Donald Trump and the Phenomenon of Manufactured Hate

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Donald Trump has been an American celebrity for nearly as long as I can remember.  Before he ran for POTUS if anyone had asked for my opinion on him as a person I would have said that I don’t find him very likeable, but certainly there was no reason to hate him.  I don’t think I’d be going out on a limb to guess that most Americans didn’t have a strong opinion one way or another about this outspoken, well-known mega-celebrity before he committed the unforgiveable sin of depriving Hillary Clinton and Democrats of their rightful entitlement to the office of the presidency.  But now, according to so many leftists opining in the comments sections on Fox News, Trump is the most hated man in the world.  “Everyone hates him,” one commenter smugly assured me, as if to suggest that he or she had personally polled every person on the planet.  Whoever said group think was dead?

The Left’s hate factory has been working overtime since Trump’s election.  Terms like “fascist, racist and white supremacist” roll easily off the tongues of know-it-all college kids and apparently have taken on entirely new meanings as the Left resorts to their time-honored and generally successful practice of destroying our language in pursuit of their agenda, which currently happens to be their war on Trump, aka “the resistance.”  Oh what noble warriors are they, furiously crossing out words in our dictionaries and defiantly scribbling in their new definitions!  Hatred is being manufactured from whole cloth like Rumpelstiltskin’s fairytale spinning of straw into mountains of gold, and the righteous robots on the Left are, as usual, oblivious to their own Orwellian behavior.

I could talk about the complete absence of evidence for the Left’s specious labeling or how peculiar it is that a popular, flamboyant celebrity who regularly hobnobbed with powerful politicians and influential celebrities apparently hid his fascism and racism from them so well until the age of 70, when it was suddenly and conveniently discovered by his enemies (like planted drugs discovered by crooked cops, lol).  Or I could talk about how Georg W. Bush was a “fascist” before Trump came along according to geniuses like Naomi Wolf,  Keith Olbermann and so many other leftists who like this game, or how Reagan was a “racist” long before Bush and Trump.  But nah.  Once again I think I’ll pass on following the Left’s trail of breadcrumbs into that rabbit hole where I’m supposed to play a silly game of arguing with liars as if they were the least bit sincere.

The average leftist on the street or college campus knows that he or she is supposed to hate Trump for being a “fascist, racist and white supremacist” because that’s what they’ve been told by other leftists.  It matters not that they can’t define fascism, that “racist” means nothing as a consequence of the Left’s cynically evolving stance which says all white people are racists, or that the white supremacist charge is just laughable.  The powers that be blew their dog whistles, and the well-trained dogs obeyed.  If they are told they must hate Trump, then hate Trump they will.  Just don’t ask them to explain why.

Please don’t get me wrong.  This isn’t a post about hate per se.  Hate is sometimes appropriate, that’s undeniable.  This post is about manufactured hate.  It’s about a mindset that confuses the serious issue of politics and people with a frivolity that is better suited to fashion.  You know, like when you packed your beloved mini-skirts and bell bottoms off to Goodwill because the powers-that-be told you they were passé.  The styles of the day are dictated by a handful of so-called “trendsetters,” and that may be okay, but hate shoudn’t be dictated from on high.

Some three and a half years ago I wrote a post entitled:  Obama Deserves to be HatedGrowing up I had been taught not to throw the “h”-word around lightly.  To hate someone was serious business.  So I wrote that post only after some deep soul-searching about whether I wanted to go there.  My purpose was to let Americans know that it’s okay – necessary even – to hate those whose intent is to rob us of what is rightfully ours as Americans, even – no especially – when they do so surreptitiously.  I’ll leave it to you to decide if I was fair or not, but I challenge anyone to claim that I allowed myself to be used as someone else’s pawn.

I’m not necessarily going to suggest that the Left’s hate for Trump isn’t real.  On the contrary it’s scary real.  But if it’s all justified on myths and lies, where is the hate really coming from?  First it comes from the Left’s insatiable craving for power, and Donald Trump had the audacity to deprive them of their satisfaction.  But to admit to hating someone for besting you at your own game, well that sounds a lot like whining doesn’t it?  And then, of course, there’s all that goes along with that power:  the opportunity to dismantle the Constitution by putting activist judges on the Supreme Court, by increasing taxes so that the government (i.e. them) spends your money instead of you, by over-regulating to micro-manage your every behavior, to neuter our military and to subjugate us to the global powers that be.  That’s what the anger and the hate is really about, but the leftists can’t say all that out loud.  It sounds kinda bad.  Kinda unamerican.  So if that means Donald Trump must be a white supremacist, then so be it.


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  1. Your post reminds me of ‘The Kindergarten of Evil’. There are a few leaders to the leftist group but most of them are glassy eyed sheep who do as they are told. This hatred seems the same. I need to read that book again!

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    • Are you maybe talking about ‘The KinderGarden of Eden’ by Evan Sayet? I never heard of it before now but that’s the closest thing I could find (maybe your substitution of the word “evil” was a Freudian slip, hee hee). I think I need to read it!

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  2. CW, what I do not understand is that the Left is guilty of the same behavior that they claim Trump commits. If Trump is a hater then so too are the people demonizing him and his supporters. We live in a country, and I blame this on technology, that is not very self-aware.

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  3. The commenter said ‘everyone hates him’, so apparently that’s reason enough for him to feel the same way. He just admitted to not thinking for himself and being another one of those who’s willing to go along with the gang. What if everyone was going to jump off the Empire State Building – you going along with that too? No? Well if you’re going to think for yourself in this instance, why not try it all the time? (I sound like my mother-I know)

    The Dems were shocked and heartbroken once they learned their precious Hillary lost. Even the media was sad when they admitted they got it wrong. That sadness should have given way to acceptance, even if begrudgingly, as ours was when O won. But it didn’t and maybe a big part of the reason for that goes right back to Hillary herself. It took no time for the world to learn of her fit-throwing and broken glass (except it wasn’t the ceiling) and the curse-filled rants she went on that night. The Dems quickly followed her lead and their sadness turned into hate and they’ve been ramping it up ever since. I think that’s the date it was originally manufactured.

    Democrats are like children in that they follow the behavior set by their leaders. They follow their moods just like kids parrot their parents’ moods. A little adult behavior in the Dem leaders could have changed the tone of things, but it may be too late now.

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