salvador.

The youngest in the group was 2, the oldest 48.

Almost four hours later, a second group of 83 illegal aliens were seen trying to enter the same port of entry by digging beneath the wall. CBP said this group also consisted mostly of Guatemalans, with 14 people from El Salvador.

In total, Border Patrol agents with the Yuma Station apprehended 449 illegal immigrants by the end of Wednesday.

The large number of arrests comes just as the agency announced Friday that October apprehensions surpassed 50,000 – a new high this year.

The report stated that 50,975 people were apprehended on the southwest border in October, double the number from October last year and the highest monthly figure since 2014.

That figure included almost 5,000 unaccompanied minors.

President Trump issued an executive order Friday declaring that anyone entering the U.S. illegally from Mexico outside established posts would be ineligible for asylum – a measure that was almost immediately challenged with a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union.


They’re pouring in like a plague of locusts that strip the land barren.  Almost 500 in one day at one of our many ports, and that’s not counting the other crossing points or the caravans that are still headed in our direction.

In another Fox report, William La Jeunesse stated that after resting a couple of days in Mexico City, about 900 of them split off toward Tijuana and the rest are headed to Queretaro about 135 miles north of Mexico City. Many of them have chosen to stay in Mexico, but the others are still determined to keep moving north. There are more coming behind them and there’s so many that it’s been dubbed an exodus instead of mere caravans.

Meanwhile, President Trump is trying to uphold our laws, but has to fight with lefty judges and liberal organizations pushing to let them all in. We owe them nothing and if we keep allowing them into our country, it won’t be long until the US looks like the very countries they’re leaving.


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  1. #StopInvasion #SecureTheBorder #EndMassMigration #remigration #BuildTheWall #NoDACA

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  2. This is your country on liberalism, folks. We are a wealthy, educated nation of highly intelligent people unnecessarily subjecting ourselves – for reasons only the leftists understand – to continuously being assaulted by hordes of trespassers for which we willingly expend enormous resources either taking care of or deporting at our expense. Only a nation on liberalism could be this astronomically STUPID and self-destructive. And the liberals are enjoying it because the more we jump through their absurd hoops the more powerful it makes them feel. That and votes is what this ongoing catastrophe is about.
    I say we give up on trying to pass immigration “reform” and instead we pass laws to deport liberals who take the side of the trespassers. They’re traitors. We’ll send THEM to the “shithole” countries. Once they’re finally out of the way then we can solve the problem of the illegals. Pelosi, Schumer and Obama can be the first to go.

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    • Girl…don’t stop there – you’re on a roll!

      Thomas Sowell once said ‘Immigration laws are the only laws discussed in terms of how to help people who break them.’ Let’s stop that discussion.

      Let’s also stop having the same old tired arguments with liberals too, where they play on sympathy, the Christian attitude of caring for others, helping them make a better life, etc. I’m sick of having to repeat myself over and over, as are all conservatives.

      Henceforth, we simply say, we’re following the laws on the books as intended – either get on board or get out of the way.

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  3. This is, indeed, an invasion. It’s illegal and immoral. We’ve allowed this for so long. Why is it getting worse?


    • It’s getting worse because the lefties like Soros, etc are pushing this, sponsoring at least some of it financially in efforts to destroy from within. I don’t know why he’s not in prison somewhere.


  4. CS and “retch” gas by helo.

    OTOH, Col Tom Kratman suggests sending Army Recruiters down there to the caravan. Anyone signing up for the US Army into a special unit composed completely of foreign citizens will serve 7 years in the Army and then be eligible for citizenship. The 7 years will be served at Army posts OUTSIDE the United States. If they have families, a base will be reopened/built somewhere like Puerto Rico for the families to live until the term of service is complete.


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