As If Things Weren’t Bad Enough…There’s This


Take a look at the following headline from Zero Hedge on Friday (their complete story is linked here)…

As ‘Caravan’ Crosses Mexico, Trump’s ‘Temporary’ Tent City For Migrant Kids Balloons In Size

It makes it sound like Trump is preparing to house all the unaccompanied children in the Honduran Caravan that’s headed our way, when the fact is this tent city has been there for months, as well as others along the border and in Florida. While their headline is misleading, their post is at least factual, although vague on dates and additional details that were easily found in a simple search, which also reveals that it was Obama who began setting up tent cities. That fact was conveniently omitted and this particular city was set up in June and the expansion was started in September, long before the current caravan made headlines.

(The story at Texas Monthly with more details is linked here.)

Zero Hedge has been described as an alt-right site whose political views more align with sites like Drudge. There are disagreements on the definition of alt-right but even straight-shooter Sharyl Attkisson listed them as just slightly to the right of Drudge.

In other words, they’re supposed to be one of the good guys. The ones who stick to the facts and tell the truth – not the ones who word their headlines for added drama, although that seems to be more the norm these days. It’s bad enough that the mainstream media and CNN can’t be trusted with the truth, but lately the supposedly conservatives can’t be trusted either. Are y’all seeing more of this too?

The side story on these tent cities is that when Obama was building them, we never heard a peep. It wasn’t until Trump talked about ending his policies that the Dems raised a big stink about it. Never mind that this one facility alone costs us $100 million per month.


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  1. I’m not sure I agree with your critique, Kathy. I read Tyler Durden’s posts frequently and follow him closely on twitter. He is generally quite conservative but posts any news he finds from government and other sources.
    He took that post from the government web site which he linked.

    “Children at Tornillo stay an average of 59 days, up from roughly 30 days under the Obama administration, according to HHS.”

    He says the tent city at Tornillo was in effect under Obama.

    It just looks pretty factual to me with him throwing in in the last paragraph that the Dems will use this in remaining days before the election.


    • Like I said, the article itself was factual, but the headline was misleading, at least to me it was. Maybe I just read it differently, but by mentioning the caravan it sounded like the tent city was ballooning for their arrival. But then everyone’s interpretation isn’t always the same, it just seems like the sites on the right are doing this more and more.



    That’s more like it.

    I’m not familiar with ZeroHedge or with Tyler Durden, but I am resigned to the reality that there’s almost no such thing as objective journalism, and accordingly I try to research my sources a bit before taking anything at face value. As we’ve come to learn, it only takes the careful wording of a headline or the selective inclusion/exclusion of bits of information to lead a reader’s thinking in a certain direction, and few journalists, if any, can be trusted to resist the temptation to slant things in favor of their own agendas.

    The following line from this article gives quick insight about its author:

    “…when Trump’s zero-tolerance policy separated over 2,500 migrant children from their parents.”

    That’s like saying a state’s “zero-tolerance policy” on serial rape that ends in murders is causing children to be separated from their fathers. A conservative attributes consequences to the BEHAVIOR. A liberal attributes consequences to those responsible with dealing with the behavior. I would have said, “2,500 migrant children separated from their parents due to the parents’ refusal to properly follow U.S. immigration or asylum laws…” But hey, that’s just me.

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    • That’s exactly the headline he should have run with to be factual, and your comments are spot on. In actuality the tent cities and the caravan are two different things and should have been two different posts. By lumping them together he leads his readers to draw the wrong conclusions. My thinking is, let’s leave that to the lefties.

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  3. I have to disagree with the graphic, as OAN does straight news with almost zero commentary

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    • When Sharyl and her team created the graphic, I think the focus was more on the how far left or right the sites are. Maybe you’re talking about TV, but on their website there’s plenty of commentary, and it’s mostly conservatives with a few trolls thrown in the mix.


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