$15 to attend Obama Rallies?


Someone spotted a Craig’s List ad (see below) asking for people to attend Obama’s rally for Stacey Abrams at the traditionally Black, Moorehouse College on November 2nd.

This seems like another case where Democrats are faking a level of enthusiasm for Barack Obama and other Democrat candidates.

The alleged ad says you will get paid $15.00 to attend the event, because similar rallies by the former President haven’t done well to fill the venue to capacity, claiming: We want a packed house for maximum media exposure and optics.

The ad tells interested parties to respond with a phone number, and they will get back to you on how to get paid.  It claims they want to get at least 6,000 people to fill the venue.

It then finally warns readers of the ad to not post it on social media sites.

The authenticity of the Craig’s List ad can’t be proven at this point, but it would be totally consistent with how Democrats have operated in the past when it comes to filling events and bringing in school-bus loads of protesters.  Since Obama isn’t drawing crowds even near what President Donald Trump is drawing for his rallies, it makes sense for Democrats to fake attendance by paying people to show up.  Otherwise, how do you keep your party’s voters psyched enough to go out and vote?

Independent journalist Laura Loomer also posted the screenshot of the same Craigslist List ad we received from a fan.

Two weeks ago Obama appeared at a rally at the Cox Pavillion in Las Vegas, which is a small venue, in a show of support for Democrat candidates in Nevada. A tiny crowd of about 2,000 people showed up, according to Fox News’ Peter Doocy.

On the flip side of that, just two days before Obama trailed him, President Trump was having a blast at a rally in Elko, NV that had four times the number of people who showed up to Obama’s event.

It looks like enthusiasm isn’t very high for Democrats, so they do what they do best; they lie to their own people to make it seem like there is.

But this doesn’t mean Republicans won’t have a difficult time in the midterms tomorrow, as Democrats are doing the other thing they do best; cheat.  In Pennsylvania alone, Democrats have over 100,000 non-citizens registered to vote.  The Board of Elections in Georgia have come out and said that the Democrats are abusing the online voter registration system.

If you want to save the country from a lying, cheating, corrupt party, you must go out and vote Republican tomorrow.  The country’s future is what’s at stake here.  Do we continue to grow our economy as we have seen it grow over the last two years, or do we go back to the miserable days of Obama when the new norm was not having a job and being dependent on government to survive?

The take home message…all we have to do is #VOTE!


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  1. Tell you what, last year may be the last year that I bought Groupon. That is due to the fact that Hillary tickets are going through Groupon.

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  2. In Sugar Land, Hillary had been scheduled to speak, but got cancelled “due to the Bush funeral.” Odd thing was that the prices of the tickets had tumbled from the mega buck to $699 to $6 range just prior to the cancellation.
    If you don’t believe they were charging over $699, go to https://www.chron.com/entertainment/celebrities/article/President-Bill-Clinton-and-Hillary-Clinton-are-13290982.php
    If you want to see the happy-meal Hillary: https://www.bizpacreview.com/2018/12/03/clintons-empty-seats-spark-pity-tickets-going-for-price-of-a-fast-food-meal-698947

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    • These 2 people are no longer the darlings of the leftists. They are old, tired and ugly with no advantage anymore.
      I sure hope they can prosecute in the clinton charity case but I have my doubts. These 2 always get off. It’s disgusting.

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  3. LOL – reminds me of 2016 when Trump held a rally in a Melbourne, FL hangar & MSM barely mentioned it. Must have been 12K too many people to fit …. HUGE traffic jam, which didn’t get reported, either. (Took a friend 3.5 hours to travel 30 minutes to get home & she couldn’t get within a block of that hangar.) A day or so later, Hillary held a rally in a vintage Ft. Pierce theater that seats 1,200 – there was a children’s chorus on stage and from what I’ve heard most people in the audience were parents. For sure, she did NOT fill the theater. HOWEVER MSM reported ‘long lines waited to get in’.
    IF you’re interested, I blogged about this & included a photo of the hangar + seating chart of the theater. https://foguth.wordpress.com/2016/09/30/lies-pt-b/ (My blog is mainly for humor & pet-care + my books, which are family-friendly YA., but back in 2016, I spent months blogging about politics, mainly because I was horrified at the idea of Hillary becoming our nation’s leader….. Wonder if she could have filled the Sunrise Theater IF she’d paid people to come…..

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  4. You couldn’t pay me enough to hear Obama preach his lies unless you gave me a slingshot and a bucket of horse droppings with my ticket.

    Democrats have succeeded in making it very easy to commit voter fraud (just another accomplishment for the anti-Americans to be proud of). It literally was harder for my son to verify his right to play Pop Warner football than it is to vote. If the R’s don’t tackle this problem we are going to suffer dearly for it.

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    • I so agree, CW. Voting fraud is a horrible crime that takes away all of our rights. Even the stinking leftists. They’ve got to take care of this one. OF course it’s a state thing. States need to tighten their voting laws AGAIN and clean up the rolls.

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  5. I saw a photo of that yesterday….on social media, lol, and thought the same thing – this is the same technique they used in gathering protestors, they have to pay them. If these people weren’t getting paid, would we even have all the ruckus that’s been going on since Trump took office??

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    • It’s really good news that O’s rallies are NOT filled. (saw pictures of sparsely filled rallies where the cameras were only turned on the front). And the payment for mobs.

      This is really good news!


  6. Pay me $500 and I would go. Not a penny less.

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