Normalcy Bias and the Fourth Turning

Statue of Liberty


America is in the same 80-100 year cycle as it was during the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Great Depression and World War II.

We are in a time that seems natural, but it required a lot of manipulation of the average working folks over generations. First indoctrinated into the concept of collectivism through labor unions, their success was used to transition the working person into a collectivist urge. The unions never acknowledge the ultimately corrosive nature of the relationship between employer and employee. Eventually, the rising costs of avoiding union strikes prices the goods beyond the point where consumers not sharing the loyalty find cheaper alternatives, killing the host.

While the adults were being indoctrinated into the collectivist fold, the children were being indoctrinated into the concept, being taught in state-run schools by teachers who benefited from the collectivist notion of labor unions. The media swung hard left to back up and substantiate this indoctrination.

Where the sense that this is all natural comes from, despite the manipulations employed, is that everything in nature is in the process of growth or decay. Everything has its own set of hypocrisies.

Free speech is great, but through free speech comes the weapons with which to abolish free speech, so it cannot be completely free, but when it is restrained enough to guarantee it, it is essentially lost.

The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms works until the proliferation of arms puts too many in the hands of those who would use them to overthrow the system that guarantees it. The minute that right is diminished in any way, it establishes the means to regulate it out of existence, assisted fully by a collectivist dominated media.

Eventually, these hypocrisies concerning enough areas of life lead from freedom to bondage. Human nature is a progression, it is never static. Any concession whatsoever becomes the starting point for decline of one group and the ascension for another. That ascending group reaches its apex, will come under attack, and eventually fall by the same dynamics by which it arose. This is America in 2018.

The collectivists in America have been growing stronger and stronger, using the institutions of the republic against itself. With the ascension of Obama in 2008, the collectivists felt they could topple the republic. Hillary was to finish the job. The manifestations of this truth are groups like BLM, Antifa, and caravans of illegal immigrants seeking to break down the U.S. border. All utilize the support of some within the bipartisan political scheme signaling that the destruction of America is being abetted by them, even in government itself.

Their confidence comes from the concessions already made by normal Americans, who did not see aggressive actions taken against them individually. They didn’t recognize an assault on their institutions for what it is, a crumbling of the republic on a piece by piece basis. They accepted some reductions of Rights to keep the peace in their relations with other Americans who might come from different cultures or backgrounds.

But, when none of these concessions kept the peace with authorities, others, or made them safer, they began to question the wisdom of those concessions. Their effort to avoid labels of racist, bigot, homophobe, Islamophobe have not worked. They are still labeled as such no matter how compliant they are to the new dictates of the collectivists. A growing rebellion against the collectivist norm was the result.

While there is no way to fully unravel the web of deceit and insurgency behind the collectivists through peaceful means, there is a chance to swing the balance of power more into line with the original republic. That chance is offered up in the 2018 election.

The election will solve nothing other than to deal one small defeat to the collectivists who have been on a winning streak for a very long time. At this point they have suffered none. The Kavanaugh confirmation was like a scaled down version of Fort Sumpter. The collectivists hardened hearts and clearly marked the divisions, the tactics and the winning response to those tactics. The collectivists will use false flags, deception, and political power in and out of government to punish their enemies and reward friends.

The election of 2018 could enable Trump to go after the deep state in a way that exposes some actual traitors and subject them to punishment as such. That is an optic that could result in others choosing to defect rather than suffer the same punishment. And still others will be awakened.

It is vital that Americans recognize that the attacks upon their institutions are not individual issues. They are a coordinated policy to appear that way while the overall strategy of complete destruction is implemented by the collectivists. Unraveling some of the diabolical actions of deep state actors will not solve the institutional problems America has with countering collectivism. That is a long and difficult road that might drive unwanted violence for which the republic must be prepared, including if necessary, a victory in an unwanted civil war.

This is a theme I have reiterated over my time here at PT. It ties in with my conspiratorial view of international communism, central banking, corruption of morality and ethics by design, and even the Q Project.

We have a moment of opportunity to reverse the tidal flow with the 2018 election.

I pray it may be so!

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7 replies

  1. What you wrote was very good, though not what I saw in Tyler’s post.
    Yes, praying that the House holds.


  2. I’m confused, Curtis. The article above bears little resemblance to the Tyler Durden/ZeroHedge article in your link. Who wrote the essay posted here?


    • I rewrote it using it as a secondary source. The original was rambling.


      • Apparently I was rephrasing an interpretation of the Durden piece, from The Burning Platform.

        My bad!

        But I stand by the reinterpretation as I posted it here.

        Sorry I missed that!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for the clarification, Curtis. You should update your post to reflect that information because as it’s written it looks as if Tyler Durden authored this piece.

        The battle for control of this country is ongoing, there’s no question about that. It’s a battle between the people and those who wish to control and oppress the people. I wish people would wake from their trances and see what’s going on because it would be a far better thing for us all if we could just defeat them at the ballot box. It’s been a long time since Americans have experienced war on their own soil, and if it comes to that it won’t be pleasant.


      • I went back and had overlooked a link TBP had inserted, but I missed. Sorry!

        This is the one I rewrote and attributed to TBP. My mistake!!


  3. I’m praying for a coast to coast red tsunami.

    Liked by 1 person

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