#TweetOfTheDay: The violent leftists…and their toddlers

This was so hard to believe that I had to find a news link. There is a Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair that is done every year and it looks like it happens spring and fall. ANARCHIST! 

a person who believes in or tries to bring about anarchy.
synonyms: nihilist, insurgent, agitator, subversive, terrorist, revolutionary, revolutionist, insurrectionist

“police said they arrested ten self-styled anarchists”

These people have book fairs? With lectures by anarchists? For children?


And there is such a Facebook page:


We are in big trouble; worse than I knew.


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  1. Years ago, when our first baby was nearing her first birthday, she realized she didn’t like the word ‘no’ when said by a parent (loved to use it, herself). Well we said ‘no’ one time too often for her tender feelings and she dramatically threw herself onto the living room floor then proceeded to howl and scream. I suspect my husband an I were expected to cave in…. we laughed. When our daughter figured out we thought she was hilarious instead of dramatic, she scampered into her bedroom and slammed the doo. Since then, we’ve had disagreements and discussions, but she’s never attempted another tantrum.
    I’m thinking it’s a bit late for laughter in our current political climate, but really wish I knew a solution for having people take a step back, rein in their emotions and try to be objective about where they have common ground.
    Anarchists seem to be a step in the wrong direction and if people continue in that direction, I don’t foresee a good outcome.

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  2. Wow. As we’ve said before and it applies here too, there is no low too low for them to go to, is there? And when these kids grow up with a bad attitude and have problems with the cops, it will always be the cops’ fault. We’re losing that lesson about being responsible for your own actions, and the parents, who shouldn’t be parents, are setting their kids up for failure. We’re at the point where drag queens can go read to pre-schoolers and first-graders, so why wouldn’t this be the next logical step for them? I swear libs get more twisted every day.

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    • That whole tweet seemed unimaginable to me. But look at the people in the picture. They look normal!

      We are in the middle of culture change being pushed by minority perverted humans and most don’t fight it; they just go along to get along.

      I’m so sick of the left I could puke.

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  3. There are some”limited” anarchists. They want micro-minimal government. I have a good (very good) friend in that category.

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  4. The dirty little secret about anarchists is that they don’t really want no government. They want government, but they want it to be of THEIR choosing, which ironically makes them just as tyrannical as the gov’t they want to oust. All the rest of us having a say in things – things like laws – is very annoying to the anarchists. They don’t seem to understand that to dictate that there shall be no rules is, in and of itself, a rule. This is why anarchists are probably the second looniest people on the planet after their close relative, the far Left.

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    • That is an interesting point. They sincerely want to tear down the present government (anarchy) in order, I think, to build their own? They do want to be in charge. It’s every human desire. Satan was thrown out of heaven for it and Adam was thrown out of paradise for it.

      Our Judeo-Christian laws keep us civilized. These people are anti law. Evil. Violent. And they have theory and classes on why and how to be who they are! All they have to do is watch a baby, toddler without any parental discipline to know how to do this.

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      • Exactly.

        The anarchists would vehemently deny it, tannngl, but to deprive a society of law and order when law and order is the peoples’ preference is to merely impose your own kind of tyranny. I argued with a group of quasi-anarchists for 2 years at Townhall, and this was ultimately what it came down to. They will spout on about things like the non-aggression principle (NAP) under which no one is allowed to use physical force against anyone else, but the flaws are so obvious that you have to wonder what kind of drugs these people are on. The bottom line, regardless of what they say, is that THEY want to decide how things will be, and what laws we’ll have, and they somehow think this makes them justified in tearing down what we already have. Very childlike.

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    • Wow! On Townhall? Did you post? Was the discussion in comments? I never look for comments there, just the posts.

      Yes! It’s tyranny! Thugs bullying the citizens for being law abiding. And I never understand why the police do not arrest everyone of them. (I’m frequently too simplistic in my thinking.)

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      • I used to have a blog at Townhall before they shut that whole thing down a few years back. I wish I would have saved screenshots of some of my exchanges with the quasi-anarchists there. Very entertaining!

        You’re not simplistic. You’re common sense in a time when common sense is no longer in style.

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    • Would have like to have seen those conversations between anarchists and you! Too bad we don’t get any here.


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