Democrats have nothing left in their arsenal…

Clinton’s New York home

Arsenal is the right word!



This was headlined yesterday.


Bomb found at Soros’ home.




OK, that’s 3. Who does such things? Soros yesterday and Clinton and Obama today.

Patriot conservatives?

Who has little else to fight the red wave? (Besides illegal voting).

Who is up against the red wall? And who has no political issues or grounds to be re-elected on November 6?

Whose blue wave turned into a blue puddle?

Who has no moral base and would not hesitate to kill, maim? (Attempted murder already was done by a leftist. Google Steve Scalise.)



PS Watch for more of this from the left. What else can they do?

PPS Even James Woods agrees with me! (ADDED AT 11:30 AM)

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  1. Consider the next step. A democrap either gets shot and wounded or a bomb actually goes off wounding the democrap or killing his wife/child. The Communists and Nazis have done this before in other countries, why should they stop now?

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  2. It is very hard to believe there is any limit to the radical left’s so called dirty tricks.

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    • I don’t believe there is a limit. I also believe it’s going to get worse.
      We’ve got George Soros’ son calling Trump an anti-semite yesterday and making his father out to be so innocent. *barf*

      Hey! Thanks for visiting and commenting, bluemoonwayne!


  3. They’re saying now that the devices have a return address belonging to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and that she received one too, along with Cuomo and Holder. Earlier on a post I said it’s a set up by the left to try and make it look like the Rs did it, but now, I’m not so sure. Either way, there is another nutjob on the loose.

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    • I’m still in the belief that this is a well organized setup by the leftists. Just saw Cuomo talking on TV. Words I’ve never heard out of his mouth. ‘no blame on parties’ ‘only terrorists’ we’ll just go about our lives’. He’s lost his militant stance.

      Every single ‘bomb’ was sent to a leftist. Holder, Brennan and those you’ve listed. The party is lost and has to take our minds off the caravan invasion.

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  4. These fake bombs have all the earmarks of a Hillary/Soros playbook. They are desperate. Wait till the media blames Trump for inciting a supporter to send them. It’s just a matter of time. BUT if they catch the guy and he has ties to Dems, the plan blows up politically in their faces, AGAIN. Like when they tried to blame Palin for a mass shooting at a Democrat rally in Tucson.

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    • I think you’re right. And I hope the FBI will find out where these devices originated. This is just the moral poverty of the left, trying to make out that conservatives are doing what leftists do-violence. Here’s the kicker-we don’t.


  5. Reblogged this on EX MAGNA SILENTIUM or EX MAGNO SILENTIO and commented:
    This was my first thought and we’ll soon be told that the “bombs” were “defective”. More fake news to distract from the fact that demoncrats are going to get trounced in 2 weeks, from their “caravan” invasion, from their mobs, from their commie and idiotic “ideas” for America.

    Don’t buy for a second that this was done by anyone other than themselves, you know, like the girl who sends herself death threats, or draws nooses on her door, or claims that a lacrosse team raped her, or . . .

    Yes, we know.

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    • steveesq, thanks for reading and commenting! And for the reblog! I’m honored!

      And it’s enlightening to know that James Woods just agreed with us! A great thinker with and IQ of 160.
      We will see much more of this junk before Nov. 6. Then it will magically stop!


  6. Only true cynics would suggest that these attacks on leaders of the Left were actually a plot by one of their own to throw suspicion on Republicans at election time. Good thing the Left’s history of being up to no good has made us cynics!

    I hope the FBI makes quick work of uncovering the culprit, which I suspect they will because these folks aren’t too bright. I would so love to find out that it is exactly as we cynics suspect.

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    • I used to think that writing a post like this was risky in that I could be wrong. No more! I proudly wear the label “CYNIC”! I’ve paid attention too much.

      I read about the Soros ‘bomb’ yesterday AM and wondered…
      Then today at about the same time of day – 9AM I read about the Clinton and Obama ones. It’s extremely interesting.

      It’s true there have been extreme right wing violence although most of them when truly analyzed are more of a fascist or tyrannical bent. People to the right, conservatives have moral authority and do not allow themselves the wildly criminal actions we see in history.

      So I am out on a limb here. I pronounce the evil doers leftists. But my limb is actually a very thick and strong limb.

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