5,000 Troops Deploying to US-Mexico Border

By Lucas Tomlinson, 10-29-18, at Fox News: (bold is mine)

Roughly 5,000 U.S. troops will be deploying to the southern border in response to the migrant caravan pushing north through Mexico, a U.S. official confirmed to Fox News.

Some of the troops will be deploying as early as Tuesday. The reinforcements headed to the U.S.-Mexico border are support troops, not combat troops.  They will include engineers, aviation and medical personnel.

This is a developing story … 


Shortly before Fox posted this news, The Daily Caller had a piece in which they quoted a tweet from President Trump and he said:

So, here’s my question – if they’re going to be refused entry, why do we need so many engineers, aviation and medical personnel? The fact of the matter is they aren’t going to turn them around. Instead they are going to process at least some people in the caravan, perhaps the women and children.

If they do this, it will be for humanitarian reasons of course, (cough) and it well set in stone for illegal immigrants that we don’t respect our own laws, so they don’t have to either. The flow of invaders will never stop so long as we don’t back up our words with actions. News reports tell us there are a second and supposedly a third caravan on their way. Will we welcome them with open arms too?

As of today, the caravan hasn’t reached Mexico City yet, so they have a long way to go and probably won’t reach our border before election day. But if they do reach us and we don’t turn them away, it could bring about serious consequences on November 6th.

If they reach us after the election and are allowed asylum, there will be blowback from conservatives who voted R and likely kill any chance Trump has of running for a second term.  This is one time that Trump had better stick to his word or watch his earlier successes go down in flames.

Another aspect that I want to point out is that it doesn’t matter how many troops we send to the border as long as our law says we have to process all those who seek asylum. That is the first thing we need to fix and the second is much harsher punishments for illegals who return after being deported.


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  1. Trump is building more tent cities I think. He said he wouldn’t release them into the interior. And now the 14th Amendment. He’s doing more than any other president has ever done in my lifetime.

    Thank GOD!


  2. To answer your question, the reason that the deployed troops will be engineers, pilots and medics is to keep a lid on political tension, IMO.

    That having been said, don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re toothless. “Aviation personnel” means pilots, and pilots mean helicopter gunships; Black Hawks and Apaches, as well as Chinooks.

    “Engineers” are part of every Army ground combat unit from battalion size up. They erect defensive and offensive positions, barricades, operating bases, and all the other infrastructure needed to carry out actual combat.

    The 5,000 troops being deployed is roughly battalion-size in nature. Bearing in mind that the “caravan” they’re opposing is a single entity going to one location rather than a mass of people spread out along a long border, my presumption is that they’ll quickly erect a forward operating base (FOB) at the destination location. Once the FOB is in place, it’s a very simple matter to quickly deploy combat troops to that point should they be needed.

    The First Armored Division is garrisoned at Fort Bliss. The First Cavalry is at Fort Hood. Both or either could be quickly deployed to the site if needed once facilities are in place.


    • Thanks for the additional info, Brian, that makes sense, and I hope they put them to work before the caravan gets here. Let’s get some of those that are coming across on a daily basis.

      Fox reported that Army Lt. Gen. Jeffrey S. Buchanan is the commander and the plan is to set up three staging areas in South Texas, Arizona and California. No doubt the military will track the caravan and focus on the destination where the majority will go, but as they’ve done before, some will split off and head for other crossing points. Then the military will have to do the same.

      Then we have Trump on Laura Ingraham last night talking about the tent cities they’ll use to hold them while we process their asylum requests. He maintains we’re not letting them in – no catch and release, instead it will be catch and hold. “If they apply for asylum, we are going to hold them until such time their trial takes place,” Trump responded.



  3. If you’re interested in Canada’s perspective, this is good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1yktW_kH8Q Billy Joyce points out that we’ve all been bombarded with images of thousands and thousands of people from South and Central #America supposedly walking 2,500 miles to the US border from places like Honduras and Bangledesh now it seems…not to mention the folks from Mexico that have joined in. Where do they sleep? Eat? Use the washroom? How did these thousands of people get so organized and how are they walking 20+ miles every day without a steady supply of Food and Water ?
    Is someone funding them?
    HillaryClinton maybe?
    USAid ?
    Soros foundations?
    He also points out that we continually hear MSM talk about the women and children, however visual inspection of the photos doesn’t show many.


    • I’d have to find the link, but I read that Pueblos sin Frontera, People without Borders, is behind some of the funding. They’re getting food from villagers along the way, although that’s not as plentiful now as it was when they first started. They’ve ‘bathed’ in a few rivers along the way As to where they’re sleeping, it seems to be anywhere they can find a place – under bridges, in churches, etc.

      Fox has a good piece on it today with more detail, but some of them are starting to turn back and others are accepting the deal Mexico offered to let them stay.


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      • Thanks for the link, Kathy. I think I heard that Soros was involved with Pueblos sin Frontera, and that does sound like something he’d fund. Seems like things he gets involved with SOUND like wonderful ideas in theory, but make more problems than they solve.
        I’m hoping that the vast majority either stay in Mexico or return home before there is any serious confrontation. IF there are any within that group who have verifiable reasons for asylum, they should go to the closest consulate and try to do things the right way. It’s been ages since I was in Mexico, but seems like we had 10-12 US Consulates scattered through the country, so surely there should be one much closer than our border.


