#TweetOfTheDay – This man

Make it go viral.

Take your umbrella Tuesday, November 6, America.



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  1. Voted today.

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  2. The husband-person and I did our duty last week, red all the way of course. Is there another color?

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  3. He does put in some very long days and we’ll never know how much more he could get done with a little cooperation from Congress.

    Mine’s done – red all the way!!

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    • Bless you, Kathy! I will wait until Tuesday. I love seeing my neighbors from our little farm community there!
      Trump works hard. Don’t know who works harder with no salary and he is 72! I can tell you energy is less at 72! Did ya know he was born on Flag Day? ūüėä

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  4. Already sent in my very red ballot.

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