When Democrats’ Tactics Backfire

By Sharyl Attkisson, 10-25-18, at The Hill:

If you’d asked me even six months ago, I would have told you that the Republicans were the party of shooting themselves in the foot. That, when given the power to deliver on key promises made to their constituents such as balancing the budget or reducing waste of taxpayer money, the GOP too often devolves into power struggles, indecision, conflicts of interest and, sometimes, corruption.

But as we move into the final days before the 2018 midterm elections, the Democratic Party is giving Republican tone-deafness and incompetence a very public run for the money — and then some.

Some leading Democrats haven’t seemed to figure out that the harder they’ve worked to expose, silence, scream at, attack and bully those with whom they disagree, the more they’ve invigorated the other side.

Radical “Antifa” protests covered on cable TV news only serve to energize the Republican base.

Viral videos of leftists attacking Republican politicians in public places only motivate formerly apathetic conservatives.

Efforts to silence certain views on social media only inspire impassioned defenses of free speech.

And #MeToo accusations-gone-wild transform a largely sympathetic populace into eye-rolling skeptics.

Suddenly, a Republican constituency that had grown disgusted by the disappointing do-nothingness of their own party, is confronted by in-your-face visuals of what life in America could be like if they don’t vote.

Even some liberals have been so turned off by radical elements that it has prompted a movement to leave the Democratic Party, called #walkaway.

Here are 10 big-ticket causes that have put Democrats largely on the wrong side of most Americans ahead of the midterm elections:

  1. Support of sanctuary cities. Most Americans, even Hispanics, oppose sanctuary cities.
  2. Blaming “racism” for everything. Overuse of the term makes it lose its meaning. If everyone is racist, then nobody is.
  3. Silencing certain views. Many people who aren’t particularly political understand the dangers of censorship and will step up to oppose it.
  4. Opposing border enforcement. About 80 percent of Americans support secure borders. They also oppose “open borders” and want a border wall.
  5. Backing those who kneel for the American flag. A majority of Americans say it’s “never appropriate to kneel for the flag” or to kneel for the National Anthem. Eight in 10 say it’s “never appropriate to burn an American flag.”
  6. Impeaching President Trump. First, it was for Russia. Now, it’s over taxes. But most Americans oppose impeaching Trump. (It’s not even close.)
  7. Abolishing ICE. Even most Democrats oppose doing away with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
  8. Chasing Republicans out of restaurants. The imagery transforms people such as GOP senators Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Ted Cruz of Texas into sympathetic figures under assault from unreasonable mobs.
  9. The Kavanaugh chaos. The fight over the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh highlighted multiple tactics that many find objectionable: the weaponization of #MeToo, mob behavior, a guilty-until-proven-innocent mentality. It also gave Republicans the opportunity to fight back strongly (for once) and win, in a way for which their constituents had long thirsted.
  10. Illegal immigration caravan. Whoever may have thought that a “caravan” of people from Central America overrunning the Mexican border, on their way to demand entry to the United States, would be anything other than a motivator for the majority of Americans who support border enforcement — that person fails to understand all of the above.

Democrats advocating for radical and unpopular positions remind me of that disoriented football player that doesn’t realize it, but he’s running the wrong way down the field. As he imagines himself breaking loose from final tackles, he hears the crowd’s screams and roars, picturing himself a hero as he dashes the final yards across the goal line, ball in hand, arms raised.

Only when it’s too late does he realize that those weren’t cheers of encouragement but pleadings to please, stop, get your bearings and realize what you’re doing. You just scored for the opposing team.

Like the opposing team, Republicans don’t even have to be good. They’re just lucky.


Sharyl summarizes it quite accurately again. Every one of those items have been topics of conversation in social media and there are plenty of people talking about how insane the Ds are getting.  We knew when LieAnne Feinstein first announced she had a letter, that things were going to get rough, but I don’t think anyone was prepared for the public lynching Kavanaugh received before we’d heard a peep out of him. But what a surprise when he didn’t roll over and play dead based on extremely flimsy evidence.

But then to top it with a mass mailing of fake pipe bombs is really ‘out there’ even for Dems. According to former Navy explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) officer Tom Sauer ‘it’s extremely likely that the packages were meant to be intercepted and cause political damage, as opposed to actual attempts to harm targets.’

With still a week-plus until election day, it makes you wonder what’s next. Grab a seat and some popcorn folks, because you know they’re not done yet.


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14 replies

  1. And right on cue, a synagogue gets shot up


  2. This isn’t over, and since every other tactic has failed, I fully expect some kind of mass casualty event or Reichstag Fire event in the next week.