      • You’re absolutely right – there are consulates scattered all over Mexico, and both Sessions and Louie Gohmert have stated (again) that they’re supposed to seek asylum in the first country they cross into, which is Mexico. We all know they don’t because Mexico doesn’t offer them the freebies we do.



  4. Dig a 20 foot deep 20 foot wide ditch. Put 5 feet of water in it and a 6 foot tall barbed wire fence at the edge. Have fire trucks with hoses every 100 feet all along it.


    • Normally, I’d say that’s a good idea, VM, but things are heating up at such a rapid pace, we are past that. I’m thinking a human chain of Americans armed to the teeth standing on the border as far as the eye can see, and then some. Specifically, Americans who don’t work for the government.

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  5. Trump has a very serious dilemma on his hands, courtesy of the anti-American Left that helped organize the “caravan” and is supporting it along the way. The leftists know that all talk aside, if it comes to a confrontation between an armed military force vs. a rag-tag group of civilians including a bunch of women and children who’ve been walking for weeks, any use of force is going to elicit sympathy for the “poor people who just want a better life.” It would be the Democrats’ propaganda dream come true if Trump’s military could be seen physically blocking entry to crying women and children, or they used weapons against people who disobeyed their orders not to trespass. A massacre at the border would be the absolute cherry on top of the propaganda sundae for the Left.

    On the other hand, if the invaders manage to reach U.S. soil they are, by law, entitled to certain protections. If we refuse to take them into custody they are free to disappear into the country and add to our already overwhelming illegal problem. If we intercept them we have to feed and house them and place them in the system or TRUMP becomes responsible for their hunger and exposure, but of course by bending to the law Trump incurs the wrath of his own supporters. You have to hand it to the Left, it’s a perfect no-win situation for Trump. His ONLY hope is to convince the invaders to turn around or to get Mexico to intervene before they reach the border. The only alternative I can think of is maybe an executive order that enables him to quickly process the invaders and deport them, but that would probably end up in the courts while, in the meantime, stories of misery in tent cities are spread by the MSM.

    We need to change our laws. That is the only solution to this ongoing problem. If I were Trump right now I might be tempted to take the ultimate gamble and throw up my hands in surrender, saying:

    “I give up. We cannot secure the border without Democrats’ help and since they not only refuse but are actively encouraging the takeover of YOUR country, then I give up. I am instructing agents at the border to ignore anyone who comes in as long as they don’t have weapons. We will not feed or house anyone, they are free to wonder as they please into your towns and maybe even into your homes, because this is what Democrats’ want and we don’t have the power to stop it. If the citizens of America want the federal government to intervene and stop the invasion and re-secure the border, the only way this can be done is by electing a large majority of Republicans to congress (because, unfortunately, some of them will be RINOs). If that doesn’t happen I will assume that Americans are okay with letting all of these people from other countries take over what Americans have built. Ball’s in your court, voters.”

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    • Trump is in a lose-lose situation right now and it looks like the caravan will be let in (assuming they make it this far) and we’re making ready for them, even those DHS is saying they’ll be turned away.

      The second caravan is making it’s way here and have already busted down another gate and fence at the Guatemalan-Mexico border. They threw rocks, glass bottles and fireworks at Mexican federal police, and then, if that wasn’t bad enough, in a little town along their route, the residents were handing out free sandwiches and water. A man with a megaphone asked them to wait their turn, so to show their appreciation, they attacked him and beat him up. Police had to rescue him and take him to a hospital.

      This is the same behavior we can expect at our border from those poor waifs looking for a better life. That translates to the biggest gang of bullies using the cover of women and children in North America. And there’s more coming.


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      • You know, if Americans did this sort of thing and ignored the rights and sovereignty of other nations to just push our way in en masse to other countries, the world would be outraged and call us “ugly Americans.” But there’s always been one standard for us and one for the rest of the world.

        I think Trump should either be prepared to repel the invaders with force – and all of the ugly consequences that are going to go along with that – or he should let them walk in without impeding them or helping them. Tell them to go find some Democrats to house and feed them. But if they come in and get the usual red carpet treatment it’s a lose-lose for Trump.


      • Spot on, CW. I always remember the situation with Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi who accidentally drove into Mexico, with guns on hand, and how his ordeal turned into an issue that lasted about 6 months with him behind bars the whole time. That’s the example that comes to mind when we reverse the situation and ‘invade’ their country. I remember when Greta van Susteren drove down there and showed America how easy it was to get in the wrong lane and find yourself in Mexico, yet here we are with no option but to accept thousands of invaders. Things are a tad out of balance with our southern neighbors.

        I’m all for option number one – repel the invaders with force. If we don’t stop it in a big way, the Dems will keep this going forever. Trump’s already the bad guy, so one more offense isn’t going to change the narrative and it could actually be a good move for the country.

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  6. What we need is hardcore COMBAT troops!

    Unfortunately, the Democrats will put women and children at the front of the caravan, so any physical force will be blown up in all of the worldwide media


    • The caravan’s Democrat sponsors and supporters are already doing that – putting the women and children at the front every time there’s a photo op. From what I’ve been reading, our current laws would render combat troops useless – we can’t encroach on Mexican land and we have to stand still while the caravan encroaches onto ours. A little help from Congress in changing that months ago would have been an excellent move.


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