#TweetOfTheDay – 2018 Blue Wave

I know. I know. We didn’t keep the US House…

But take consolation! 

They feel worse than you do!



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  1. Notice all the Right-wing riots….

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  2. I love the background music too. It was perfectly fitting.

    The Dems dealt their referendum on Trump, who has a 42% favorability rating, by effectively putting Nancy Pelosi, who has a 27% favorability rating, in charge of the House. There’s liberal logic for you.

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  3. Trump mainly seems to have focused his support on the Senate, and that majority improved slightly, so I assume that his focus was on “approval of treaties and the confirmation of Cabinet secretaries, Supreme Court justices, federal judges, other federal executive officials, flag officers, regulatory officials, ambassadors, and other federal uniformed officers.” (wikilinks’ definition of the Senate’s duties. I don’t know what his plans are, but he’s already installed a lot of judges & there are thousands of sealed indictments, so I dare to hope we see judicial justice begin soon.

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  4. 😀 Love the background music!! It amazes me that so many people still support the Dems.

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