    And it is sad that I even contemplate that.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. 1. I could make bombs far more efficient and workable than those POS.
    2. I could mail those bombs in a much more efficient manner.
    3. ANYONE with even a quarter of a brain knows that these people do not open their own maikl – it’s opene4d in the mail room by a clerk.
    4. Those packages were right out of the manual for what to look for in a “suspicious” package.

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    • I don’t doubt it, VM, and I’m glad they finally caught the guy. Maybe now we’ll learn more about his motives, which right now looks like all he wanted to do was scare people. A fall guy, perhaps?

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  4. Love the post, Kathy! Sharyl is always good. Got her bonafides from the over reaching of the Obama regime on good journalists like her.

    And I loved the graphic in the beginning! EW!!!!!!!

    Waiting and praying! I think these people might even have more in the bag for us conservatives but I think they might LOSE!

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  5. Yep. It kinda makes me scratch my head in wonder. That column makes a lot of the case why I have great doubts about any “Blue Wave” next week. In many ways this reminds me of 2016, when the Hildebeast was “invulnerable” and on her way to a coronation.

    But then, suddenly, that pesky thing known as an actual “election” got in the way.

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    • Same here, Brian. If you read the various stories about who’s in the lead now, just wait five minutes and there will be another headline saying right the opposite. Trying to keep up with those will make you seasick, so I’ll just wait for the actual results.

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  6. Great post, Kathy. Sharyl hit the nail right on the head.

    The Democrat leadership, official and unofficial (a la Alexandria Ocasio Cortez), are showing us the consequences of living in a bubble of their own making and surrounding themselves with only those who share their own warped thinking. They are so disconnected from mainstream America that they are utterly clueless. The invading “caravan” is the prize-winner for their cluelessness IMO. After Donald Trump won by running on the promise to build the wall, how could ANYONE possibly think that a marching army of illegals threatening to swarm our border would be a welcomed or sympathetic sight? And as an added bonus we had the great Elizabeth Warren DNA fiasco. Talk about a miscalculation. Just reminiscing about it makes me laugh out loud.

    What I do wonder about, however, is the stock market which is currently down nearly another 400 points as we speak. What’s driving the sudden plunge, I wonder? The cynic in me can’t help but wonder if this is the work of a few well-healed individuals timed to take the air out of Trump’s sails just as people are heading to the polls. If there’s any possibility that this is the case, then that might be the one smart move they made. Let’s hope people don’t let it unnerve them.

    I love the meme too!

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    • The stock market has had me wondering too, but from what I’ve read it dropped because investors are unsure about the ‘trade war’ and the upcoming hikes to the interest rate. It should bounce back if Republicans can hang on.

      The Dems can’t get their tactics straight – one minute they’re bashing everyone who’s not them, and the next minute they’re fodder for comedians. Someone should tell Alexandria to shush and sit down because she’s not good at politics or comedy. We’ve seen Liz dubbed as Fauxcahontas, LieAwatha and a new one popped up that I like – SacajaWarren. She should never have made her DNA info public because it just made her case worse. And by the way, her cheekbone aren’t all that high anyway.

      The Honduran Caravan still has over 1,000 miles to cover, so at 25 miles a day, they’re not going to get here any time soon. Some of the people are sick, some are injured and I read yesterday that they arrested some for child-trafficking. I’m starting to think they may not make it to the border at all. That’s good for us, but not so good for Mexico, who should have stopped them at their southern border anyway.

      Thanks CW. (I couldn’t resist that meme, lol)

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  7. Sharyl & Kathy, after they passed that bloated budget, I was totally disgusted with all politicians – barely anything for that ‘big beautiful wall’ yet plenty for weird overseas causes…. Is it my faulty imagination, or was there really something about yak butter?
    BTW, LOVE that meme!

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    • That bloated budget is one reason I’d like to see Jim Jordan as the new Speaker. If I’m not mistaken, he’s the one that talked about getting back to approving individual department budgets instead of that omnibus monstrosity they shove through. They started taking shortcuts because they’re lazy and it gives them leverage. I can’t say I heard anything about yak butter though, and I don’t know why but the sound of that cracks me up.

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      • Yesterday, the White House bulletin said, “For far too long, the United States has been footing the bill for lower drug prices—in foreign countries. American patients and taxpayers unfairly subsidize worldwide drug innovation while patients overseas get much lower prices from drug makers. Medicare in particular has shouldered an outrageously high burden.” and I view that as a very positive thing.
        BTW, I agree that the idea of yak butter is hilarious, and wish I remembered the particulars…. seems like it either had to do with education or something. Could simply have been about a special interest in the region.

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