AZ Union’s Rogue Endorsement Reminds Us of the Need to Defend the Right to our Own Voice




From Fox News October 25, 2018:

An Arizona union that represents state public safety employees withdrew its endorsement of U.S. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema this week after its members said the executive board voted on the endorsement without their input.

Sinema, a Democrat, is locked in a tight U.S. Senate race against U.S. Rep. Martha McSally, a Republican, for the seat being vacated by Republican Sen. Jeff Flake.

After members objected to the board’s actions, the Arizona State Troopers Association polled its members in an email Monday, asking whether they wanted to endorse Sinema or stay neutral, the Arizona Republic reported.

The poll indicated “the membership has indicated a preference to stay neutral.”

Anyone else wonder why the union members were limited to a choice between the Democrat candidate or remaining neutral?  Why wasn’t an endorsement of the Republican even an option?  I suppose we only need to understand that we’re dealing with a union to know the answer to that question; but I digress…

This post is about the Left’s modus operandi of abusing the power of their positions within large organizations to co-opt the voices of the individual members of those organizations.  Anyone who thinks it’s an accident of fate that organizations like the AARP, the National Organization of Women (NOW), the NAACP, the American Bar Association (ABA), the Sierra Club, the ACLU and most large unions end up being commandeered by liberals is preciously naïve.  The awesome powers we possess as individuals – the power to think for ourselves, speak for ourselves and vote for ourselves – is not lost on those who are constantly on the hunt for ways to expand their own power.   You can almost picture them in contemplation, like the Grinch plotting his theft of Christmas from the Whos, as they appraise the wealth of all that power and wonder how they might tap into it.  It’s never long before they realize that all they need to do is to imbed themselves in positions of leadership within these organizations and they will then be able to harness that power much like the farmer who throws a yoke on an ox and puts it to work for him.

“But, CW, the leaders of those organizations are harnessing that power to benefit the unique interests of their members,” the liberal might argue.

Really?  How does it benefit the members of Arizona’s police forces to endorse a candidate who sees nothing wrong with an American joining the Taliban, or who favors activist judges that re-write the laws that police are trying to enforce, or who wants to tie the hands of the police behind their backs with politically correct rules and policies?  Even if the case could be argued that such a candidate might best serve the interests of members with respect to their jobs in law enforcement, those same people might have other interests outside of their jobs that are better served by someone else.  Why not keep out of it and let these individuals endorse candidates by virtue of how they choose to vote?

Why indeed.

Political endorsements by big unions and other groups are highly coveted because they impress voters with the thousands of unified minds they supposedly represent.  Except the dirty little secret, as demonstrated by the Arizona-Sinema farce, is that they may not represent their members at all.  It may just be the liberal leadership magnifying their own voices by stealing the voices of the individuals who make up their organizations and, to add insult to injury, who sometimes are forced to join for the privilege of being able to work.

It all boils down to a fundamental difference between Left and Right and the moral imperative to respect the rights of others even when the opportunity to usurp peoples’ rights is ripe for the taking.  Those on the Left simply cannot – or will not – resist that temptation, thus every organization becomes a targeted tool for promoting the Left’s agenda, even that club known as the United States of America.  The Left is desperate to control our federal government, because our membership as citizens of Club America makes our vast power as individuals an irresistible target.  And we must fight back and defend our individuality and the RIGHT to speak for ourselves with everything we’ve got.


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  1. Amen, CW. The hijacking of the union members’ rights in endorsing whom they want is emblematic of the way leftists always hijack the government to bully members of the United States of America. I liked the way you put that. Club of America. We have gradually been losing our rights as the left and the deep state has grown government no matter what they tell us before we elect them. Now we have effectively started to STOP this monster. I pray we get our rights back.

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    • Thanks, and great comment, tannngl.

      I hope we take our rights back to, but the first step is opening peoples’ eyes to the fact that their rights are being co-opted.


  2. “…its members said the executive board voted on the endorsement without their input.”

    Why would the executive board endorse a candidate without first polling its members? They presumed to know the members’ preference without bothering to ask them, and to me, that’s a huge part of the problem. They operate like this because they know there’s a good chance that the individual members aren’t going to kick up a fuss – not if they liked that latest pay raise or promotion.

    “…the leaders of those organizations are harnessing that power to benefit the unique interests of their members…”

    Yes, liberals would argue that, but they’d be lying – the union leaders assume that power so they can hold on to and increase their own power, just as the liberal politicians hold the welfare and healthcare carrot in front of their voters to stay in control.

    Americans are getting sick and tired of liberal politicians running things, and hopefully that trickles down to the unions too.

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    • “Why would the executive board endorse a candidate without first polling its members?”

      I guess it’s easy to forget to ask the members for their input when your objective all along has been to speak for them regardless of what they think.

      IMO unions have zero business endorsing candidates anyways. Unless the stated purpose of the organization is to support a politician or a political platform, endorsements are an individual right.

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