Long lines…

Most of you who comment on Pesky Truth have voted. I, on the other hand always vote on Election Day. I meet up with neighbors from our minuscule farm community in PA, we exchange greetings and smiles. We’re primarily conservative and we work hard. And today we all seem to be voting!

Hubby and I got to the polling place at 9AM. Polls had been open since 7AM. There is NEVER a wait. One or two or three ahead of us is the rule with the exception of 2016. In that presidential race the line extended to the door. Today the line was out the door and across the parking lot and forming beyond that. The rain was still a drizzle but people were THERE! We’ve lived here 34 years and in voting 68 times all those years I have NEVER seen it like this! I believe everyone in our community was voting today! Everyone was all smiles and polite (that’s how you know we’re all conservative). When I gave my name I said to the poll worker, “You’re really working for your pay today!”.  He said, “Yeah! we’ve had over 250 so far and it’s only 9:00! I think it’s a good sign!” After voting (which was quick and easy. Just one button to push, “Straight Republican”) I took my plastic card to another poll worker who was being given a cup of coffee by another person. I said, “Keep hydrated! It’ll be a long day!” She said, “Yeah! Just wanted to catch my breath!”

Now I’m not making any predictions but this is a new phenomena. People from Philly, Houston, cities in Georgia and Florida have all reported really long lines, some with 2 hour waits. It’s nationwide. They’re running out of ballots, copy machines are breaking down, some polling places simply don’t have the personnel (VA suburbs) to handle the influx of citizens voting!

So you voted early? 

You missed the excitement!

~tannngl (American Patriot)

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  1. In the Democratic Socialist Republic of Washington we vote by mail. I actually dropped my ballot in the ballot box at the county elections office the morning after I got it. Straight Republican ticket where party was a choice, judges took a little looking into, referendums pretty much all no’s except for the ban of grocery taxes which was a yes. All the little races where dems were running unchallenged I wrote in the names of a few friendly former councilmen friends of mine that are Republican (with permission).

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  2. I love this post and I too vote on election day! I am cautiously optimistic, and hoping for a red wave!

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  3. Here’s hoping that the awesome folks of rural red PA can outvote the blue city slickers!

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  4. We voted the first day of early voting and got a little taste of that. Normally, the voter traffic is steady at one or two people inside at the same time, but not so this year. There were seven or eight in there and the ladies working said it had been like that all day. Best turn out I’ve ever seen for our little polling place!

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