#TweetOfTheDay – 14th Amendment and How Soon We Forget

Well, actually it is a thread of tweets by my friend Keith DeHavelle.


And here’s a blow up of the article Keith was referencing:

Any questions?


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    • The writer is MSNBC legal advisor. Here’s a tweet from him: https://twitter.com/CevallosLaw/status/1057322230437285888 He is encouraging everyone to vote blue.

      So…his article is somewhat correct but has a huge leftist taint.

      Just because we have been practicing the 14th Amendment in error doesn’t mean we must continue so we don’t take away anyone’s rights.

      Interesting read. Even he had to admit the debate. (which I don’t think should exist!)

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      • Definitely still a leftist slant, but at NBC what else would we expect. Nothing But Commies has fit them for far too long.

        It was rather pleasant (and surprising) to read just because he actually showed both sides of the argument.

        I’m with you, shouldn’t even be a question.

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  1. Reblogged this on Lauren Creech's Random Thoughts and commented:
    I’ve said this for a very long time, anchor babies should not be citizens and therefore should not infer any rights to themselves or their family members.

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  2. It’s about damn time.

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  3. Good stuff, tannngl. When I first read this morning that Trump was kicking this around, I knew it would send the Dems into orbit, lol, and sure enough it did. He triggers them so great!!

    It will be interesting to see where this goes – could it end up in front of SCOTUS? Maybe, but first we’ll probably see a lefty judge bat down his EO.

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  4. Sounds like a good plan to me.

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