By Victor Davis Hanson


If the New Democrat Party was smart, it would do what the old Democrat Party did long ago:

Always sound centrist if not conservative in the last weeks of a campaign, get elected, then revert to form and pursue a left-wing agenda for a year or two—and then repeat the chameleon cycle every two to four years.

But although many Democrats in Trump states still dance the old bipartisan two-step, lots of blinkered progressive wolves don’t even bother to put on the sheep’s clothing. . . So what now looks and sounds like a wolf is a wolf.

Four Wolf-Made Disasters


As the economy kept booming and things overseas calmed down, the Democrats found it harder to run a campaign strictly against either the ogre or the incompetent Trump. So they stayed on the offensive and did not bother to hide their agendas of open borders, “Medicare for All,” abolishing ICE, identity politics quotas, radical feminism, abortion on demand, and climate change hysterias.

The wolves’ first disaster was disrupting senate confirmation hearings, and . . . gave the impression that Democrat stalwarts were unhinged. . .

The Democrats managed all at once to:
1) lose the vote on Kavanaugh;
2) to ensure that Kavanaugh would become radicalized by the horrific treatment meted out,
3) unite Republicans and more or less end the Never Trump factionalism,
4) go on record of opposing due process of law and rejecting the entire political and cultural tradition of American jurisprudence, and
5) so discredit their opposition to a court nominee, that next time they will be seen as mere leftist boilerplate.

The wolves’ second disaster was condoning and indeed empowering street thuggery.
Cory Booker, Hillary Clinton, and Eric Holder went full Maxine Waters in parroting the new incivility and seemed to think most Americans enjoy pampered protestors getting in the faces of their opponents to scream, yell, and in general go berserk. . .

Progressives seem to think it is cool that the street mobs are now the paramilitary wing of their own party.

The wolves’ third mishap was senator Elizabeth Warren’s amazingly stupid ploy of releasing her DNA ancestry test before the midterms.

The Massachusetts Democrat somehow adduced that a person with about a 1 percent likelihood of being an indigenous person (more likely from Central and South America than from the American plains) somehow was proof of her long-feigned minority status. . .

The reaction was obvious: if someone can cajole a minority billet for careerist purposes based on a 1-percent ancestry, then . . . the racial basis for diversity set-asides is dead. . .
The timing was even worse, as Boston was also the contemporaneous scene of a landmark lawsuit lodged by Asian groups against Harvard University’s disingenuous racial restrictionist admission policies. . .

At some point on the horizon, voters are going to conclude that the diversity monster is devouring itself and making a mockery of common sense. . .

The wolves’ fourth unforced error was following their clichéd script with the illegal immigration “caravan” now butting up against the Mexican border.
We saw last summer how identity politics activists and progressive operatives colluded with counterparts south of the border to stage entries, in which the media portrayed illegal crossers as victims of a cruel Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that gratuitously separates families. . . .

But that script is worn by now, even though it was timed on the eve of the midterms. The idea that major Democrats would be calling for the abolition of ICE as thousands of illegal entrants near the border is surreal.

This time around, most Americans will shrug that Trump really is right and that a wall will not only keep illegal crossers out, but do so in a way that does not separate families. . .

Despite these recent self-inflicted wounds, the new Socialist-Democrat party has an uphill battle anyway, even in taking advantage of the historical opportunities for an out-party during a president’s first midterm.

It has to convince Americans that at a time of record national debt, it is easy to embrace a $20 trillion entitlement such as “Medicare for All”—which would force those, who waited a lifetime to receive their Medicare cards, instead to deal with rationed care. . ., for enhanced hospice, and perhaps euthanasia to unplug the bottleneck of the elderly who would get in the way of younger Medicare holders.

But give progressive wolves credit. Unlike liberals, they. . . are at least proud of their agendas of remaking America in their own image—and in the last few weeks that image is appearing a veritable nightmare.

Victor Davis Hanson is Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

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4 replies

  1. Victor just about always nails it and he has done it again here. For the lefties to support abortion on demand, at any stage, but then turn around and claim to have sympathy for the Honduran Invasion is beyond realistic thinking. It’s impossible to have a blue wave when they’ve shot themselves so full of holes.

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  2. It’s beginning to look like the wolves’ mask falling off has awoke patriots. Poll numbers are moving. Let’s pray it’s not too late.

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  3. I’m praying hard that a big red wave washes our country coast to coast. I’m mainly focused on FL, since that’s where I live and the idea of a socials governor gives me chills, but I’m also praying CA43 is as offended by Mad Max’s comments/attitude as I am, so they vote her into retirement.

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  4. Bravo to Victor Davis Hanson!

    Let’s hope that the wolves have overplayed their hand.

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