Alveda King Could Not Get a Ballot With Donald Trump’s Name On It In 2016?

This is so WRONG!

Why didn’t we hear about this then? What has been done?

We have HUGE Crime in our elections.


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  1. Yet more proof that Democrats are increasingly rejecting the republic. The problem with recounts is that they’ll just cheat again. The only way to change this dynamic is to throw people in jail for a very long time.

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  2. Ballots are supposed to have all the candidates on it and they should be alike at every poll, not this ‘these are OUR candidates’ garbage. They asked her where she voted in the primaries and that shouldn’t matter. I gather her experience was also in Florida?

    I just read that the Florida Secretary of State is ordering a recount. That’s good, but it’s deja vu all over again.

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    • Yeah and Gillum has taken back his concession. Can you do that?

      On listening to the King vid again, sounds like she was talking about primary and then the general election. But still, this interference in voting is so wrong.

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  3. MidTerms should be recounted

    It is now being said that John James got cheated also

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    • No doubt. We all know the Democrats allow illegal, dead and fraudulent voting. And this goes on a lot in the inner cities. It’s taking away our republic. There really needs to be some federal oversight of the federal elections. States are responsible but for federal elections states are responsible to the federal election laws.

      This is so BOGUS.


  4. I’m thinking our entire election system needs to be vetted to make sure it’s all functioning as expected and each legal vote actually does count. It’s shameful when whoever designs the ballots appears to be able to design them in a prejudicial way.

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