A Twitter Thread: George Soros Part 2

This concludes @CocaineMitch’s threads on George Soros. Foguth and I were discussing whether this man could be a candidate for the notorious antichrist who will appear near the end of history. 

I think it’s a distinct possibility. Stay tuned for if he is wounded mortally and comes back to life…



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  1. Let’s just start a rumor that he is about to publicize all the dirt he has on hillary and let nature take it’s course . ….

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  2. The Apollo Alliance, Tides Foundation, People for the American Way, Center for American Progress, Sojourners……

    Don’t you love how the tyrannical Left is so careful to give noble-sounding names to their organizations of domination and deceit? Whoever said the Left is stupid has it all wrong. George (capitalism for me but not for thee) Soros is an evil genius if ever there was one. I might take comfort in knowing that he’s getting up there in years but he’s already laid the groundwork for his evil plans to be carried on in his absence. Had I been POTUS I would have long ago declared him an enemy of the U.S. and taken away his citizenship and his assets. Then I would have escorted him to nice, comfy cell in Guantanamo, which is where he belongs.

    Great post, tannngl.

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    • Yes, those organization names sound…conservative sometimes!!! Who would know what evil lurks there?!!!
      You see this just as I do, CW! This guy is frightening and even if he dies (I say if because of my religious beliefs) his son is set also to take his place.

      Russia has a warrant out for his arrest due to his crime in Russian economics. He and his ‘college’ have been ousted from Poland due to Poland’s new president who is very conservative and has found a legal way to get rid of Soros and his ‘college’.

      We should be this smart! We should get rid of Soros. Guantanamo would be a great place for this enemy of the state.

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  3. Wow, tannngl, that’s a lot of ‘coincidences’, eh? I knew Soros was pretty much pulling O’s strings, him and Jarrett, but that just about clinches it.

    Antichrist? I dunno, I’ll have to munge on that a bit more.

    If this is part 2, what happened to part 1?

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    • I did up these posts and kept them not sure whether to schedule them or not. Then I thought I did schedule them after @CocaineMitch’s twitter account was suspended! But I guess I did something wrong with the first post on this for November 1. I was posted for October 26!!! What a dolt. I’ll try to bring it up to today.

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  4. tannngl I agree that he is a candidate for antichrist. When I was very small, my grandma told me that I should not look for satan in the gutter because his work was done there. I should look for him in positions of influence, where he seemed to be doing good (for instance a church) and to decide if the individual was truly good or bad, I needed to compare what was said against what was done. I’ve been trying to follow her advice since I was about 4 or 5 …. there are an amazing number of individuals whose words and actions don’t match. Since midterms are fast approaching, there seems to be a blue deluge of them.

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    • Wow! Your grandma was a very wise woman! She is right. And you were very wise as such a young child to follow her advice!
      One of the reasons I think of Soros in this role of Antichrist is his total devotion to one world government, and no borders. How perfect is that?

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      • I wish more people had grandmas like mine, but in truth it took me decades to fully understand the lessons she was trying to teach.
        I agree with you that this globalism issues is a very suspicious ‘red flag’. Other flags (MHO) are the lies, and I include transference in that. Isn’t it interesting how conservatives get called evil and are accused of everything progressives are saying/doing. And, to get back on topic, isn’t it also interesting that Soros seems to fund so much of this?

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    • Soros grew up shrewdly. He was very smart and I don’t think he had a conscience. This makes him very dangerous and a great candidate for AC.

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